Best customer service email subject lines

Supercharge your email marketing with our collection of Customer service email subject lines that compel your audience to take action.

Best email subject lines for customer service to complain

To err is human, so no wonder you might sometimes get in a pickle due to the brand’s fault. The best thing you can do is to draw attention to your issue and ask the company to solve it. Usually, customer service is responsible for that. If you’re planning on writing a complaint email, grab one of these informational subject lines:

Problems with [Product] - need help

Disappointed with [Service] - seeking resolution

Unhappy customer: [Service] concerns

Trouble with [Product] - urgent assistance

Issues with [Service] - need support

Dissatisfied with [Service] - seeking solutions

Complaint about [Product] - resolution needed

Dissatisfied customer: Need your help

Order mistake: Urgent resolution required

Customer service concern: Seeking help

Unresolved issue: Requesting assistance

Product complaint: Need attention

Service disappointment: Seeking resolution

Order problem: Urgently seeking support

Customer feedback: Reporting an issue

Email subject lines to ask for information

Didn’t find the desired information on the company’s website? Fret not! The customer service should be able to help you with that. You only need to craft a friendly email asking for information. Here are the subject lines to accompany it:

Info request: Help needed

Question about product

Query on warranty

Assistance required

Tech support inquiry

Billing question

Feedback submission

Issue explanation

Problem clarification

Service details needed

Account information

Policy inquiry

Product specifications

Order status check

Pricing details needed

More good email subject lines to ask for help

As luck would have it, sometimes we need some assistance from brands. Whether canceling an order or changing personal details, customer service is up for it. The only question is how to ask for help. Well, email is a great way, and with these subject lines, you’re already at a good start:

Urgent help needed!

Can you assist, please?

In need of assistance

Seeking your help

Can you help me?

Assistance required

Need your expertise

Help, please!

Can you aid me?

Support needed

Assist me, please!

Requesting your help

Help required ASAP

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