75+ Best insurance email subject lines

Insurance is an industry built on trust, and email campaigns are an incredibly effective way to connect with your target audience, build lasting relationships, and generate leads.

When you send highly targeted and valuable email communications, you will position your agency as a trusted advisor that is always at the top of your prospect's mind.

Here we share some examples of insurance email subject lines that are guaranteed to increase opens and conversions.

General insurance agents & brokers email subject lines

Use emails to educate your recipients about myths and misconceptions in the insurance industry or share valuable resources to help make their lives easier. Additionally, you can run targeted campaigns to promote insurance products and services with personalized offers and exclusive deals.

Below are examples of general purpose email subject lines for such purposes:

Secure your future with [Insurance Agency Name]

Protect what matters most with [Insurance Agency Name]

At [Insurance Agency Name], we make insurance easy

Need insurance? We've got you covered

Peace of mind for under $1 a day, [First Name]

Insurance simplified. Only at [Insurance Agency Name]

3 tips to maximize your insurance benefits

Free insurance consultation at [Insurance Agency Name]

Expert insurance advice for your needs

[First Name], don’t leave your safety to chance

Our top insurance deals for [Month]

Leave nothing to chance, insure with us

Insurance options to fit every budget

Stay protected at all times [First Name]

You can buy peace of mind [First Name]

Insurance newsletter subject lines

Your email newsletter can cover various insurance topics, such as explaining difficult-to-understand industry terms, saving money on premiums, and adequately navigating claims processes.

Check out some repurposable insurance email subject lines below:

[Insurance Agency Name]: Experts in insurance

5 tips for building a solid insurance plan

Unlock your policy's potential, [First Name]

One well-kept insurance secret

The smarter way to buying insurance

Insurance pulse: Monthly industry updates

Your one-stop source for insurance news

Trends in insurance: Monthly digest

5 Insider insurance tips revealed

Your guide to smarter insurance [First Name]

Why you need more insurance than you think

Upgrade your coverage for free [First Name]

Enjoy 15% OFF all health insurance plans

Car insurance renewals: now 10% OFF

Seniors health insurance special: 15% OFF

Life insurance email subject lines

Your life insurance email campaigns should strike the right balance between being informative and engaging. Share information or advice related to life insurance while emphasizing the importance of taking this crucial step early in life.

Here are some email subject lines to help you along:

[First Name], secure your family's future today

Your family’s future is in your hands [First Name]

Life Insurance 101: What you need to know

Get the coverage you deserve [First Name]

Invest to protect your legacy

The golden key to financial confidence

Secure your loved one’s dreams

How to prepare for the unexpected

Don’t leave it to chance, [First Name]

Your family always comes first

Your shield against life's uncertainties

3 things to check before buying insurance

Smarter protection for less. Here’s how.

Invest for a worry-free future, now

Be proactive, stay protected

Car insurance email subject lines

Your subject lines surrounding car insurance products can highlight potential savings, hint at custom offers, or even draw attention to the relatively faster claims processes.

Check the following samples out:

Save big on Car insurance

Custom Car insurance plans, now for less

Secure your ride: 30% OFF coupon inside

Combine policies for extra savings [First Name]

What to ask before buying car insurance?

What the law says about Car insurance

FREE upgrades to your Car insurance policy

Affordable coverage for every car

Quality car insurance solutions for all

Get your Car insurance quote in minutes

Compare these Car insurance quotes now

Get 30% off car insurance

Get a discounted car insurance quote today

Get a FREE upgrade on your car insurance

Vacationers: Special car insurance offer

Home insurance email subject lines

When writing home insurance email subject lines, be clear and concise, apart from using personalization to create a sense of connection. Because this is a harder-to-convince topic, apart from using personalization, make sure that your email campaigns include lots of value drips to build trust over time.

Here are some examples to inspire you in the right direction:

Save 30% on comprehensive Home insurance

Essential home insurance for peace of mind

One easy step to protect your haven [First Name]

Home insurance that secures your future

$300 OFF home insurance

Home insurance: Get 50% off your 1st year

Get 3 months free home insurance today

Take $200 cashback on your home insurance

Home insurance: 20% OFF ends tonight

Get a $100 Amazon voucher with your policy

Home insurance made simple [First Name]

Your home’s true guardian angel

[First Name], defend your castle like a king

Insure your home, insure your happiness

Home insurance demystified

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