75 Best touching base email subject lines

In the fast-paced world of email communication, keeping connections alive is key. Whether you're scheduling a meeting, showcasing social proof, or simply piquing interest, the right subject line can make all the difference. Join us as we dive into a curated list of best touching base email subject line examples designed to foster meaningful connections and drive action.

Best touching base email subject lines

Effective communication is paramount. Whether you're reaching out to reconnect, provide updates, or express gratitude, crafting the perfect email subject for touching base is essential for capturing attention and driving engagement. Let's explore a diverse range of subject line examples:

Catching up: let's chat!

Quick check-in: how are you?

Keeping connected: your thoughts?

Touching base: any updates?

Reconnecting: time to chat!

Quick update: your input?

Just saying hi: any news?

Stay in touch: let's connect!

Friendly reminder: let's talk!

Seeking feedback: your thoughts?

Time to reconnect: let's chat!

Quick chat: any thoughts?

Your input: let's discuss!

Checking in: how's everything?

Touching base: what's new?

Good email subject lines for touching base

A subject line is a catalyst in deciding whether your reconnection email is going to be fruitful. Ensure it does with an effective touch base email subject line:

Let's chat: any updates?

Reaching out: how are you?

Keeping in touch: let's talk!

Quick catch-up: your input?

Seeking your thoughts: let's chat!

Quick message: any news?

Touching base: how can I help?

Time to talk: your thoughts?

Let's connect: any updates?

Just a reminder: let's chat!

Quick question: your input?

Touching base: any thoughts?

Keeping connected: let's discuss!

Reaching out: let's catch up!

Seeking feedback: let's chat!

Follow-up touching base email subject lines

Are you following up after an interaction? Find a touch base subject line to successfully rekindle interest here:

Sparking conversation: what's new?

Let's sync up: any exciting updates?

Reconnect: time for a quick chat!

Curious to hear: how's it going?

Reviving connections: ready to talk?

Buzzing to know: any progress?

Eager to catch up: let's chat!

Prompting dialogue: your thoughts?

Stirring interest: let's discuss!

Reviving the connection: ready to reconnect?

Pinging you: any updates to share?

Igniting conversation: what's the buzz?

Stirring curiosity: let's dive in!

Reigniting conversations: what's cooking?

Buzzing to chat: any news to share?

Friendly reminder touching base email subject lines

If you need to say “hey, I’m here if you need me”, do it with a friendly email subject line first:

Quick reminder

Keeping tabs

Time to chat

Hi there!

Reminder time

Keeping in the loop

Quick hello

Checking in again

Just a reminder

Stay in touch

Friendly heads-up

A little reminder

Friendly update

Don't forget

Just saying hi

Prospect touching base email subject lines

A single email can be enough to touch base and convert your prospect into a loyal customer. Ensure it’s such from the very beginning with a compelling email subject line:

Quick check-in: how are you?

Let's reconnect: catching up soon

Touching base: any news?

Checking in: ready to chat?

Hello again: let's talk

Keeping in touch: your thoughts?

Quick update: what's new?

Reaching out: time to chat

Long time, no see: let's connect

Touching base: coffee soon?

Ready for a catch-up?

Hey there: let's chat

Reconnect: your insights needed

Quick chat: your thoughts?

Catching up: let's connect

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