60+ Best beauty, fashion and SPA email subject lines

Email campaigns are a channel for fashion and beauty stores to engage with prospects and customers. Using simple and effective email marketing, you can send welcome series emails to new customers, launch new products, run seasonal promotions, and more.

To simplify your life, we put together some email subject lines for beauty, fashion, and spa stores to get you started.

General email subject lines for beauty

Your email subject lines for beauty and fashion stores must be concise, clear, and compelling. Descriptive words and language can help you paint vivid pictures in your subscribers' minds, leading to increased opens and sales.

Here are some email subject line examples to inspire you:

[First Name], discover these beauty picks!

Beauty Insider: Get 10% with each order

[First Name], Your Must-Haves Are Here!

Upgrade Your Beauty Game, [First Name]!

Is this your beauty wishlist?

[First Name], time to upgrade your routine!

Discover Your New Look, [First Name]

Look fabulous with [Discount] OFF!

Personalized Beauty Picks Just for You!

We just shared the BIGGEST beauty secret

Beauty Essentials: Your Full Guide

Glow Up Season Awaits: Best Products

[Famous person] Beauty Routine: Learn How

[Number] things you need for perfect makeup

Beauty Pros Recommends: [Number] Top Picks

Beauty salon email subject lines

Your beauty salon can use email campaigns to update subscribers about new services, the latest promotions, and special offers. Furthermore, by segmenting the email list based on customer preferences, you can provide highly relevant content and personalized recommendations that can lead to higher conversion rates.

Check out these email subject line ideas to inspire your next campaign:

[First Name], care for a SPA day?

Refresh & relax at [Salon Name]!

Harsh week? Reset at [Salon Name]

You Know You Need This, [First Name]

Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

2 hours at [Salon Name] and you're fresh!

Treat yourself to some [Beauty Treatment]!

We'll take care of you at [Salon Name]

Mid-Week Reset: 20% OFF at [Salon Name]

Escape the Monday: Book Now at [Salon Name]

It's Your Day, [First Name]: Come to [Salon Name]

Self-care at its finest: Beauty treats at [Salon Name]

Our Signature [Beauty Treatment}: [Number of People] Love It!

Escape to Paradise: [Beauty Treatment] with 20% OFF

[Season] Refresh: Save 20% and Get [Beauty Treatment]

Spa email subject lines

Spa facilities can send email campaigns with educational content, such as self-care tips, or promotional content, such as exclusive offers and deals. Spas can increase bookings, repeat visits, and revenue through valuable content and incentives.

Below are some examples of email subject lines you might find helpful:

A relaxing day sounds nice, right [First Name]?

[First Name], SPA Day with 20% OFF

[SPA Name]: Treat Yourself to Serenity

This is your path to Zen, [First Name]

Rejuvenate your soul, visit [SPA Name]

Get a bonus [Treatment] if you book today!

Long week? We have something for you!

[First Name], Your Sweet Escape Awaits

Quiet & Relaxing Day at [SPA Name}

Time to unplug, [First Name]: [Treatment] with 20% OFF

We'll create your personal oasis at [SPA Name]

Quiet & Relaxing Weekend: Book [SPA Name] Now

Here's what's waiting for you at [SPA Name]

[SPA Name]: [Number] Treatments to Help You Reset

Time to nourish your body & soul, [First Name]

Fashion email subject lines

For the fashion niche, email campaigns can showcase new arrivals, share fashion advice, offer exclusive discounts, and provide personalized customer recommendations based on preferences. This will increase engagement, enhance brand affinity, and increase sales.

Here are some subject line examples for a good start to your fashion email campaign:

Unveiling the latest trends + secret discount

New Arrivals! Hop on Trend – Shop Now

Dress to Impress: Our Top Picks

[Number] Easy Ways to Find Your Style

Become your own trendsetter with these

[Season] Wardrobe: [First Name], Prepare Now

[First Name], time to refresh your wardrobe

Limited stock: Catch it while you can!

Just In: New Daily Styles

[Number] Hottest Trends This [Season]

[Season] Essentials: Shop with 20% OFF

Don't miss out! Clearance items: 30% OFF

Shop Smart: [Number] Fashion Tips Inside

Refresh Your Wardrobe: [Number] Picks for You

TOP 3 Arrivals You CAN'T Miss, [First Name]

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