40+ Best free shipping email subject lines

Free shipping promotions in ecommerce can be a real game-changer. We all know how annoying shipping costs and minimum order requirements can be when shopping online. They can even make us abandon our shopping carts! That's why offering free shipping is so powerful – boosting your sales and making customers happy.

Now, not every business can offer free shipping all the time. Some may need customers to reach a certain order amount to qualify, while others can only do it during special events and holidays, like Free Shipping Day. But whatever your approach, don't forget to shout about your free shipping offer in your email subject lines – it's a surefire way to get people excited about shopping with you!

Get inspired by our free shipping email subject line examples or copy and paste them straight into your email marketing tool:

Best free shipping email subject lines for ecommerce

Is free shipping a big deal in your brand’s case? Then be loud and proud about it! Starting from a compelling subject line:

Free shipping, just for you!

Your [Brand] treat: no shipping cost

Shipping's on us!

Shop smarter: free shipping inside

Surprise! Free shipping awaits you

Special delivery: free shipping today

Don't miss out: free shipping offer

Get it fast, get it free!

Shop, save, ship for free

No shipping cost - shop now!

No shipping cost - shop now!

Last chance for free shipping

Shipping costs? Not today!

Enjoy the perks: free shipping

Today's special: free shipping

No shipping fees here, friend!

Shipping's on the house

Free shipping: It's a steal!

Guess what? Shipping's free!

Shipping, shmipping... it's free!

You + us = free shipping!

Free shipping, no catch

Shipping? Nope, it's on us!

Get your goodies - shipping's free!

No shipping costs, just smiles

Free shipping - hooray!

Free shipping - the best kind!

Shipping drama? Not today!

Shipping? Nope, we decided to foot the bill!

Get your goodies - shipping's our treat!

Funny free shipping email subject lines

A bit of humor can go a long way. So, if you want your subject line not only to stand out but also to have an impact, use a subject line that is sure to bring out a slight smile:

Good free shipping email subject lines for VIPs

If you want to keep your VIP customers delighted, consider the power of pleasant surprises. One effective solution is to offer surprise free shipping on any of their orders.

Now, let's craft a compelling subject line to communicate this exciting offer:

Hello, VIP! Enjoy free shipping today

VIP perk: free shipping for you

VIP members: shipping on the house

Your order ships free, VIP style!

Free shipping, just for you, [Brand] style

Free shipping, compliments of [Brand]

VIP Special: shipping's on us

Limited-time offer: free shipping, VIPs!

Get it delivered for free, VIP!

A special treat for you inside

For you, shipping costs zero!

Free VIP shipping!

[First Name], you deserve this one!

Fast and free delivery to our VIPs

FREE shipping on all orders, just for you

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