10 Best Survey Email Subject Lines

A well-composed survey email can be the best way to engage your customers and get their honest feedback for your services.

Nov 6, 2020 - By Mehul Shah


A well-composed survey email can be the best way to engage your customers and get their honest feedback for your services.

Consumers love it when they feel that their opinions matter to a brand. Initiating contact with customers makes them think that you care about what they have to say.

But how important survey emails are for your brand? They have an average response rate of 33%, which shows that crafting the email subject lines carefully is necessary.

And crafting your emails starts from writing effective subject lines.

Why is writing good email subject lines vital for your brand?

47% of people decide the fate of your emails just by looking at your subject lines. And so, crafting them with finesse becomes vital for your brand.

When it comes to customer feedback emails, you want to persuade your audience; however, you also need to make sure that your email isn’t labeled as spam.

Email marketers use several spam filters while writing a survey email and even avoid using trigger words. It might seem appealing to use words such as ‘survey’ or ‘free’ to lure people into opening the email, but they do just the opposite of it- get your email marked as spam.

Here are a few trigger words that you should stray away from while writing a survey invite email subject line:

  • Opportunity
  • Offer
  • Cash 
  • Credit
  • Earn
  • Discount
  • Money
  • Money back
  • No fees
  • Price
  • Save up to
  • Chance
  • Lose
  • Click below/ here
  • Form
  • Member
  • Open
  • Sale 
  • Deal
  • Gift certificate
  • Guarantee
  • No catch
  • No obligations
  • No strings
  • Win
  • You’ve been selected
  • You’re a winner

How to frame survey email subject lines that get clicked?

You invest a lot of time in finding an email address and drafting a compelling email. Isn’t it exasperating when you do not receive a response after putting in so much effort? 

Everything from the email subject line to the call to action is important in an email. Sadly most people don’t pay much attention to the email subject line, so they get a poor response rate. 

The purpose of email subject lines is very basic- to grab the attention of your consumers. If your subject line does not interest your consumers, they won’t open the email. Moreover, if the line contains any trigger words, then you’ll end up in the spam folder.

Subject lines should be short, easy to read, and catchy. Here are a few strategies that you can use to compose your survey follow-up email subject lines:

Personalize your subject lines

Personalizing email subject lines increases the chance of your email being read and improves engagement rates.

Traditionally, a personalized subject line includes a subscriber’s name on it, but pronouns like ‘you’ in place of the name also works fine.

Personalization makes the reader stand-out, and feel that he’s being taken seriously.

An example of a personalized email subject line: Hi [name], what do you think about our new [product]?

Stir your reader’s emotions and strike a chord with them

One way of assuring the response from your subscribers is to attend to them emotionally. Emotions play a major role when it comes to taking actions, so why not use it to your advantage?

Let your subscriber know that his opinion is important and valued.

For example, “We value your opinion,” works wonders when sent to a consumer. You let your consumers know how important their thoughts are and that you are listening.

Everyone wants to be heard and taken seriously. So when a brand tells them that they want to know their opinion on something, they get more inclined towards giving feedback.

Another subtle example of this is: “Tell us what you think of [product].”

Tell them along with their opinion, their time is valued too

Everyone is busy these days. One would hardly get 20 minutes or even 10 minutes to spare to fill a feedback form. By offering them a quick survey, you tell them that you want their feedback, yet you don’t want their time to be wasted. This would prompt them to click on the email and fill out the survey.

You build a sense of trust for your brand when you tell your customers that you value their time. A good example of such a subject line would be: “Tell us what you think about [product] in 30 seconds.

Ask your subscribers questions

All of us want to be asked about our opinions. A question as a follow-up email subject line can prompt curiosity and make your customer read what you have to say. It might not even look like a survey at first glance, and yet your work is done.

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Our recommedantion.

“Duck feet? Righteous.” was a subject line used by the company “WRY” which stands out in a flooded mailbox without coming off as spammy.

Incentivize your customers right from the subject line

Who doesn’t love free gifts?

You can capture your reader’s attention right from the subject line if you offer something extra to them.

An offer in exchange for their feedback can get you up to 30% more responses and improve your overall click-through rates.

“$50 for your thoughts” was a campaign run by the brand Frye that clearly states that your thoughts are worth something big.

A/B test all your subject lines

If you are still confused about which way to take for crafting your survey email subject lines, then the best way is to know what works best for you by A/B testing all your subject lines.

A/B test allows you to try different variations in a small part of your email list and find out which one performs better. You can set your own benchmark depending on what result you are looking for and find out which email subject lines are being responded to and which ones get ignored.

Try out different subject lines with the same email body copy to ensure the results you get are solely based on the subject lines and not the rest of the copy.

Once you’re done with this exercise, you’ll find what’s best for you and will be able to get better results for future campaigns as well.

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Our recommendation.

10 catchy survey email subject lines to grab the attention of your consumers

How does one come up with ideas of what to write and what not to? By looking at the samples written by other writers. To sum it all up for you, we have come up with some of the most intriguing survey email subject lines that would get your emails read and be responded to.

  1. Got a minute to spare?
  2. Be honest, what do you think of our new [product]?
  3. You have a [product], and an opinion
  4. How was your recent experience with [brand]?
  5. Your opinion matters to us
  6. How can we help you?
  7. We can’t improve without your help
  8. What did you think, [name of the subscriber]?
  9. We value your insight
  10. Hi [name of the subscriber], how does your new [product] fit?

To conclude it all

It’s never a piece of cake to write something as little as a subject line and still get clicked on by the consumer.

However, that is all it needs to secure the attention of your subscribers. As little as a single line, and your campaign can turn out to be a success or a total failure. 

It’s tricky, but you sure now have some tricks up your sleeve to craft the best attention-grabbing customer feedback email subject lines.

This crucial exercise will get you the responses you desire and help you improve your services by giving you insights into your customer’s views on your brand.

Here’s our best advice for you to frame your next survey email campaign and succeed at it:

  • Personalize your email subject lines for your readers.
  • Strike their emotional side.
  • Lure them with incentives they deserve.
  • Ask them questions you know they want to answer.
  • Avoid spam trigger words.
  • A/B test your subject lines to find your best choice.

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