45+ Best happy hour email subject lines

Gathering with your colleagues for a happy hour at a local bar or restaurant is a fantastic way to encourage positive interactions within your team, whether for networking or simply relaxing together. While a casual verbal invitation like "Hey, we're going to Threes Pub after work if you'd like to join" can suffice, sending an email invite makes it more convenient for coworkers to mark the event in their calendars.

If you're seeking inspiration for crafting an engaging email subject line for your next happy hour event, you're in the right place! We've compiled a selection of creative happy hour email subject lines that will captivate your subscribers and generate excitement for the upcoming gathering.

Best happy hour email subject lines for bars

Good ol’ happy hour after working hours with colleagues at a bar. What could end a business day on a better note? Make sure they mark it on their calendar thanks to these beautiful subject lines:

Join us for a drink after work!

Happy hour at your favorite spot!

Drinks, laughter, and fun tonight

Cheers to a great evening ahead

It's time to unwind with us

Let's raise a glass together

Sip, chat, and relax with us

Colleague connection time!

[First Name]'s happy hour gathering

Your favorite bar, your favorite people

Beers, bites, and buddies

A toast to our amazing team

Colleague catch-up time!

Get ready for a fun evening

Your drink is waiting for you

Happy hour email subject lines for restaurants

If you’re looking at a bit fancier soirée, ie. at a restaurant, these are the subject lines for your emails:

Join us for a casual catch-up

Let's meet up to eat, shall we?

Good cocktails, good food, and good conversation

Happy hour, anyone?

Colleague rendezvous at [Restaurant]

[Brand] team, assemble!

Raise your glass!

Meet and mingle

Your spot at [Restaurant]

[First Name], we're waiting!

Where friends gather

Let's clink glasses!

[Brand] hangout alert

[First Name], your invite to [Restaurant]!

[Brand] meetup in style at [Restaurant]

Good happy hour email subject lines for office parties

Office space can be fun, too! And the office party doesn’t need to give in to any party. So, if you’re planning one, grab a subject line that’ll have people saying ‘YES!’:

Join us for a fun-filled happy hour

[First Name], let's toast to a great evening

Elevate your spirits at our happy hour

Cheers to a fantastic office party!

Unwind with [Brand] at our happy hour

[Brand]'s happy hour: You're invited!

Sip, mingle, and enjoy – happy hour is here

Raise a glass with [Brand] team

Let's make memories at happy hour

[First Name], join the happy hour crew

Get ready to relax at happy hour

Toast to a great team at happy hour

[Service]'s happy hour: Join the fun!

Mix, mingle, and unwind with [Brand]

Raise your glass to good times – happy hour is here!

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