150+ Funny email subject lines

Welcome to our delightful compilation of funny email subject lines! In this article, we've curated an assortment of humorous and engaging subject lines tailored to various types of emails. From witty one-liners to playful puns, these funny email titles are sure to bring a smile to your recipients' faces. While we won't delve into the specifics of crafting these funny email subject lines, we've handpicked each one to showcase the power of humor in capturing attention and fostering a positive connection with your audience. So sit back, relax, and get ready to inject some laughter into your email campaigns with these hilarious subject lines!

Hilarious email subject lines

While these witty, funny subject lines won’t make your subscribers ROFL, they might get them LOL! Chuckle through and pick your favorite comical subject line:

Oops! Did you forget something?

Free hugs inside (just kidding)

Are you ready for some punny business?

Let's taco 'bout something important

You're invited to a virtual dance party!

S.O.S. Save our snacks!

Unicorn sighting: open immediately

Warning: dad jokes ahead!

Emergency: running low on coffee

Breaking news: cats take over the internet!

Pajama day at the office

Don't click this email... just kidding, please do!

Are you team pizza or team tacos?

SOS: send pizza ASAP

Forget me not: a love story with leftovers

Funny email subject line by category

Any industry or topic could use a bit of humor. Inject it by using one of our subject lines:

Celebrate your pet rock

Nachos anyone? Join us!

Break for a dance party!

Animal face-off in the break room

T-Rex sightings at the water cooler

Chicken jokes galore!

Attention: Office cats at play

Share your binge-watching woes

Sandcastle competition at work

Gossip corner: Join the chatter

Plant parents unite!

Nerf war: RSVP now

Are you magic? You opened this email!

Emotional rollercoaster ahead

Laughter guaranteed inside

Funny sales email subject lines

Fun sells! Try one of our funny subject lines and enjoy the outcomes that are sure to bring a smile to your face, too:

Tickle your funny bone with our offer!

Free cookies inside (and a discount)!

Unicorn spotted: magical deals await!

Pizza party or discount? Tough choice!

Coffee's on us (and so are savings)!

Deal or no deal? You decide!

Banana peel slip-up: don't miss our deals!

Squirrel-approved savings inside!

Zombie apocalypse discount - don't get eaten alive by high prices!

Cat-approved discounts: meow or never!

Rolling in the dough (savings dough, that is)!

Discounts that will make you say 'holy guacamole'!

You deserve a break (and a discount)!

Buckle up for savings: roller coaster deals await!

Get your giggle on: laugh and save!

Funny recruiting subject lines

Who said the recruiting process must be bland? We say, make it fun with these subject lines: 

Join us: we have snacks!

Wanted: office comedian!

Hiring: chief coffee maker

Sales superstars wanted!

Unicorn hunters needed

Apply now: work with weirdos!

Seeking Jedi sales ninjas

Sales gurus wanted ASAP!

Recruiting: fun-loving fanatics

Now hiring: office MVPs

Come join the chaos!

Hiring happiness engineers

Wanted: office rockstars

Apply now: master of memes

Now hiring: sales magicians

Funny email subject lines for coworkers

Make your coworkers’ day! Bring a chuckle or few with these subject lines:

Coffee emergency: code caffeine activation!

Meeting: a support group for serial meeting attendees

Inbox overflow: rescue mission required

Emergency: missing office snack investigation

SOS: office plant rescue operation

Lost & found: missing office pen edition

Eureka moment: brilliant ideas or just another Tuesday?

Urgent: office fridge cleanup required

Brainstorming bonanza: let's get wacky

Water cooler chronicles: tales from the H2O hub

Attention: office DJ needed ASAP

Work-life balance workshop: does it exist?

Elevator pitch practice: going up?

Procrastination prodigy alert: any competitors?

Panic at the desktop: Ctrl+Z emergency!

Funny email subject lines for friends

Friends are for having fun! So, spread it everywhere. Including your emails:

Pizza plans? Count me in!

Taco Tuesday: let's taco 'bout it!

Coffee crisis: emergency meetup!

Netflix and chill...literally!

Wine not have a girls' night?

Brunch squad assemble!

Emergency ice cream meeting

Tea time tales: brew-tiful stories

Let's get quirky: dance party alert!

Sushi shenanigans: roll call!

Pajama jam: ready for some Netflix?

Cake or death? (Preferably cake)

Sun's out, fun's out: beach day!

Cheeseboard challenge: brie prepared!

Game night galore: prepare to lose!

Funny email subject lines for work

All work and no play? Not if you use one of our funny subject lines:

Brainstorm breakdown: when ideas collide

The great mug mystery: who stole my favorite mug?

Desk drawer dilemma: organizing chaos, one paperclip at a time

Inbox invasion: when memes attack

The quirky chronicles: tales from the office Twilight Zone

Emergency: office supply scavenger hunt

Tea time troubles: the quest for the perfect brew

Caffeine chronicles: espresso yourself!

The great paper trail: solving the mystery of the disappearing documents

Office Olympics: competitive stapler stacking edition

Desk drawer discovery: the hidden snack stash revealed

Monday mayhem: surviving the morning meeting marathon

Keyboard comedy: typo troubles and autocorrect fails

Coffee club crisis: emergency beans needed ASAP

Email escape hatch: breaking free from the inbox

Funny subject line for farewell email to colleagues

Do you want to leave smiles, not tears behind you? Try out our funny farewell email subject lines: 

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Moving on to become a professional napper

Adiós, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

Finally escaping the office grind

Off to pursue my dream of professional snacking

Last day of pretending to work

Cue the sad music, it's my farewell tour

Escaping the cubicle farm: the sequel

Hasta la vista, baby!

Plot twist: I'm actually becoming a pirate

Time to trade the desk for a hammock

Outta here like a hurdle champion!

Leaving to pursue my dream of winning at trivia nights

Bon voyage to boring meetings!

Tired of being the office comedian...wait, no I'm not!

Funny subject line for resignation email

Resignations don’t have to be somber! After all, you’re spreading your wings! Spread the good mood instead with these subject lines:

See ya, office space!

Peace out, cubicle life!

Adios, corporate world!

Ciao, desk job!

Off to greener pastures!

Bye-bye, commute!

Farewell, meeting madness!

So long, daily grind!

Hasta la vista, office drama!

Au revoir, email overload!

Later gator, 9-to-5!

Sayonara, work stress!

Catch you on the flip side, work desk!

Goodbye, coffee breaks!

Toodle-oo, Monday meetings!

Funny cold email subject lines

Humor is a sure way to grab attention of your potential connections. Try it in your subject line – you won’t regret it:

Lost my keys, found your email!

Sasquatch says hi: let's connect!

Aliens took my pet rock: let's chat!

Binge-worthy Netflix or engaging emails?

Roses are red, violets are blue, let's chat!

Ninja moves: stealthily entering your inbox!

Happiness is a warm email: let's spread joy!

Unicorn hugs and rainbows await: let's talk!

Bob Ross would approve: let's paint some conversations!

Waldo found you: let's connect the dots!

Puppies, kittens, and cold emails: let's make your day!

Breaking news: your inbox just got happier!

Potato salad or macaroni? Let's discuss!

Cats rule the internet, but I rule your inbox!

Sending virtual hugs: let's connect!

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