45+ Best retargeting email subject lines

Have your customers browsed a website, added items to a cart, or checked out products only to leave without purchasing? Well, that's where retargeting emails come into play!

Retargeting emails are like reminders from brands. They're sent to people who have interacted with a website or app but still need to finish what they started, such as buying something or filling out a form.

Usually, marketers use clever tricks, like prospects' browsing history or the items left in their cart, to personalize emails just for them. The goal is to gently nudge potential customers back into action and make their online experience smoother and more enjoyable.

To make your email creation smoother and more enjoyable, we've created retargeting email subject lines you can use today.

Best retargeting email subject lines for abandoned cart

Many online stores struggle with a common problem: customers fill up their shopping carts but don't buy anything, meaning they're missing out on a lot of potential sales.

But here's some good news: there's a clever way to get those people to return and finish their purchase. It's called an 'abandoned cart email sequence.' This is a series of emails that remind shoppers about the stuff they left in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase.

So, we're here to help you start with some catchy retargeting email subject lines:

Did you forget something special?

Your items miss you!

Finish what you started today!

Hey there, [First Name]! Your cart...

Still interested, [First Name]?

Come back and seal the deal!

[Brand Name] cart alert!

Time to treat yourself, [First Name]!

Don't leave your cart hanging!

One step closer to happiness

Your cart's calling your name

Ready to check out, [First Name]?

Your cart's loaded with goodies

Unfinished business in your cart

Reunite with your shopping cart!

Retargeting email subject lines for cross-selling and upselling

Do you ever notice how some companies send emails that know what you might want next? They look at what you've bought before and suggest similar or complementary stuff you might like.

For instance, if you bought a camera, you might receive emails about cool accessories (cross-sell emails). Or if you tried a free trial of something, you might be nudged to purchase the paid version (upsell emails).

If this all sounds familiar, peek at the subject lines below. They might give you some ideas for your retargeting emails:

Discover more ways to [Brand Name]

Your next level of [Product]

Unveil exciting additions now

[First Name], explore new possibilities

Upgrade your [Brand Name] experience

Elevate your game with [Product]

Time for a [Brand Name] refresh

Unlock [Product] enhancements

Don't miss these add-ons

Level up your [Brand Name] journey

Explore new features now

Exclusive upgrades inside

[First Name], upgrade your game

Take more, get more out of [Brand Name]

Now, the only way is up!

Good retargeting email subject lines for re-engagement

Sometimes, you might have subscribers who haven't opened your emails lately. No need to stress! You can send them re-engagement emails with special offers, updates, or incentives to reignite their connection with your brand.

Do you have some inactive subscribers in mind to whom you could send such emails? Let's talk about subject lines you can use:

Hey there, we miss you!

Come back to us, [First Name]!

It's been too long, [First Name]

Did you forget us, [First Name]?

[First Name], don't be a stranger

Come back for more, [First Name]!

Your secret offer, [First Name]

It’s been too quiet without you

Your [First Name]-sized gap is waiting

We’ve got you(r cart)

Your [Brand Name] friends miss you

[Brand Name] longs to see you again

[First Name], let's reconnect!

[First Name], our door's open!

[Brand Name] + [First Name] = happiness

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