45+ Best football email subject lines

Football is a beloved game in the US, attracting 113 million viewers to their TV screens during the Super Bowl. During football season, you can use this popularity to connect with your audience over shared interests and boost sales.

So, how can you make the most of football and the Super Bowl? Email marketing is a great strategy. Here we'll provide you with football email subject lines to help you achieve your goals:

Best football email subject lines for the Super Bowl

You know when the Super Bowl is approaching. It’s almost like you can feel it in the air. Use this sentiment to engage your audience – email them comfortably packed news about the teams, fun facts to share with friends, or tips and tricks for the best game-watching experience.

Don’t know where to start? You might find these subject lines useful:

[First Name]'s Super Bowl party game plan

Touchdown time: Gear up for the Super Bowl

[First Name], join us for a football frenzy!

Super Bowl showdown: Be there!

Tailgate time: Get ready to party!

Touchdown time with [Brand Name]

[First Name], get in on the action!

Super Bowl showdown: Be the MVP

Super Bowl Sunday: It's on!

[First Name], ready for Super Bowl fun?

[First Name], score big on game day

Super Bowl showdown: Be there!

[First Name], it's game day at [Brand Name]!

[First Name], get ready to touchdown!

Super Bowl bliss with [Brand Name]

Football subject lines for sales

While most brands don’t have millions to advertise during the Super Bowl, not all is lost! Grab your customers’ attention when they turn away from the TV and into their mobile screens – email them irresistible deals and offers.

Here are some subject lines to accompany those emails:

Score big savings at [Brand Name]

[First Name]'s game day deals

Big game, bigger discounts

Gear up for game day!

[Brand Name] tackles prices

Game day essentials on sale

Super deals for super fans

Blitz for bargains

Shop like a champion!

Winning deals for all!

[Brand Name] game day discounts

Super savings kickoff

Game day grabs for less

Tackle big savings today

End zone savings await

Good football newsletter subject lines

The trick to cutting through the noise during football season is nurturing your football-loving subscribers with relevant and helpful content throughout the year. One idea is to send football-themed newsletters regularly. Such consistent communication aids your brand awareness and sets expectations for your audience.

Why not try it? Especially when you already have subject line examples for your newsletter:

Touchdown time: your weekly football fix

Get in the game: [Brand Name] insights

Huddle up: your football updates

Join the huddle: [First Name]'s playbook

Kickoff countdown: your [Brand Name] guide

Touchdown talk: [Brand Name] edition

Ready, set, hike: [First Name]'s picks

End zone excitement: [Brand Name] updates

Passion for football: [First Name]'s insights

Tackling the action: [First Name]'s corner

In the huddle with [First Name]

Ready for kickoff: [Brand Name] insights

Behind the lines with [Brand Name]

Touchdown talks with [First Name]

Weekly wins: [Brand Name] insights

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