45+ Best cross-sell email subject lines

We've all encountered cross-selling before, like when McDonald's asks if we want fries with our meal – it's a classic example. But guess what? Cross-selling isn't just for fast food joints; it's a strategy that can work wonders for online businesses.

So, picture this: you receive a cross-sell email that suggests other products that go perfectly with what you're looking at or already have in your cart. It's like having a helpful friend who knows your tastes and preferences. Plus, businesses can even use past purchases to recommend items that a customer might love. It's all about improving users' shopping experience and helping them discover products they might not have found independently.

If it sounds like a thing your business could profit from, but you don't know where to start, the cross-sell email subject lines given here are at your service:

Best cross-sell email subject lines for ecommerce

Have you ever noticed how some companies send emails that seem to know what you're interested in following? They look at your previous purchases and recommend similar or complementary items that might catch your eye.

For instance, if you recently bought a laptop, you might receive emails suggesting accessories like a mouse, headphones, or a laptop bag. If this concept sounds familiar and you're looking for inspiration for your cross-sell emails, check out the subject lines below. They could spark some great ideas for your next email campaign:

Upgrade your style today!

Discover more, shop smart

New arrivals for you

Your favorites expanded

Ready to elevate?

Exciting finds await

Enhance your collection

[Brand] recommends: must-haves

Find your perfect match

Curated just for you

Perfect pairings for you

New and exciting choices

Discover hidden gems

What could make your collection better?

Discover even more style pearls

Cross-sell email subject lines for SaaS

Customers purchasing your basic plan is already a solid start! But how do you go from there? Why not promote add-ons that could make their already good experience even better?

Give all the reasons and more in your cross-sell emails, and watch those purchases flow in.

Here are the subject lines to accompany your message:

Discover more ways to [Brand Name]

Your next level of [Product]

Unveil exciting additions now

[First Name], explore new possibilities

Upgrade your [Brand Name] experience

Elevate your game with [Product]

Time for a [Brand Name] refresh

Unlock [Product] enhancements

Don't miss these add-ons

Level up your [Brand Name] journey

Explore new features now

Exclusive upgrades inside

[First Name], upgrade your game

Take more, get more out of [Brand Name]

Now, the only way is up!

Cross-sell email subject lines for service providers

If your customer enjoys one of your services, it’s an excellent opportunity to help them discover another. For example, a face massage might be pleasant, but they don’t consider that it becomes divine with the addition of a foot massage.

Sell this idea to your customers using trusty cross-sell emails, but first, choose your winning subject line:

Elevate your experience with [Service]

Your upgraded [Service] awaits

Discover more with [Brand]

Exclusive perks for [First Name]

Spice up your routine with [Service]

Explore new horizons with [Brand]

Level up your [Service] game

Discover the power of [Service]

[Service] made for you, [First Name]

[Brand] invites you to try [Service]

[First Name], discover with [Brand]

[Brand] - your [Service] guide

[Service] mastery by [Brand]

[Brand] invites you to [Service] wonders

How do you make [Service] better for you?

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