40+ Best review request email subject line examples

Requesting review is crucial to offering products, services, or organizing events and webinars. It's akin to having an insightful conversation with your customers where they share their likes and dislikes. This feedback is invaluable – it guides your improvements and makes your customers feel appreciated and heard. Observing their suggestions being implemented strengthens their trust and loyalty in a significant way.

However, the real trick lies in cutting through the clutter of an overflowing inbox. How do you ensure your email, seeking their valuable feedback, stands out and gets noticed? The magic lies in crafting a compelling subject line that grabs attention and sparks curiosity. This is the key to ensuring your feedback request shines amongst others. Here are some great review request email subject line examples to help you with that:

Best review request email subject line for products

Product reviews are like little nuggets of gold, offering us glimpses into what our customers think and feel about our products. Whether it's a detailed review or just a quick comment, each piece of feedback is a treasure, helping us understand our customers better. Collecting these reviews is helpful; it's like having a friendly chat with your customers about what they love and what can be better.

To start this friendly conversation, here are some super warm and engaging email subject lines. They're just the ticket for encouraging your customers to share their experiences and thoughts about your products:

[First Name], rate your [Product] experience!

What's your take on [Brand], [First Name]?

Tell us about your [Product] journey!

[Brand] feedback? Your voice matters!

[First Name], did [Product] meet your needs?

Quick thought on [Brand], [First Name]?

Love your [Product]? Let us know!

How's [Brand] treating you, [First Name]?

[First Name], your [Product] story in a snap!

Impressions on [Brand]? Share with us!

[Product] review time, [First Name]!

Your honest view on [Brand], please!

[First Name], how can we improve [Product]?

[Brand] insights wanted! Your turn!

[First Name], is [Product] a hit or miss?

Review request email subject line for events

Just after your event has finished, reaching out to your attendees is a nice idea. Why not ask them to share their review with a short and sweet survey?

Wondering how to make your review request email stand out? Start with a friendly, engaging question about their event experience. Let them know the survey is super quick and easy - just a few moments of their time. And remember to include a big, warm thank you for being part of your event. It's a great way to catch their attention and encourage them to share their review with a smile.

Here are some delightful subject lines to brighten up your post-event review email:

[First Name], thoughts on [Event]?

How was [Event], [First Name]?

[Brand] event feedback, please!

[First Name], rate [Event] for us!

Your take on [Event], [First Name]?

[Event] impressions, [First Name]?

Tell us about [Event], [First Name]!

[First Name], loved [Event]?

[Brand] event review needed!

[Event] feedback? Quick survey!

[First Name], [Event] highlights?

Your [Event] experience, [First Name]?

[Brand] event thoughts, [First Name]?

Rate [Event] in a click, [First Name]!

[First Name], [Event] thumbs up?

Review request email subject line for webinars

When you host webinars or meetings, the feedback you gather has a unique flavor, different from regular product or service reviews. Imagine hosting a webinar - your audience could be potential customers excited about a new digital product or a group of your team members or clients at a company meeting.

Whoever is tuning in, it's always great to hear what they think. To get those conversations started, here are some friendly and engaging subject lines perfect for nudging people to share their experiences from your meetings and webinars:

[First Name], improve our webinars!

Share your [Webinar] experience!

Webinar feedback? Yes, please!

What did you think, [First Name]?

Your ideas for our next webinar

[Webinar] review: we're listening!

How did we do, [First Name]?

Enjoy [Webinar]? Share your views!

[First Name]'s take on [Brand] webinar?

Webinar feedback in a snap!

Your webinar thoughts, [First Name]?

Rate our [Webinar] in a click!

Hey [First Name], liked our webinar?

Your [Webinar] insights matter!

Feedback wanted: [Brand] webinar!

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