85+ Best onboarding email subject lines

Onboarding emails are a hit because they're often the first thing people open when they subscribe, and it makes sense! When folks sign up for your emails, they look forward to a warm welcome and guidance on making the most of your products.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us marketers to boost conversions and sales. Plus, the onboarding email series can be the first step in a customer's journey towards becoming a loyal fan. And guess what? It all starts with those catchy subject lines.

To give you a strong head start, we've put together a bunch of onboarding email subject lines that'll kick off an incredible journey with your new subscribers.

Best onboarding email subject lines for ecommerce

Your website visitors shared their email addresses with you, and that's a great start! But what's next? Let's not just make them feel like they did the right thing—show them they're in for something special! Send them an onboarding email that gives them a sneak peek of your unique products.

To kick things off, here are some subject lines to help you get started:

Welcome to [Brand]'s world of [Product]

Get acquainted with [Product] delights

[First Name]'s exclusive [Product] introduction

Start exploring [Product] from [Brand]

[Brand] welcomes you to [Product] bliss

Dive into [Product] with [Brand]

Say hello to [Product] by [Brand]

Discover [Product]

Unveiling [Product] wonders by [Brand]

[First Name], meet your new [Product]

[Product] secrets revealed by [Brand]

Explore [Brand]'s signature [Product]

Ready to indulge in [Product]? [Brand] is!

Your [Product] journey starts with [Brand]

[First Name], get ready for [Product] fun!

Onboarding email subject lines for SaaS

Getting visitors to sign up for a free trial or subscribe to your SaaS product is just the starting point. The real goal is to ignite their excitement and motivation to log in and actually use it. Otherwise, you'll have a contact who's signed up but not engaged, which isn't what you want.

That's why SaaS onboarding emails are so important. They should interest the visitor and explain the product, encouraging them to confidently dive right into your product.

Here are some subject lines to inspire you to create such an engaging email:

Welcome to [Product]: let's get started!

[Brand]: your digital assistant has arrived

Meet your [Product] guru!

[First Name], dive into [Product] goodness

[Product]: where innovation meets you

Your [Brand] toolbox awaits

[First Name], say hello to [Product]

Get to know [Brand]'s star player

[Product] - making life easier for you

[First Name], ready to rock with [Brand]?

Your [Product] journey begins today

Introducing [Product] by [Brand]

[Product] - empowering you always

[First Name], let's explore [Brand] together

[Brand]: revolutionizing your workflow

Onboarding email subject lines for new subscribers

These subject lines are designed to capture the interest of new subscribers, making them eager to dive into your offerings right away.

New Here? Welcome to [Brand]!

[First Name], Start Your [Product] Journey Today

Welcome to [Brand]: Discover What Awaits

Your Guide to Getting Started with [Brand]

[First Name], Let's Get You Set Up with [Product]

Welcome to [Brand]: Your Adventure Begins Now

Start Exploring [Brand] Today, [First Name]!

Your [Brand] Welcome Guide Inside

[First Name], Welcome to the Future with [Product]

Unlock the Best of [Brand] Today

More good onboarding email subject lines

The best qualities of a product or service can be revealed only when the user knows how to use it. That’s why the key to good first experiences depends on onboarding emails. 

To add to your success, we present captivating subject lines to go with your onboarding emails:

Welcome to the [Brand] family, [First Name]!

[Product]: the secret ingredient to success

[First Name], it's time to unleash [Product]

Get ready to soar with [Brand]!

Dive into [Product] - your journey starts now

[Brand] welcomes [First Name]: let's innovate together

Unlock the potential of [Product], [First Name]

Discover [Brand]'s hidden treasures, [First Name]

[First Name], prepare to be amazed by [Product]

The ultimate [Product] experience awaits!

Ignite your imagination with [Brand], [First Name]

[Product] enthusiast? [Brand] welcomes you

[First Name], your [Brand] passport awaits!

Charting [First Name]'s journey with [Product]

[First Name], prepare to be inspired by [Brand]

Effective onboarding email subject lines

Onboarding emails set the stage for your subscribers' journey with your brand. To make a lasting first impression, your subject lines need to be enticing and welcoming. Here are some effective onboarding email subject lines:

Welcome to the [Brand] family!

Ready to explore [Product]? Let's start!

[First Name], welcome aboard!

Get Started Right: Your [Brand] Journey Begins Now!

Unlock Your Benefits: Welcome to [Brand]!

Dive In: Your Guide to Success with [Brand]!

Let's Begin: Your [Brand] Adventure Awaits!

First Steps: Your Introduction to [Product]!

Your Path to Success Starts Here: Welcome to [Brand]!

New Beginnings: Joining the [Brand] Community!

Engaging onboarding email subject lines

Engage your new subscribers from the start with these subject lines that promise value and excitement.

Discover [Brand]: Your Welcome Awaits

[First Name], Unlock Your [Product] Potential

Get Started with [Product] Today

Welcome to [Brand]: Let’s Dive In

[First Name], Your [Product] Adventure Starts Here

Ready to Explore [Brand]? Welcome!

[Brand] Welcomes You: Begin Your Journey

Dive into [Product] with [Brand]

[First Name], Welcome to a New Experience with [Product]

Start Your Journey with [Brand] Today

Personalized onboarding email subject lines

Adding a personal touch can make all the difference. These subject lines use the subscriber's name to create a warm welcome.

Welcome, [First Name]! Let's Get Started with [Brand]

[First Name], Welcome to Your New Home at [Brand]

Hello [First Name], Ready to Discover [Product]?

[First Name], Welcome to the [Brand] Family!

Your [Product] Adventure Begins Here, [First Name]

Welcome, [First Name]: Let’s Explore [Brand] Together

[First Name], We’re Thrilled to Have You with [Brand]

[First Name], Start Your [Product] Journey Today

[First Name], Welcome to the World of [Brand]

Hello [First Name], Your [Product] Exploration Starts Now

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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