45+ Best product update email subject lines

Product updates are no small feat, given all the hard work involved. From rolling out a new product to improving it, huge brand teams have to work together for many hours.

Product emails are significant; they ensure that all this time and effort doesn’t go to waste and that potential and existing customers hear about the products.

Product update emails aim to wow subscribers and encourage them to try the product here and now. If done right, an announcement can be just the right dealbreaker.

To relieve some of your burden, here you’ll find a curated list of product update email subject lines to help your announcement get noticed in crowded inboxes.

Best product update email subject lines for a aew product announcement

Probably the most exciting product update from the bunch, new product announcements usually generate a lot of noise by themselves. However, it doesn’t mean that you should slack on your announcement email. This is here you not only demonstrate the new product. Here you prove that it’s worth the audience’s time and money.

To get you off a good start with your product announcement emails, we share effective subject lines you can copy:

Introducing your new favorite: [Product Name]

Get ready to love our latest creation

Meet [Product Name]: your new must-have

Exciting news: [Product Name] is here!

Your new obsession: [Product Name]

[Brand Name] presents: [Product Name]

Be the first to experience [Product Name]

Get excited: [Product Name] is now available

Big news: [Product Name] has arrived

Your wish, our command: [Product Name]

[Product Name] has arrived - get yours now

[First Name]'s exclusive: [Product Name]

Upgrade your life with [Product Name]

[First Name], say hello to [Product Name]

[Product Name] is here to stay - join us

Product update email subject lines for a new feature announcement

Nice, you keep improving your products! And in some way, your customers now can get more than they bargained for. It’s definitely news to share with the world. Why not craft a beautiful product update email to do it?

Grab subject lines to go along with it:

Elevate your experience with our latest addition!

A fresh look at [Brand Name]: New features await!

Discover what's new and improved

Your [First Name]'s guide to the latest updates

Get ready for a game-changer

[Brand Name] gets even better

A sneak peek into what's new

Exciting updates just dropped!

[First Name], you won't believe what's new!

We're excited to share what's new!

[First Name], our latest features are a hit!

The latest and greatest from [Brand Name]

You asked, we delivered: New features!

[First Name], be the first to explore

[First Name], your feedback brought this!

Good product update email subject lines for a surprise update announcement

Do you have something extraordinary in your product update sleeve? Be loud and proud about it! Drop a surprise email to astonish your audience with your excellent work! And inviting them to be the first ones to try it, of course. Who could refuse that?

Few if you use one of the following product update subject lines:

Exciting news about your favorite product

Get ready for a delightful surprise

A new chapter begins today

Big news: Product upgrade is here

What's cooking? Check it out!

You won't believe what's new

[Brand Name] surprise: Check it out!

[First Name], you're in for a treat!

Discover what's inside the update

We're back with a surprise update

Something amazing just landed

[First Name], see the big reveal!

Your product just got an upgrade

[Brand Name] presents a surprise twist

You didn't expect an upgrade, did you?

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