100+ December Newsletter Ideas & Holiday Examples

Nov 28, 2023 - By Skirmantas Venckus

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Almost 9 out of 10 Americans are planning to celebrate Christmas this year. This includes your subscribers! No doubt, this holiday season, you want to share some jolly with them (and boost some sales, for that matter), but the ever-present question of ‘how’ keeps lingering. Lucky for you, this blog post with December and Christmas newsletter ideas might help.

Here, you’ll find over 100 ideas of what to celebrate this December and 5 newsletter ideas examples we found under the tree. Let’s slide right in!

DEC 1:
National Christmas Lights Day
World AIDS Day

DEC 2:
National Mutt Day

DEC 3:
Giving Tuesday
National Disability Day

DEC 4:
National Cookie Day

DEC 5:
Candle Day
International Ninja Day
National Repeal Day

DEC 6:
National Gazpacho Day
National Miners Day

DEC 7:
Green Monday
International Civil Aviation Day
National Cotton Candy Day
National Letter Writing Day
National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance

DEC 8:
National Bartender Day
National Brownie Day
Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

DEC 9:
National Llama Day
National Pastry Day

DEC 10:
Human Rights Day
National Lager Day

DEC 11:
International Mountain Day

DEC 12:
National Ding-A-Ling Day
National Poinsettia Day

DEC 13:
National Ice Cream Day
National Horse Day
National Salesperson Day
National Violin Day
U.S. National Guard Birthday

DEC 14:
Monkey Day
National Bouillabaisse Day
National Free Shipping Day

DEC 15:
National Cat Herders Day
National Cupcake Day

DEC 16:
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

DEC 17:
National Maple Syrup Day

DEC 18:
Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
Arabic Language Day

DEC 19:
National Emo Day
National Hard Candy Day
National Wreaths Across America Day

DEC 20:
National Sangria Day
National Ugly Sweater Day

DEC 21:
National Coquito Day
National Crossword Puzzle Day
National Short Girl Appreciation Day
Winter Solstice

DEC 22:
National Cookie Exchange Day
​National Short Person Day

DEC 23:

DEC 24:
Christmas Eve

DEC 25:

DEC 26:
Boxing Day
National Candy Cane Day
National Thank You Note Day

DEC 27:
National Fruitcake Day

DEC 28:
National Call a Friend Day
National Chocolate Candy Day
National Download Day

DEC 29:
Still Need To Do Day

DEC 30:
National Bacon Day

DEC 31:
New Year’s Eve

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month
Safe Toys and Gifts Month
Universal Human Rights Month

DEC 1-7 National Handwashing Awareness Week

5 December Newsletter Ideas

If you’re looking for a December or Christmas newsletter idea, you’re in for a treat! We’re unwrapping the best examples from the top brands:

Holiday Gift Guide

One could argue that the most stressful thing for holiday shoppers in December is to think of gifts. For friends, parents, children, colleagues… All are different, with different personalities, desires, and tastes. Oomph.

This is your time to shine. Take some weight off your customer’s backs and create a gift guide for everyone. 

P & Co went in with this idea and created not just any gift guide. No. Already in the email, the subscribers can choose whom they’re looking for a gift and get more customized suggestions.

Subject line: The P&Co Gift Guide

Image source: P&Co

Why it works:

  • The brand offers different categories for shoppers;
  • The categories are based on various features: price, type, gender;
  • It has a distinct design, different from usual Christmas visuals but modeled after the brand image.

Want to create a December newsletter like this? Sender comes with a pre-made template library with useful templates for Christmas, New Year, and other events.


Creating a newsletter with Sender is like a walk in the park. Check for yourself:

The best part — it’s free to use and send emails to up to 2,500 subscribers. No limits or restrictions.

Year in Review

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on your brand’s and customers’ journey together. Looking back at how far you’ve come truly highlights the incredible achievements you’ve accomplished side by side.

As you embrace the New Year, celebrate the beautiful moments you’ve shared, and look forward to achieving even more together.

Better Brand went even further and gave shoutouts to the community and its team in its year recap. The newsletter is full of positivity, creating a warm sense of joint achievement.

Subject line: 🥯✨A Message from our CEO & Founder

Image source: Better Brand

Why it works:

  • The email is written as a letter from a person, giving it more human and emotional impact;
  • The community and the team got praise, connecting them to one meaningful goal;
  • The newsletter looks festive thanks to the smart use of the brand’s red and visuals of its main product – a bagel.

If your brand’s New Year resolution is to up your email marketing game, check out these 9 New Year newsletter ideas to amaze your clients.

Winter Wellness Tips

With all that rush to buy gifts, organize a celebration, find clothing, prepare dinner, and so on, December can be overwhelming. Help your audience see a moment of peace and prosperity with curated winter wellness tips.

Everything goes as long as it brings value to your customers, from dry skin care routines to mindfulness guides. Share what you wish you could have known when entering this little daylight period.

Everyday Oil did not just that but also gave its audience the means to do it. Its carefully curated playlist is to be played when needing calm and breathing exercises, providing some feel-good for subscribers.

Subject line: ***whispers*** happy new year 🙂

Image source: Everyday oil

Why it works:

  • The brand gives helpful content instead of directly promoting their products;
  • It speaks with its customers as if it’s a dialogue, creating a sense of connection and intimacy;
  • Brand’s philosophy is pouring into the newsletter, making it feel more human.

December is just the beginning of the holiday fun. Here are 12 winter newsletter ideas that you will love.

Christmas Gifts

The holiday shopping season is nerve-racking as it is. If possible, a service where you pay someone else to buy gifts for your family and friends would boom.

While no such thing exists, there’s at least one thing you, as a brand, can do – carefully curate a list of presents from all over the internet and send it packed as helpful content for your subscribers.

As you can see from the 8 AM Creative example, you do not need to sell the products you put in the gift guide. Being a creative agency, it has compiled a funny, imaginative, and stress-releasing list for its clients to enjoy during the holiday season.

Subject line: Last-minute gifting ideas for your least-loved ones 😠

Image source: 8AM Creative

What we like: 

  • The humor shines through by parodying the usual gift guides;
  • It’s actually a helpful gift guide in disguise, making it ever so engaging;
  • The newsletter arouses curiosity, making clicking on the call to action (CTA) irresistible.

Winter Fashion and Style

There are only two ways to dress up in December: cozy or party. If there’s anything your brand can suggest, then it’s your opportunity to grab.

Duer went cozy and practical, promoting their newest super warm, waterproof, and stylish collection. But they didn’t just include some pictures and write the keywords. No. They showed how their clothing can benefit those looking for quality and style.

Subject line: Oh-so-cozy Denim

Image source: Duer

What we like:

  • Each of the essential benefits is demonstrated individually;
  • Since it’s a longer newsletter, there are several CTAs placed along the way;
  • The images show how the clothes look up close and styled.

Christmas Email Campaign

Ever thought about making your Christmas email strategy more magical?

Instead of just one Christmas newsletter, consider a 3-step Christmas email campaign that keeps the holiday spirit alive throughout December:

Step 1: Pre-Christmas

In December, everyone’s inbox is bustling with holiday cheer. Stay ahead of the game by sending a pre-Christmas email that keeps you in your subscribers’ thoughts. Start planning and designing your main Christmas campaign early, and don’t forget to sprinkle some warm season greetings in your December newsletter.

Step 2: Christmas Email 

The big day has arrived, and if you’ve sent a pre-Christmas email, your subscribers will eagerly await your Christmas email.

Now’s the time for some email magic! Personalize your emails to treat your clients to special Christmas discounts on products they’ve been eyeing or searching for on your website. It’s a wonderful way to inspire them to take action right from their cozy holiday spaces.

Pro Tip. If you’re launching a Christmas sale, to make your holiday shopping season offer stand out, throw in something extra for buyers – offer free shipping or give a holiday-themed gift. 

Step 3: Post-Christmas Email Campaign

After Christmas, everyone’s winding down, and their inboxes are a lot less crowded. Seize this opportunity to spread some post-Christmas joy with another email campaign. The year’s end is the perfect time to give your business a boost and make it a December to remember.

Christmas Email Subject Lines

It’s time to sprinkle some holiday magic into your Christmas email subject lines! After all, getting your clients to open your emails is the first step to spreading festive cheer. If you can’t get that click, the rest of your email content won’t have a chance to shine.

Here are some subject line examples that will not only grab attention but also boost your email metrics:

  • 60% off ⚡ The Season’s Flash Sale
  • Buy One, Get One Before Christmas 💝
  • Put Some Fun Under the Tree 🎄🎁
  • [Company Name] Gift Guide 🎁🔍
  • Our Little Gift to You 🎁💗
  • 12 Presents To Make You Feel Your Best 💃
  • 5 Recipes for Christmas Cocktails 🍸
  • [First Name], Merry Christmas from [Company Name] 🥳
  • Ho Ho Ho… It’s Me [Company Name] 🧑‍🎄
  • Here’s a Gift Just for You 🫶
  • Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List 🎁
  • Season’s Greetings—25% Discount + Shipping 🎄
  • Christmas Sale – 25% Off Store Wide 🎠

Crafting Christmas-themed email subject lines is like painting a holiday masterpiece for some email marketers. And remember, it’s not just about promotion; you can also send warm wishes in your subject line. So, when planning your festive email campaign, let your subject line be the star that lights up your subscribers’ inboxes. 

December Newsletter Ideas: Key Takeaways

December is an exciting moment; the weather is colder, and people spend more time at home preparing for Christmas and New Year.

These celebrations are the main in the whole year, and if you miss out you will lose a lot of possibilities, for example:

  • Get closer to your subscribers;
  • Increase the end of the year sales;
  • Thank and reward loyal customers.

The best Christmas season newsletter is the one that people would love to share with friends and relatives. You can share your year’s events by writing a good newsletter to add to everyone’s holiday spirit. You may even find that writing your Christmas email becomes a holiday tradition!

To be fully prepared for the upcoming holidays, make sure to check out these 10 holiday email marketing tips & email campaign examples.

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