45+ Best re-engagement email subject lines

If your business is like any other, you’ve got subscribers who’ve gradually slipped into the shadows; they haven’t interacted with your email or opened them in a while. While avoiding such subscribers together is best, not all is lost when they become inactive. You can still use re-engagement emails (also known as winback emails) to spark a connection anew and reignite customer engagement.

A compelling subject line also comes into play. After all, if your inactive subscribers aren’t intrigued enough to open your email, why should they be motivated to return to you?

A good subject line ignites curiosity, is relevant to each customer, and creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), making it irresistible to click on. If creating one from scratch looks like a bit of a challenge, you can copy and customize one of many re-engagement email subject lines we’ve prepared for you:

Best re-engagement email subject lines with personalization

Subject line personalization is much more than showing that you know your subscriber's first name. It adds a human touch and makes them feel appreciated. This separates a generic broadcast from a meaningful interaction, creating a deeper connection between the customer and the brand.

Personalization also goes beyond the use of the first name. In the subject line, you can include unique information like customer’s interests and details based on past interactions with your brand. This way, your subscribers will have no other way than to click to view your email.

Take these personalized subject lines for your use:

We miss you, [First Name]! Come back for more

[First Name], your favorite items are waiting

It's been too long, [First Name]

[Product Recommendation] just for you, [First Name]

[First Name], let's catch up

We want you back, [First Name]

Your exclusive [Product Recommendation], [First Name]

Your [Past Purchase] deserves another look, [First Name]

Your product recommendation awaits [First Name]

[First Name], we're rolling out the red carpet

[First Name], exclusive savings inside

[First Name], your favorites are still here

It's not the same without you, [First Name]

[First Name], your wishlist is waiting

Product recommendations handpicked for [First Name]

Re-engagement email subject lines that create FOMO

FOMO is a powerful means of encouraging people to open your email. What if they’ll never encounter another such good offer in their life? 

To create FOMO, you can go two ways. To develop a sense of urgency by emphasizing the limited time to use the re-engagement offer. Or make a sense of scarcity by focusing on restricted items or discount codes. However, which way you go, remember that it has to be genuine. If the subscribers understand that many more products are available than you claim them to be, it will have the opposite effect of your wanted effect.

These subject lines do an excellent job of communicating urgency and scarcity:

It’s now or never

Something exciting awaits you

Don't miss our latest surprise

Discover what you've missed

Last chance for special deals

Your [First Name] VIP access

An offer too good to miss

Limited-time reunion

Last call: join us again

Don't miss out on this

Limited spots! Your [Brand Name] perks inside

Hours left for your [Brand Name] benefits

Final hours: Ready for round 2?

Time's running out! Ready to dive back in?

Few spots left for the special comeback!

Good re-engagement email subject lines to demonstrate value

99% of the time, subscribers see your email in their inbox and unconsciously ask, “What’s in it for me?” And if you cannot answer that question, it’s all lost. 

In the subject line, show your audience that what you offer is worth their time and money by giving a freebie, reminding the benefits of your products or giving an alluring re-engagement offer.

All these things can be mentioned in your subject line to encourage immediate action. Here’s what it looks like in our examples:

[First Name], your exclusive return gift

Something to make your return better

Get back to saving with [Brand Name]

[First Name], your rewards are waiting

It's time to treat yourself!

Claim your comeback surprise

The best is yet to come!

[First Name], your free gift awaits

Your favorite products are back!

Don't miss out on our comeback deal

[First Name], your VIP pass is here

It's time for a fresh start

Get ready for something special

[Brand Name] values your loyalty

Unlock your exclusive return offer

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