120 Best farewell email subject lines

Crafting the perfect farewell email subject line is crucial as it sets the tone for your final message. Whether saying goodbye to colleagues, clients, or your entire company, it's an art that can leave a lasting impression. Below, find a curated collection of the best farewell email subject lines for various recipients, ensuring your departure is meaningful as you move forward.

Best farewell email subject lines

Crafting a perfect farewell email subject line can greatly impact your goodbye message. Here are some of the best adieu email subject lines to help you bid farewell with sincerity and grace.

Farewell & thank you!

Time to say goodbye

Our final farewell

Wishing you well

Saying goodbye

Fond farewell

Last goodbye

Farewell, my friends

Best wishes always

Farewell, everyone!

So long, farewell

Cheers to goodbye

Parting words

Adieu, my friends

Until we meet again

Farewell email to coworkers subject line examples

Saying goodbye to coworkers is a bittersweet moment in any career journey. Whether moving on to new opportunities or transitioning to a different chapter, composing a heartfelt farewell email with the right subject line is crucial to express gratitude and well wishes to colleagues.

Final goodbyes today

All the best, team

Farewell and cheers!

Leaving with thanks

Farewell, folks!

Wishing you farewell

Time to bid adieu

Thanks for the memories

Goodbye and take care

Leaving with gratitude

Best wishes, colleagues!

Farewell message from [Your Name]

Until we meet again, team

Moving on with appreciation

Farewell, dear colleagues

Farewell email subject line to colleagues

Didn’t quite find the perfect subject line to bid farewell on your last day? Here’s a selection of more lighthearted subject lines to choose from:

See you later, alligator!

Cheers to new beginnings!

Farewell fiesta: let's celebrate!

Au revoir adventure awaits!

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Bon voyage, besties!

Time to bid adieu

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen!

Catch you on the flip side

Until we meet again: farewell fun!

Final farewell frolic

Last hurrah: farewell fling!

Farewell fabulousness!

End of an era: farewell frenzy

Cheers & goodbyes

Farewell email to company subject line examples

Saying farewell to a company is a moment that holds a profound sense of transition and reflection. Whether moving on to new ventures, retiring, or simply embarking on a different path, bidding adieu to your company is an opportunity to express gratitude, appreciation, and a sense of closure.

Here are the subject lines to help you bid a proper adieu:

Time to say goodbye

Moving on with gratitude

Farewell and thank you

Wishing you all the best

Journey's end: farewell

Heading towards new horizons

A fond farewell

Last day farewell

Cheers to new beginnings

Goodbye with appreciation

End of an era: farewell

Farewell and best wishes

Parting ways with gratitude

Thank you and goodbye

Farewell to a great team

Farewell email to clients subject line examples

Saying goodbye to clients marks the end of a professional relationship and the beginning of new opportunities. So, bidding farewell to clients is an important moment to express gratitude, appreciation, and well wishes.

Here's how you do it with a help of well-crafted subject line:

Saying goodbye, grateful

Our journey's end

Farewell and thank you

Wishing you well

Parting with gratitude

Our final farewell

Until we meet again

A heartfelt goodbye

Fond farewell, friends

Cheers to new beginnings

Thankful for our time

Moving on, with thanks

Saying adieu, with love

Our last goodbye

Closing this chapter

Farewell email to team subject line examples

Saying goodbye to your team is a mix of feelings – remembering good times, being thankful for teamwork, and looking forward to what's next. Your email's subject line is like the first sentence of a story, setting the tone for your message. So, be sure it's a good one:

Farewell, team

Moving on

Thank you, all

Goodbye, friends

Farewell, everyone

Last goodbye

Time to part

Heartfelt farewell

Final farewell

See you around

Grateful farewell

Farewell & best wishes

Waving goodbye

End of an era

Farewell, teammates

Farewell party email subject line examples

It's time to bid farewell in style! Planning a farewell party is a beautiful way to celebrate the journey shared with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. But before the festivities begin, choosing the perfect email subject line is essential:

Join us for a fond farewell

Saying goodbye in style

Cheers to new beginnings

Farewell fiesta ahead

Let's party one last time

Bon voyage bash

Sending off [Name] with smiles

Adieu adventure awaits

Come celebrate [Name]'s journey

Wishing [Name] farewell

Party time for [Name]'s send-off

Fond farewell festivities

Toast to [Name]'s next chapter

Goodbye, hello party

Join us in wishing [Name] well

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