5 Retail Email Marketing: Definition, Examples

Jan 27, 2022 - By Luka Pipiraite

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Retail marketers have embraced email marketing to communicate to customers directly, collect feedback, and improve their ROI through sales promotion.

Therefore, if you want to reach your business goals, you must regularly invest in your digital marketing campaigns. For this reason, you need to up your game and design an effective retail email that is relevant to your customers’ inboxes.

So, how you can achieve that? This article provides you with all you need to know about promoting your retail business, from growing an email list to powerful subject lines and a few excellent examples of the best practices.

What Is Retail Email Marketing?

Retailing is a business model where you sell products to the final consumer. It also includes dropshipping, where manufacturers deliver goods directly to the consumer.

Retail email marketing uses emails to create awareness of your brand to customers, including offering incentives. Retail stores send marketing emails to their email lists to inform them of new products and discounts and keep customers engaged throughout the customer journey.

It would be best if you had the appropriate strategies and effective tools to increase your ROI and attain your business’ overall growth. Additionally, you can get valuable feedback from customers through email marketing.

5 Retail Email Template Examples & Ideas

Halloween Sales Promotion Email


This promotional email’s headline informs the reader that the offer applies to online shoppers only.

The email’s content is straightforward as it includes the discount offered and CTAs for each category of the products on sale. The 60% discount is very persuasive, and since it’s a limited-time offer, it pushes the recipients to act instantly.

At the bottom, there are links to various product categories in which customers may be interested.

ZTE HU Black Friday Email


The email’s subject line is straightforward. It announces the upcoming flash sale (Black Friday). The use of “you” in the title personalizes the email as the readers feel it directly addresses them.

The email body is excellent, with a black background, images, and limited texts. The CTAs and the offer take contrasting colors that stand out from the rest of the email content. This way, the audience can quickly pick details and understand them.

Mixtiles Memorial Day Email


This email’s title builds the readers’ curiosity. They may be eager to know they can honor their ex-military officials from this email.

The email’s content includes images and a few texts, making it possible to scan through and get the needed details. In addition, the email includes common CTAs added to each product, enabling shoppers to access what they need quickly.

Cozy Earth New Year Sale


This email creates a sense of urgency from the subject line to the body. With the irresistible sale’s offer, the recipients have no reason not to rush to the brand’s store and grab something.
Brands give such heavy discounts to sell more and get rid of excess stock.

Perfect Keto Labor Day Offer Email


The email has a curiosity-triggering subject line. The images plus the limited text approach encourage the audience to read its message.

The most impressive thing about this example is the attractive CTAs that instantly catch the readers’ attention. And with the countdown timer, one has to hurry before the deal is closed at midnight!

20 Eye-Catching Retail Email Subject Lines

An email subject is a vital tool in the success of your retail marketing emails. An appropriate subject line clearly communicates the email body’s message, allowing the reader to prioritize your email before opening it.

In short, your email title should be catchy to attract your audience’s attention. Below are some of the best examples in different categories.

Personalized Subject Lines

  1. Bob, try our new treat
  2. Lindsey, check out these hand-picked looks
  3. Rikke! A Free Birchbox just for You! 
  4. Hey Seray, ready for some Disney Magic?
  5. Happy Birthday, Mary – Surprise Inside!

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Exciting Subject Lines

  1. When Life Gives you Cupcakes.
  2. Have You Seen Sheep Dance?
  3. Last Day To See What This Mystery Email Is All About
  4.  *Don’t Open This Email*
  5. Check out My New “Man Cave” [PICS]

Deals and Discounts Subject Lines

  1. Deals For a Fresh New Look
  2. You’re Invited: 10% Off for Beauty Insiders
  3. Exclusive Offer: Free Samples of Award-Winning Facial Mask
  4. Your Choice of Unique Items is $50 + Under
  5. Online Only: 25% Off Friends and Family

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Urgency Subject Lines

  1. Ends Today: Get 10% off all purchases
  2. Say Goodbye to Your Exclusive 20% off!
  3. Last Chance to get 50% off!
  4. Ends Today! 20% Off Friends & Family
  5. Your Savings Code Expires Today, hurry up!

How to Grow Email Lists for Retail Stores

An email list is an essential tool in the success of any email marketing strategy. So, do you want to boost your retail email campaigns by growing your email list? There are various website examples for email list growth that include the following:

Use Pop-Up Forms

Most online shoppers leave your site without completing their checkout process. Even so, you can still capture their emails by using popup forms. Include CTAs such as join, subscribe, sign up, shop now, register, and more.

Although popups can be annoying to website guests, no one will dismiss them if they offer something relevant. And, even if the buyer abandons their cart, you have their email address!

We suggest using Sender. It’s an all-in-one marketing automation platform that includes emails and SMSes under one dashboard, as well as popups and forms that will grow your list over time. 


Offer Discounts

Offering incentives is one of the most effective ways of building your email list. We all tend to incline to brands that help us save some cash. Offering a price reduction or a free product encourages existing and potential customers to make purchases.

Provide Unique Content

When you offer value-adding content to your subscribers, they are more likely to share the email with their loved ones. As a result, you gain new subscribers as the individual may want to sign up to get the newsletter directly from you.

Encourage Content Sharing

You can inspire subscribers to forward your emails to their networks by adding social share and “email to a friend” buttons. In addition, include a “sign up” CTA at the bottom to enable those receiving the forwarded emails to subscribe.

Organize an Event

You can host an event that requires registration or prior purchase of tickets. It’s a great opportunity to include contact details as part of the registration. You could start your engagement with your new contacts by sending a post-event follow-up email.

Segment Your Email List

The growth of your mailing list includes retaining your current subscribers. Classify your subscribers into different demographics to ensure your email list’s satisfaction and proper engagement.

Segmentation could be by age, gender, location, interests, and more. That way, you can offer customers more personalized content thus, minimizing the churning rate.

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Use the Social Platforms

You can turn your social media followers into subscribers. For example, share valuable content to ask people to subscribe for more similar content. Also, you can offer a discount on these platforms and use CTAs that redirect them to the relevant product pages.

Request Feedback from Site Visitors

Asking for feedback from your website visitors makes them feel valued. It’s, therefore, a great engagement opportunity, and you can ask for their contacts so that you can get back to them if needed.

Retail Email Marketing Strategy & Best Practices

You need to draw your attention to various marketing tips if you want to excel in your marketing campaigns for your ecommerce business. They include the following:

  1. Know your subscribers. If you get a deep understanding of your audience, you know when and how to communicate. You also have to be familiar with the content they like. Hence, you can avoid landing in your recipients’ spam folders by sending relevant emails at the right time.
  2. Use a catchy subject line. An email’s subject line determines its open rate. Your subscribers will base their decision to open your email or not on the subject line. For that reason, keep it short, attractive, and create a sense of urgency.
  3. Be consistent. Maintain consistency in the design and brand color of your email. This approach enhances the quick recognizability of your emails by the recipients.
  4. Segment your email list. Sending the same message to everyone on your list can become boring to your audience. When you subdivide your subscribers according to similarities, it becomes easy to reach out to them with personalized content. This information addresses their tastes and interests, and the open and conversion rates of such emails are higher.
  5. Consider inactive subscribers. Identify dormant customers on your list and give them special attention. Increased engagement with such subscribers can inspire them to give your brand another chance. Include some incentives to quicken their comeback decision-making.
  6. Keep it mobile-friendly. Most people today are using mobile devices to open and read their emails. Therefore, ensure that your email format enables you to craft a message that suits all devices.
  7. Automate your marketing campaigns. Sending similar emails repeatedly can become tedious and time-consuming. When you automate your email marketing, you save time and ensure a smooth customer journey for your subscribers.
  8. Apply personalization. There is a high likelihood of spamming your audience with generic emails. Personalized messages will stand out in your audiences’ inboxes and have increased open and conversion rates.
  9. Reward your loyal customers. Your loyal customers are your most excellent brand ambassadors. These subscribers click, open, and even share your email and need special attention. You could offer incentives to “keep the fire burning.”

Doing Your Retail Email Marketing the Right Way

Email marketing is essential for the success of every business, and retailing isn’t an exception. Hence, you need to invest your time and finances and give your marketing campaigns the required attention.

Identify the strategy that best suits the retail email marketing of your business and craft relevant and effective emails for your audience. To achieve that, pay attention to the subject lines and best marketing emails.

Then, with the great examples provided in this article, you can start or improve your marketing campaigns for your retail business.

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