25+ B2B Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are very powerful. Studies show that based on subject lines alone, 47% of recipients open an email, while 69% may report an email as spam.

Apr 1, 2021 - By Allan Borch


Email subject lines are very powerful. Studies show that based on subject lines alone, 47% of recipients open an email, while 69% may report an email as spam.

It all comes down to how good or bad a subject line is written and the impression it makes on the recipient.

If you want your email marketing efforts to succeed, you should give importance to how you write your subject lines.

In this article, we’re listing down subject lines used in B2B email marketing, complete with samples.

B2B Email Subject Lines that You Can Use for Email Marketing

Here is shortlist of B2B email subject lines, which you can find here:

  • Cold emails.
  • Meeting emails.
  • Sales emails: business proposal, company introduction.
  • Partnership emails.
  • Welcome emails.
  • Newsletters.

1. B2B Cold Email Subject Lines

Since you have no prior connection or relationship with your target audience, writing an effective cold email can be a challenging task.

Actually, advertisers get stressed out with this method since feedback is less likely to happen and, often, emails are lumped together with spam messages.

If you want your cold emails to be recognized or opened, here are some of the best examples of subject lines that you can use.

  1. “[Name of the audience], I need your advice”
  2. “[Name of the receiver], looking forward to seeing you at [event name]”
  3.  “Let us discuss about [project, topic or idea]”
  4. “Have you solved your [problem/challenge] yet”
  5.  “Hey [name of the audience], check this out”

2. When Requesting a Meeting

Creating an email subject line for a meeting can be tricky sometimes.

Usually, it will depend on why you want to call a meeting, why you need to do it, and when. You can stick to it but not enough to be considered out of order or rude.

In fact, the fine line between showing respect and sounding commanding can be challenging for some people. So, if you are having a hard time, here’s an example that almost works in any given situation.

Hello, you have a meeting tomorrow! Please confirm

When you’re writing a subject line for a meeting you need to be clear. Make it concise and short.

3. Sales Email Subject Line

There is no perfect email subject line for sales. So, your creative team can let their ideas flow as long as they test them with your target audience or subscribers.

But if you are having a hard time coming up with a good subject line, here are some effective templates. Feel free to use them so that they will fit the voice and needs of your brands.

  1. How much do you know about [service, product, topic, or brand]?
  2. [Name], we have a new [tip, product, or service] that you might enjoy]
  3. [Name], welcome to [brand]
  4. Introducing [product, service, or brand]
  5. Have you tried [product, service, or brand]?

While there are plenty of rooms to explain when making email sales subject lines, that doesn’t mean that you can write anything that you want.

Take note 67.7% of clients use email to communicate with B2B organizations. So, if you want to use email as well, you will need to be extra careful when writing a subject line.

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4. For a Business Proposal

You have started a business; the next step is to connect with prospects. So, how would you do this? Consider sending a business proposal via email or through video email marketing.

However, no matter how great your business proposal is if your subject line is not catchy, there is a possibility that it will be left unopened. To prevent this from happening, consider using this subject line.

Hello [name] I’ve got an idea for you.

Get a recipient interested in your email content right from the subject line alone.

5. For a Company Introduction

If you want to build your brand or grow your business, it is important to introduce your company to as many people as you can. With the help of emails, you will be able to spread the word about your company and your products/services.

The real challenge here is that not all of your recipients will open your emails, some automatically ignore the message the moment they see the subject line.

So, if you want to successfully introduce your company, consider this as one of the best and most effective subject lines for company introduction.

Hi [Name], welcome to [company name]! Here’s what you can expect from us

Nevertheless, aside from using email, you may also want to start a blog if you want to expand your reach. Make sure that your blog comes with great descriptions so that people will choose it over other content.

6. For Business Collaboration

If you are interested in affiliate marketing or collaborating with other businesses as your strategy to earn more sales, sending emails to your prospects can be a great help.

But unfortunately, some businesses tend to ignore emails, especially if they notice that the email subject line is a bit off.

To ensure your success for collaboration you can either use email autoresponders or you will need to come up with a great subject that makes the receiver open the image without thinking twice. To give you an idea, here is one subject line for business collaboration that already helped a lot of email marketers out there.

Invitation to be our brand ambassador or for affiliate marketing.

7. For a Partnership

Are you considering a partnership? Doing so can work to your advantage since the start-up cost tends to be low, making it a good option for people who lack the funds to even start a small business. 

However, finding a good partner is not easy, more so if you have to cold call or email them. But you might succeed with the right proposal. The best one should contain the following information:

  1. Comprehensive details about your business
  2. Benefits a potential partner will gain from the business partnership
  3. List down precise statistics and figures of these benefits
  4. List all challenges the partnership can address

However, to get your proposal read, you need to write a compelling subject line. Your email’s open rate hinges heavily on this. 

Here’s an example that can grab a potential partner’s attention.

[Receiver’s Name], quick question for you.

Creating a personalized email is better as the receiver won’t think that the message comes from a bot or is automated.

8. Email to Business Partners

When working with business partners, you will be able to grow your brand awareness, boost revenue, and broaden your reach. You’ll have to keep communication lines open, however, and keep them updated. 

One good subject line you can use so that they’ll notice your email runs along the line of:

Have you considered [recommendation/thought]?

Subject lines phrased as questions tend to perform better. So keep this in mind when crafting one.

9. B2B Newsletter Subject Lines

B2B email newsletters are one of the best ways to develop confidence and trust in your business or brand. Giving your clients the right information, they want and need will help in positioning your business as the go-to for value, whether this value in the form of services, content, or products.

However, if you want to get to that point in your relationship, your content should be in front of your subscribers. It should pass the fast inbox skim which the majority of people do when managing loads of emails every day.

While writing basic subject lines can be pretty easy, crafting one that allows the receiver to open the email right away is a bit trickier. To help you with your next email campaign here are some of the best B2B newsletter subject lines that you can use.

  1. Unique Gifts for Dads and Moms
  2. For investors who hate paying expensive commissions
  3. The traffic of my website increased 950% in one year. Yours can too!
  4. Where to eat right now in [place]
  5. Are you a sales professional or a startup who wants to close more deals?

10. B2B Welcome Email Subject Lines

A welcome email refers to the first email that your subscriber receives after the first interaction with your business. This will help you in introducing yourself to prospects and encouraging them to engage with your product or brand.

However, your welcome email subject line will either make or break the lead engagement rates. To increase the possibility that your target audience will open your welcome email here are some of the best subject lines that you can use.

  1. Welcome to [brand] [insert an emoji]
  2. How to get started with our [name]
  3. Loyalty program, what includes
  4. Thank you for subscribing
  5. Welcome! Follow us on social media

11. B2B Nurture Email Subject Lines

For some marketers, creating a B2B nurture email subject line is not an easy feat. Nurture emails are a series of emails that are delivered based on a lead’s behavior that offers targeted and timely information that guides the lead through the process of buying. As the prospect gets the emails, they are provided with information that can help them in choosing.

With this in mind, if you want your prospect to open your nurture emails, consider using the following subject lines.

  • X Reasons Why our Customers Love Us
  • X Things Marketers Can Learn from Sales
  • Our Latest Definitive Guide to Video Email Marketing

Do B2B Email Subject Line A/B Testing to Know What Works the Best

Email marketing is proven effective and it yields a high ROI. Nevertheless, by using the above-mentioned B2B email subject lines, you will be able to see results and establish a strategy that is guaranteed to boost your emails’ open rates. For best results we recommend to do A/B testing, which will help you to know best B2B subject line for your individual situation.

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