Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Sales (with Examples)

People get hundreds and hundreds of emails every day, many of them are not even opened.

Apr 14, 2020 - By Skirmantas Venckus

best_email_subject_lines_to_increase _sales_with_examples

People get hundreds and hundreds of emails every day, many of them are not even opened.

People are overwhelmed with lots of information, and the chances of your newsletter being ignored are high. Unless you have a great subject line, an eye-catching email subject line will not only boost your open rate but also get your website an to improve for your website traffic.

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  • TOP Keywords to raise Open Rate
  • Some final tips for creating email subject lines

Why do you need good subject lines?

  • 47% of email receivers open an email based on the subject line. 
  • 69% of email receivers report newsletter as spam based only on the email subject line.

Email subject lines have the power to make your email marketing campaigns successful. The best way to create email subject lines for higher opens is by leveraging natural tendencies and principles.

Here are some email subject lines examples of the best subject lines for email marketing, and proven principles that work.

Subject lines according to the emotion you want to evoke

Fear of Missing Out

One principle that is almost impossible to resist is the fear of missing out. Use it in your email subject lines by adding an element of urgency.

Actually, subject lines that include words that imply time sensitivity are shown to increase open email rates.

For example:

  • You’re missing the last chance.
  • Urgent! You have ONE DAY to watch.
  • Oh no, your prescription is expiring today.


People have a desire for closure. You can leverage the thirst for new knowledge by leaving your subject line not completed so that people would be curious.

You can make people interested in promising something exciting, asking a question, or saying something unusual.

For example:

  • 10 Bizarre Money Strategies Making People Richer
  • What They Eat In Prison
  • 9 Stange Facts about Thanksgiving

Funny Subject Lines

If you make your subscribers laugh, then they will have to open your email. Being humorous requires more creativity, but it can pay off in terms of your metrics.

For example: 

  • Boom shakalak! Let’s do this.
  • Try To Avoid These 10 People at Work
  • Look what you did, you clown.


People love to be accepted and liked. To increase open rates, you can promise something that makes the readers look better or invoke fear.

For example:

  • Don’t wear last year’s styles.
  • Age-defying beauty tricks you should know.
  • Clothing the celebs are wearing on Nw Years Eve.


The sale or discount can evoke the desire to have things, give people a great deal that they couldn’t resist even if they don’t need the product right now. Discounts, special offers, and sales work well in email subject lines. Although, be careful about offering too significant discounts – the higher the cut, the less strong effect it has on your open rates.

For example: 

  • Meet your new dress.
  • 25% off your favorite cream.
  • Get premium access.
  • New must-haves for your kitchen.


Even readers who aren’t inclined to be lazy would prefer an easier way to achieve their goals. You can offer them a useful resource that saves a lot of energy or time.

For example: 

  • 25-Point Checklist for Creating the Ultimate Guide.
  • 212 dinner recipe ideas.
  • Grow your email list faster with these 10 content ideas.

Pain Points

If you understand your targeted audience, you should know their most significant pains. Use those pain points to get readers to open your emails and help them solve that problem.

For example:

  • Stop wasting money on books.
  • Where do all the plastic go?
  • Learn Spanish with only 5 minutes a day.


Retargeting email’s purpose is to bring back subscribers who failed to reach sales funnel. These newsletters serve to bring your customers back to a sales process. You can write active retargeting subject lines by offering something to renew the deal, alerting them that something awful is going to happen if they don’t finish the action.

For example:

  • Did you forget something? Here’s 30% off.
  • I’m deleting your account.
  • We are not going to give up on you.


Subject lines that are personalized by adding a person’s name raise open rates by 10-14%. You can also share some personal information, use casual language, or use text that implies friendship.

For example:

  • Happy Birthday Bob – Gift Inside.
  • Are you coming?
  • Are you free Thurs at 12 pm?
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Smoothie?

Here’s our guide with best practices of Email Personalization.


When you are uncertain, make your email subject line straightforward. Opposite to what you might think, these “dull” email subject lines can convert great. The key to making it work is to provide value in all of your emails. If you do it, you’ll show your readers to open your emails no matter what.

For example: 

  • This is a fundraising email
  • Hi.
  • Autumn coat pattern.

TOP Keywords to raise Open Rate

There have been many types of research examining the effectiveness of using specific subject line keywords. Use these keywords when creating your email subject lines to raise your open rates.

  1. upgrade
  2. congratulations
  3. monthly
  4. available
  5. new
  6. update
  7. summer
  8. thanks
  9. breaking
  10. introducing
  11. continues
  12. what…?
  13. available
  14. brand new
  15. latest
  16. wonderful
  17. special
  18. great deals
  19. sale now
  20. now in

Some final tips for creating email subject lines

Most of the people open their emails on mobile.

Make sure your email subject line is suitable for mobile users.

Originality is key

Keep in mind that innovation is the key to sustainable success with email subject lines. Subscribers get bored quickly. You’ll need to mix things up over a long time.

Try out emojis

Emojis in your email subject lines can increase your email open rates by 45%.

We hope you found these best email subject lines helpful in crafting your email subject lines. Now it’s your time to create perfect subject lines, which will increase your open rates.

Scroll back and choose one of the email subject line examples above to modify and make your own. You may also want to think, adding some of the best subject line keywords to increase your email open rates even more.

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