90+ Best restaurant email subject lines

With restaurants popping up on every corner just to drown in obscurity, you might wonder what they lack to stay afloat. Successful email marketing might be part of the answer.
It can help you build brand loyalty and keep your customers returning by sending regular deals and discounts. It's a highly affordable investment that pays off quickly.

If it sounds like something you can get used to, here are some intriguing and compelling restaurant subject lines that'll get your emails opened.

Food email subject lines

Make sure your innovations in the kitchen are seen. Send your subscribers emails announcing changes in the menu, dishes available for a limited time, or exclusive opportunities to try new foods. These campaigns will bring more customers and increase WOM (Word of Mouth) about your restaurant.

The following are some examples of restaurant email subject lines announcing delicious restaurant news:

New menu launch at [Restaurant Name]

Exclusive tasting event at [Restaurant Name]

New bites at [Restaurant Name]

Unique culinary experience at [Restaurant Name]

New & exciting at [Restaurant Name]

Delight in [Dish Name] at [Restaurant Name]

Explore [Restaurant Name] 's new menu

Epicurean updates at [Restaurant Name]

Menu revamp alert!

Foodie heaven awaits

[Restaurant Name] chef invites you to a feast!

The new [Restaurant Name] menu is surprising

Our new [Dish Name] is irresistible!

Taste what food critics called "Fantastic."

Treat yourself to a new world of flavors

Restaurant event invite email subject lines

Do you have an event coming up? Ensure your restaurant is filled to the brim by guests – promote the event via email. Don’t forget to include the name or the type of event you’re inviting customers to in the subject line; otherwise, most won’t bother opening it.

Here are some potential restaurant subject lines for events and parties:

[Event Name] party [Event Date]!

Celebrate with [Restaurant Name]

Get ready for [Event Type] bash

You're invited: [Event Type] night

Party time at [Restaurant Name]

[Restaurant Name] presents [Event Name]

Join the fun: [Event Type] party

[Restaurant Name] welcomes you

Don't miss [Event Name] at [Restaurant Name]

Dance the night away at [Restaurant Name]

Party central: [Event Name] at [Restaurant Name]

Celebrate big with [Restaurant Name]

[Event Name] at [Restaurant Name]: RSVP now!

Grab your invitation to [Event Name]

Don’t miss out on magical night at [Restaurant Name]

Restaurant promotional email subject lines

If you want to encourage your customers to take advantage of a special deal or discount, often just communicating isn’t enough. You should also create a sense of urgency or scarcity so that people will jump in.

Here are some subject lines that can help you with that:

[Restaurant Name]’s exclusive deal today!

Delicious savings at [Restaurant Name]

Savor the flavor, save big!

Get XX% off your meal today

Sip & save at [Restaurant Name]

Save XX% at [Restaurant Name]

Dine-in style, pay less

Last chance for XX% off!

Sip & savor discounts at [Restaurant Name]

Exclusive [Restaurant Name] deal inside

It’s the first time we have this deal

Buy one [Dish Name], share a second!

Restaurant win-back email subject lines

Occasionally, check on subscribers who haven’t opened your email, clicked on a CTA, or made reservations via your online ordering system in a while. Send them a win-back email to reconnect and reignite the spark before they forget you.

Here are some subject line examples to start the conversation:

We miss you! Come back to us.

Let’s catch up at [Restaurant Name]

Long time no see! News at [Restaurant Name]

You’ll hate to miss this: XX% off [Dish Name]

Rediscover the taste of [Restaurant Name]

Your favorite dishes are waiting

Relive the [Restaurant Name] experience

A special invitation from [Restaurant Name]

We've saved your favorite spot

We're here with open arms

Dine again at [Restaurant Name]

Don't be a stranger, [Restaurant Name]

A warm welcome back to [Restaurant Name]

We've prepared something special, [First Name]

[First Name], satisfy your cravings with us

Restaurant closed email subject lines

Your emails can be something other than promotional. Sometimes, it's a good idea to inform your customers of updates on working hours, your restaurant's closure during the holiday season, or any other reason.

Here are some examples of subject lines informing your customers about the period when your restaurant isn't working:

Happy holidays! We’ll be closed until [Date]

Merry Christmas! See you again on [Date]

We’ll miss you… [Restaurant Name] closed until [Date]

Mark your calendar: [Restaurant Name] reopening

Join us again on [Date] at [Restaurant Name]!

Exciting news: [Restaurant Name] reopening

Save the Date: [Restaurant Name] reopens

[Restaurant Name] temporarily shuts doors

Can't wait to serve you: [Restaurant Name]

We'll be back: [Restaurant Name] update

Exciting news: [Restaurant Name] returns

Reopening soon: [Restaurant Name]

[Restaurant Name] temporarily signs off

We're back on [Date] at [Restaurant Name]!

We’re saying goodbye until [Date]

Restaurant newsletter subject lines

Do you regularly update your customers on the restaurant’s news, such as brand-new features like food delivery and pickup, a dine-in QR code restaurant menu, new staff member or health and safety guidelines? An email newsletter is a great way to do that.

Check the following newsletter subject lines and find the one that fits your needs:

Experience [Restaurant Name]'s food delivery!

Convenient food pickup at [Restaurant Name]

Meet our new chef at [Restaurant Name]

Join us for [Restaurant Name]'s grand reopening

Stay safe with [Restaurant Name]'s guidelines

Pickup your favorites from [Restaurant Name]

Discover [Restaurant Name]'s QR menu

Welcoming our talented new chef

New safety measures at [Restaurant Name]

Scan & order: [Restaurant Name]'s QR menu

Meet [Restaurant Name]'s new culinary artist

Seamless ordering with [Restaurant Name]'s QR menu

Rejoin us for [Restaurant Name]'s grand reopening

Your safety matters at [Restaurant Name]

A warm welcome to [Restaurant Name]'s new chef

More restaurant email subject lines

Just in case you didn’t find an ecommerce email subject line that works for you, we share some more:

Dine-in delights await

Savor the flavors tonight

Taste the magic

Your culinary escape

Epicurean experience

Mouthwatering menu

Hungry for happiness

Feast mode on

Indulge your senses

Culinary adventures await

Table for two?

Foodie paradise awaits

Sip, savor, smile

Cheers to dining

Discover new tastes

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