45+ Best holiday gift guide email subject lines

Gift-giving dances between delight and dilemma. While it's a joy to present tokens of affection, the search for the ideal gift can be a head-scratcher. Yet, for businesses, it's a chance to shine. Curated gift guides not only thrill customers but also drive sales. Don't miss this opportunity; craft your gift guide email for major holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

To spark your creativity, we've brewed up a selection of captivating holiday gift guide email subject lines.

Best Valentine’s gift guide email subject line examples

Ah, Valentine’s Day—timeless and treasured, yet constantly evolving. In modern times, expressions of love extend beyond traditional candies and flowers. People seek unique, heartfelt gifts to convey their affection. For businesses, this presents a prime opportunity to enhance sales further. If your offerings align with these desires, seize the moment. Elevate your sales strategy with enticing email gift guides. 

Here are subject lines to ensure your offerings capture attention and affection alike:

Spark love: our Valentine’s gift guide!

Sweet surprises await: shop now!

Love finds here: explore our guide

Cupid-approved gifts inside!

Perfect picks for your Valentine

Gifts that say "I love you"

Heartfelt presents await: discover!

Spread love with our gift ideas

Unwrap romance: shop today!

Valentine's picks: find yours now

Cupid’s closet: gift guide inside

Show your love: explore our picks

Heartfelt finds for your Valentine

Share the love: shop our guide

Romantic gifts galore: discover!

Mother’s Day gift guide email subject lines

No one can deny the monumental challenges that come with motherhood, often hailed as the toughest job in the world. Sons and daughters everywhere strive to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift, seeking to express their heartfelt gratitude. Yet, the quest for the ideal present is not always straightforward. This is where your business can step in, offering a trove of wonderful ideas sourced from your product catalogue, of course. 

Elevate your Mother’s Day gift guide with compelling subject lines that ensure your offerings shine brightly in the inbox:

Mom's day picks: shop now!

Gifts for mom: discover now

Mother's day faves: explore!

Show mom love: shop picks

Perfect picks for mom

Heartfelt gifts await

Celebrate mom: shop now!

Mom-approved gifts inside

Treasures for mom: shop now

Show mom you care: shop now

Find mom's perfect gift

Mother's day must-haves

Thoughtful gifts await

Shop mom's favorites now

Make mom smile: shop now

Good Christmas gift guide email subject lines

'Tis the season for gift-giving, and we all know that finding the perfect presents can be quite the December dilemma. Friends, parents, children, colleagues – they all have their unique tastes and preferences.

It's your chance to make your customers' lives easier by creating a fantastic gift guide that covers everyone on their list.

To ensure your gift guide email shines and grabs your customer's attention, we have some catchy subject lines to make your email stand out in their inboxes:

Festive finds await

Discover joyful gifting

Deck the halls with gifts

Festive gifting ideas

Shop now for XX% off!

Find the perfect gift

Wrap up the year with gifts

Gifts for everyone

Spread holiday cheer

The ultimate gift guide

Giftober festivities

Gifts that sparkle

Give the gift of joy

Merry gifting!

Gifts to remember

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