45+ Best we miss you email subject lines

As challenging as it may be for businesses, customer disengagement is an inevitable part of the journey. However, all hope is not lost. A simple yet heartfelt message like "We miss you" has the power to reignite the connection and encourage customers to return.

To assist you in this endeavor, we've curated a collection of We Miss You email subject lines designed to express to your customers that they are valued and welcome back anytime.

Best We Miss You email subject lines

There are countless ways to convey to your customers that they are dearly missed. But don't just take our word for it. From expressing appreciation for their loyalty to enticing them back with a special welcome-back discount or even reminding them of what they loved about your brand in the first place, the possibilities are endless. 

These compelling subject lines will inspire your own "We miss you' message:

It's been quiet, let's catch up [First Name]

You’ve been missed [First Name]

Let's rekindle the magic with 30% OFF

It's been too long [First Name]

Where have you been?

10 good reasons to return

[First Name], come back for the goodies

FREE shipping only for YOU

Unlock VIP access for FREE

We miss you [First Name]

Will you be back?

Your favs await. Here take 30% OFF

We’re back and better. Check us out

Missing out on 40% OFF? Who does that

Reviving the magic with 25% OFF

Is it something we did?

Reaching out with a rose & 30% OFF

Dive back into your favs (20% off now)

[First Name], lets reconnect?

Special surprise for YOU inside

Long time no see [First Name]?

Your irresistible offer revealed inside

We’re so lost without you [First Name]

30% off to brighten your day [First Name]

Here’s your return surprise - 15% OFF

Long time, no savings! Dive back in

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