9 New Year Newsletter Ideas to Amaze Your Clients

Nov 30, 2023 - By Skirmantas Venckus

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New Year’s Eve is more than just sparkles and fireworks – it’s a golden opportunity to connect with your subscribers and resonate deeply. 

Forget the run-of-the-mill “Happy New Year” emails; let’s get personal while sparking excitement for the future with interactive twists. 

Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered with nine creative New Year newsletter ideas, complete with examples. Gear up to make your brand the one they remember. 

9 New Year Newsletter Ideas to Steal 

Want to make the first email of the year unforgettable? We’ve got something better than just ideas or templates for you. Here’s a New Year’s collection of email newsletters that are not just impactful but also unique. Let’s cut to the chase and explore these knockout ideas, setting your email game on fire right from the start of the year. 

Year in Review

Why not start the year with a trip down memory lane? Picture this: an email that’s a colorful, interactive journey showcasing your customers’ favorite picks and moments with your brand over the past year. Take a cue from Kroger’s creative approach for inspiration  – it’s like a virtual yearbook but way cooler.

Subject line: Smiles Davis, Your Yearly Checkout + Exclusive Deals Are Here 🥳


Kroger’s “Year in Review” email is a brilliant display of engaging customers using behavioral data. This email is like a virtual time capsule, bringing to life an interactive recap of your year-long journey with Kroger. 

Image source: Kroger

It highlights favorites and even provides a fun ranking – adding a playful competitive edge. More than just a look back, this email paves the way for continued interaction, a true mark of excellent customer engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • Add personalized content based on shopping preferences and behavior; 
  • Use visually engaging designs, color tones, and illustrations; 
  • Appreciate and thank your loyal customers
  • Add personalized offers and strategic CTA to compel customers to check the latest deals. 

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolution is a commitment to self-improvement that corresponds with the fresh start of a new year. Withings cleverly uses this New Year tradition to engage its customer base with a “Resolution Reboot Challenge.” 

Subject line: 💪 Get ready, the challenge starts


Withings smartly uses the resolution habit to promote healthy living. This approach resonates with its targeted audience of health-conscious and tech-savvy individuals. The email builds on New Year energy, introducing the Resolution Reboot Challenge to encourage healthy habits. 

Image source: Withings

Further, it highlights the benefits of participating and how it can help customers develop healthy habits. It’s straightforward and impactful, designed to start the New Year positively.

Key Takeaways 

  • Keep the email clear and straightforward with a single purpose; 
  • Incentivise customers through gamification, like Habit score in this email; 
  • Add educational content and product sections within the email; 
  • Use bright and aesthetic iconography to grab attention. 

Industry Trends Forecast

Your subscribers seek future industry trends, particularly during the first few weeks of a new year. Sending a value-packed industry trends forecast can be a great idea that demonstrates thought leadership, provides valuable insights, and keeps a brand on top-of-mind of consumers. Stocksy used this concept by sharing a curated collection of visual media based on yearly trends. 

Subject line: See the Curators’ Collection mega gallery of the year

Image source: Stocksy 

Stocksy’s email is a personal note with a warm tone and value for the community. The focus on curated content, social relevance, and community engagement makes it a memorable email marketing campaign that goes beyond mere promotion. 

Using a simple layout with a dark color ensures that the content and images pop out. The final CTA button is also prominently visible. 

Image source: Stocksy 

Key Takeaways

  • Curate best trends based on usage data or industry insights from other sources; 
  • Add a personal note to your industry forecast newsletter;
  • Use a clean layout with a focus on CTAs and product images; 
  • Add an interactive element that encourages readers to take action. 

Customer Spotlights

Collecting the best interactions and user-generated content from the past year and sending an email featuring your customers is also a great idea to kickstart the new year. Vimeo used the same concept in their New Year email. 

Subject line: Time to wrap up the year in video


Vimeo smartly utilized its core product—video—to tell compelling stories, demonstrating the power of its platform in this email. The email not only scores on the storytelling front but also strengthens the platform’s social proof, illustrating the real-world impact of Vimeo’s services.

Image source: Vimeo

Plus, featuring a range of customers from different backgrounds and industries, reflects Vimeo’s wide applicability and inclusivity.

Key Takeaways

  • Show how your product made lives easier; 
  • Tell a story through your customer’s lenses; 
  • Use a clear CTA; 
  • Add a big milestone (like going public) to reinforce trust in your brand. 

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Sending a time-sensitive exclusive offer can be a great idea to tap into the customer’s desire to take advantage of a unique opportunity that won’t last long. Winc uses this strategy in their New Year email to promote their wine subscription service and potentially attract new customers with a compelling offer. 

Subject line: Today only: Get 4 bottles for $20.22


Offering 4 bottles of wine for $20.22, with shipping included, presents a clear and attractive deal, which can entice customers to make a purchase. Using “Today only” in the subject line, along with the “Last chance” blob in the header, creates a sense of urgency, suggesting to customers that they need to act quickly to take advantage of the offer. 

The prominent “Get offer” button is placed strategically to catch the eye. Plus, a thematic coupon code makes the deal feel exclusive and personalized. 

Image source: Winc

Key Takeaways

  • Always personalize the messaging and offer; 
  • Use clever messaging and copy in your email; 
  • Create a no-brainer offer that’s value-packed for your subscribers; 
  • Use a large product image in the header of your email. 

Holiday Season Insights 

These emails are typically sent to reflect on the past year and share valuable content or insights that can help their customers in the coming year. Simply Business uses the best articles from the past year to create a value-packed New Year email for its subscribers. 

Subject line: Our best small business articles of 2021


Simply Business’s email effectively uses holiday season insights to provide value. It reaffirms the brand’s commitment to supporting small businesses and building a stronger relationship in the new year. Addressing the recipient by name in the first sentence personalizes the experience, making the content feel tailored. 

Image source: Simply Business

Clear CTAs like “Learn about grants,” “Read the article,” and “Get the tips” guide the customer on what to do next and encourage engagement.

Key Takeaways 

  • Personalize your insights based on user preferences; 
  • Add useful content and encourage subscribers to check out more details on the website; 
  • Show gratitude and thank the subscriber for supporting your business; 
  • Reassure them about the best service experience through a personal note at the end.  

Special New Year Event

Announcing a special event on New Year and sending an email to subscribers is a great way to give them something ‘new’ to cherish. You can offer unique content or experiences that align with the celebratory atmosphere. Peacock taps into the festive mood of subscribers, encouraging them to choose Peacock for their holiday entertainment.

Subject line: The last movie night of the year… 🎊


Peacock’s email effectively uses an event theme for their newsletter. It has added all the exclusive content as if each one is a unique event to attend. The email looks like a personalized invite for entertainment in the new year. 

Image source: Peacock 

Bright CTAs and “last movie night” messaging create a sense of urgency, prompting users to start now rather than later. Highlighting exclusive content further compels subscribers to engage with the platform. 

Key Takeaways

  • Design the email like an exclusive invite; 
  • Share the event details or exclusive content in a highlighted boxed layout; 
  • Use actionable CTAs in bright fonts or stand out colors; 
  • Provide exclusive sneak peeks into what’s next after the new year’s fun is over. 

New Year Discount for New Subscribers

Brands target their subscribers with exclusive discounts and special offers in the new year to encourage the adoption of a positive change. Leesa has used the resolution of better health and sleep cleverly in their New Year’s email. 

Subject line: Can’t go wrong with this New Years resolution

Image source: Leesa 

The campaign is designed to appeal to those looking to invest in their personal health and wellness as they set resolutions for the new year. The subject line intrigues the reader into opening the email. 

A bold and straightforward headline announcing the New Year’s offer ($175 discount and a free pillow) immediately communicates the value proposition to the reader. This is followed by a clear and prominent “SHOP NOW” button that encourages immediate action, the key to turning curiosity and FOMO into high click-through rates.

Key Takeaways

  • Write an intriguing subject line; 
  • Make the offer the highlight of your email; 
  • Add product sections for each checkout; 
  • Use a holiday or snowy theme to make the design visually appealing. 

New Year Newsletter Follow-ups

New Year is not just for wishing and sharing an offer. Sometimes, it’s the best time to remind and follow up with subscribers, especially if you’re in an industry that promises self-development. Duolingo uses this time to share how one user can learn a new language easily. 

Subject line: Learn a language with only 5 minutes per day

Image source: Duolingo 

The email encourages the users to embrace the new year as an opportunity to start learning a new language. It follows up on the commonly shared desire for self-improvement that accompanies the arrival of January 1st. 

The bold header, “2016. The year you learn a language,” emphasizes the attainable goal of learning a new language. It’s paired with a motivational quote, suggesting the evergreen value of knowledge and a new skill.

The prominent CTA is followed by a friendly note below highlighting the ease and low commitment required to start. The use of colorful flags to represent language options adds a visual element that is not only pleasing to the eye but also instantly recognizable.

Image source: Duolingo 

Key Takeaways

  • Remind users of the ease and convenience of continuing their resolution; 
  • Keep the layout self-explanatory; 
  • Use benefits-focused and action-oriented email copy

20+ New Year Newsletter Subject Lines

You must write subject lines that invoke your subscribers to open your email. If you’re searching for inspiration, here are a few newsletter subject lines: 

  • {FirstName}, Join Our New Year Celebration! 🎆
  • Your 2023 Success Story Starts Here!
  • Embracing 2024: Insights and Aspirations! 🌅
  • Unlock Your New Year’s Exclusive Offer Now! 🔓
  • New Subscriber? Get Your New Year’s Treat! 🎁
  • Dive into 2024 with our Latest Updates! 🏊‍♀️
  • Say Hello to 2024 with These Top Tips! 👋
  • Your Sneak Peek at 2024’s Exciting Prospects!
  • 🎆 New Year, New Deals: Open Now!
  • Cheers to 2024: Exclusive Offers Inside!
  • {FirstName}, Start Your Year with a Bang! 🎉
  • Unwrap Your New Year’s Surprise! 🎁
  • 2024 Awaits: Discover What’s New!
  • Ring in 2024 with These Special Deals!
  • New Year, New You: Amazing Offers Inside! 🌟
  • Countdown to Savings: New Year Edition! ⏳
  • Welcome 2024: Special Discount for Newbies! 💸
  • Don’t Miss Out: New Year Newsletter Highlights! ✨
  • Your Guide to Making 2024 Your Best Year Yet!
  • Cheers to Change: New Year, New Goals! 🍾
  • Forecast 2024: What’s Next for Our Industry?
  • Our Journey in 2023: Year in Review! 🗓️

Key Takeaways

When planning for a New Year campaign, you must recall all the marketing tricks and design an email that resonates with your audience. Here are some tips to help you get going: 

  • Personalize your subject line and email copy to resonate with your audience; 
  • Use visually appealing designs and illustrations to leave a memorable impression on your subscribers; 
  • Share content that is not only festive but also adds value to your readers, from exclusive offers to insightful tips for the year ahead; 
  • Schedule your New Year email beforehand using a marketing automation tool; 
  • Plan a post celebration campaign as a follow-up email after your new year email. 

If this article got you in a festive mood, here are some more holiday content ideas:

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