2019 Roundup: Best Team collaboration tools for a successful E-Commerce business

You can’t effectively communicate with your team using email. Here are some tools to help effectively manage your team collaboration.

Sep 29, 2016 - By Mark

You can’t effectively communicate with your team using email. Here are some tools to help effectively manage your team collaboration.

Not only that it’s very time inefficient to communicate via email, but it’s also very inconvenient for group communications. You can’t just go and ask every coworker for a favor each time you need something from your team.

That’s why team collaboration tools are around in the first place – teams can’t work together if they have no way to communicate.

And that’s why we compiled a list of a couple of teamwork management tools for you and your team.


Asana clearly is one of the most popular teamwork management apps currently on the market. And there is a reason for it – it’s clearly one of the best ones out there.

Easily set priorities and deadlines, upload details and tasks in one place. Track your projects and tasks through every stage to manage your team.

Visual boards allow you to visualize your work and progress. Use the Timeline feature to remind you of your plans and deadlines, to be less likely to miss a deadline or a meeting.

Streamline your work-related communications – files, emails and tickets in one place with integrations. Integrations are what makes it a truly useful tool, easy to adapt to your existing framework.

The Calendar view is awesome:

Show your results to your team and see how their work is progressing, plan events or meetings in advance and set deadlines for your most important projects. We found this feature to be especially useful for large teams.

Although the wide array of features available for you and your team might seem overwhelming at first, it’s well worth to muster the strength to get started. It gets easier and easier. The sooner you get started, the better. When the next holiday rush comes, you and your employees will be ready and waiting.

Distinct features loved by their users:

The User Interface and the overall design

The timeline feature and the ability to monitor your team

The open API to integrate it with other systems.

Realtime Board

Another cloud-based collaboration tool. What’s different about it is the concept. It’s an extremely visual collaboration tool – more suitable for designers, teachers, marketers and agencies.

You can add and share pictures, designs, mockups, videos, graphs, even Google Drive files on an endless board.

Monitoring the work of your whole team is easy thanks to the real-time view of the board:

Reporting to your higher ups is also easy – it’s possible to download the board as a PDF or to convert it into a presentation.

Easy to use, yet sophisticated. In our humble opinion Realtime Board is suitable to creative people, like designers, not to the average person.

Distinct features loved by their users:

The ease of use – even not the most computer literate people can master it.

Visual sketching

Real time collaboration.


Scoro is a bit different – it’s not only a teamwork management tool, but also a business management tool. It manages information to and from various other apps, making it easier for the user to manage the business.

Scoro also has inbuilt tools for business management, for example, a CRM, inbuilt contact database, quoting and billing tools, reporting and so on:

That makes it fit into several categories of E-Commerce tools at once, but it’s core functionalities resemble a teamwork management tool – task scheduling and tracking, a calendar, collaboration tools, reports.

Distinct features loved by their users:

User friendly project management

Financial reports

Variety of features accessible

Variety of integrations.

Overall, we feel that Scoro is a very powerful tool, and if we had to choose the best tool for teamwork management, it might be the one.

Tallyfox Tallium

Tallyfox isn’t just any teamwork management tool. It claims to be a business ecosystem. It suits people that are looking for knowledge exchange, content management and communication.

How is this tool different from the others?

If you have a certain problem, you can search for experts on the matter and connect with them. Share the solution to your problem with the community. Perfect for the people who are looking for an easy way to manage new teams. Not your usual teamwork management app.

It’s still a very new product, so you’ll be one of the first ones to try it out.

Distinct features loved by their users:

Managing and promoting events

The UI of the multimedia library.


Yet another new player in the category of teamwork management tools. It’s similar to the classic teamwork management tool Slack, which currently dominates the market. Slack dominates the market for a good reason – it’s easy to use, has tons of integrations and features.

And if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That’s probably the thought process behind the User Interface of Chanty. It just works. Easy to understand interface, instant messaging and general team management.

The similarity to Slack is immense. And as the saying goes, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. We Consider it a version of Slack with no bells and whistles – cheaper.

The UI of Chanty:

The main exciting feature that makes it stand out is still upcoming – the AI integration. It will basically scan your conversations and help you find what you need, tell you what you’ve missed and predict how you’ll reply. Our guess is that it’s one of the things that will make it the leader in the collaboration tool industry.

We hope that these awesome teamwork management and collaboration tools will help your business grow even faster and help your team work as efficiently as possible!

Disclaimer: None of the companies mentioned in the article above pays us, nor are we spreading biased information by mentioning the tools in any other articles in our blog. Everything written in the 2019 Roundup post series is an honest personal and professional opinion based on personal experience and research. 

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