40+ Best formal email subject line examples

A friendly, formal email follows specific rules to ensure professionalism and transparency. People use standard emails in severe situations, like at work, school, or when talking to important people like bosses, professors, or clients. These emails help us communicate respectfully and clearly with people who have important roles.

Are you planning on writing a formal email? We've compiled a list of subject lines you might use to accompany it.

Formal email subject line examples for sales pitches

A sales pitch email is a friendly message sent by a salesperson or a business to a potential customer or client. The goal? To get them interested in a product or service and show how it can solve their needs or problems. The hope is that they'll want to take action, like buying, talking more, or getting more info. It's all about making connections and sharing something valuable!

Grab a subject line to accompany your sales pitch email:

Exclusive offer inside

Limited-time deal

Your solution awaits

Unlock great savings

Special offer just for you

Don't miss out

Discover our products

Exciting opportunity

Exclusive invitation

New products in stock

Act now and save

Your personal discount

Explore our services

Valuable insights await

Elevate your business

Formal email subject line examples for resignations

A friendly resignation email is when an employee writes an email to their boss or supervisor to let them know they plan to leave their job. It's like giving a heads-up that they'll be moving on. This type of email is usually used in workplaces or offices where things are more formal.

If you're covering your courage to write a resignation email, choose a subject line to help you get started:

Resignation notice

Leaving [Company Name]

Farewell and thank you

Formal resignation

Goodbye [Company Name]

Last day announcement

My resignation

Leaving the team

End of employment

Exit announcement

Moving on from [Company Name]

Job resignation

Resignation letter

Departure notice

Saying goodbye

Formal email subject line examples for job offers

A friendly job offer email is an official message an employer sends to a candidate they want to hire. It's a unique email that provides all the exciting details about the job, including your salary, when the person starts, and the awesome perks and benefits they'll enjoy. It's a significant moment in a job search, signaling the start of a fantastic new journey! 

Hiring a new employee? These subject lines for formal job offer emails are to make a good surprise:

Job offer - [Job title]

Join our team as [Job title]

Your new opportunity

Offer of employment

Exciting job awaits

Welcome aboard!

Your future with [Company]

Official job offer

[Company] job offer

Ready to start?

Join us at [Company]

Your new role

Job offer from [Company]

[Company] welcomes you

New career path

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

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