25+ First day email to manager subject line examples

Did you recently land a new job? Congratulations on this exciting milestone! As you prepare for your first day, remember that making a positive impression is crucial. One effective way to kick off your journey on the right foot is by crafting a thoughtful email to your manager.

To assist you in this endeavor, we've compiled a list of subject lines to help you convey professionalism, enthusiasm, and readiness for your new role.

First day email to manager subject line examples

So, what do you do in your first email to the manager? You say hello and express your eagerness to start working, of course! Here are subject lines that do precisely that:

First day excitement ahead!

Ready to dive in: First day here!

New team member reporting in

Embarking on day one adventure

Making my debut: First day at [Company]

Fresh start: First day at [Company]

Here and eager: First day with [Team]

First day jitters? Not me!

Bright beginnings: First day at [Company]

Hello world: First day at [Company]

Ready to contribute: First day here!

Here goes nothing: First day at [Company]

New journey begins: First day at [Company]

Let’s get started: First day at [Company]

First day thrill: New role ahead!

Day one awesomeness starts now

Excited to begin: First day with [Team]

Welcoming my first day at [Company]

First day onboard: Let’s do this!

Here comes productivity: First day at [Company]

Pumped for day one: Let’s roll!

Ready to rock: First day at [Company]

Beginning the adventure: First day here!

First day high: Excited to get started

New chapter unfolds: First day at [Company]

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