45+ Best holiday email subject lines

Ah, what joyous times the holidays bring! It's a rare soul who doesn't bask in the festive glow and merriment accompanying these special moments. But beyond personal enjoyment, holidays offer a golden opportunity for businesses to forge deeper connections with their audience, spread joy, and boost sales.

Email campaigns stand tall in marketing as the undisputed champions, providing a direct and impactful avenue to engage customers during the holiday hustle and bustle. Crafting captivating subject lines becomes paramount in capturing recipients' attention amidst the flurry of seasonal emails flooding their inboxes.

If you're eager to infuse your email marketing strategy with a festive spirit and sprinkle some holiday magic into your subscribers' lives, you've arrived at the right destination. Join us as we unveil a selection of best holiday email subject lines.

Best holiday newsletter subject lines

As the holiday season draws near, the anticipation for spreading warmth and joy through newsletters grows stronger. From sharing heartwarming stories to enticing your readers with festive delights, the avenues for holiday newsletter topics are boundless, mirroring the expansive winter landscape. Whether you aim to evoke nostalgia, provide valuable insights, or highlight your seasonal specials, a meticulously crafted newsletter is key to achieving your objectives.

Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of subject lines crafted to ignite imagination and pave the way for your holiday newsletters' success:

Enchanting snow globe creations

Cozy cocoa & cookie recipes

Whimsical winter wardrobe inspo

Merry mail: DIY holiday cards

Gleeful gift wrapping galore

Festive flicks & family fun

Heartfelt letters to Santa

DIY winter wonderland decor

Jolly jigsaw puzzle parties

Magical holiday movie marathons

Cozy corner: fireside reading

Winter walks & nature nook finds

Joyful jingle bell jams

Whisking up wondrous winter treats

Seasonal sips & cheers

Best holiday sale email subject lines

'Tis the season for spreading cheer and boosting sales! As the holidays approach, businesses are gearing up to capture the attention of merry shoppers with enticing promotions. But in a sea of festive emails, how do you ensure yours gets noticed? The answer lies in crafting captivating subject lines that make your emails impossible to resist.

Fear not, for we've curated a collection of holiday sale email subject lines designed to make your promotions sparkle and your sales soar:

'Tis the season for savings!

Wrap up your shopping with 20% off!

Get festive with holiday discounts!

Unwrap joyful savings today!

Spread holiday cheer inside!

'Tis the season to save big!

Deck the halls with 25% off!

Jingle all the way to savings!

Spread joy with deals inside!

Get your gifts here for less!

Fa la la la la, sales season!

Wrap up shopping with 30% off!

Merry and bright savings!

Ring in savings this season!

Shop 'til you drop with deals!

Best holiday greetings subject lines

Spread joy and gratitude this holiday season by sending heartfelt greetings to your valued subscribers! Show appreciation for their ongoing support and loyalty with personalized messages that convey warmth and sincerity.

To make your task easier, we've compiled a selection of captivating subject lines that will catch the eye and resonate with your audience. Whether expressing thanks, spreading festive cheer, or sharing good wishes, these subject lines will help you craft emails that leave a lasting impression:

Warm holiday wishes from [Your Business]!

Happy holidays from our team to yours!

Celebrate the season with [Your Business]!

Wishing you joyous holidays ahead!

Season's greetings from [Your Business]!

Merry everything and happy always!

Sending you holiday cheer from [Your Business]!

'Tis the season to spread joy!

Festive greetings from [Your Business]!

Happy holidays, dear customer!

May your holidays be merry and bright!

Wishing you a season filled with laughter!

From our family to yours, happy holidays!

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Cheers to holiday happiness with [Your Business]!

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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