45 Best oops email subject lines

We've all been there. You hit send on an email, only to realize a crucial detail is missing, a link is wrong, or there's a blatant error staring you in the face. Panic sets in - how do you fix it? A well-crafted correction email is your saving grace. But the first step is a catchy subject line that grabs your recipients' attention.   

This list provides a collection of effective subject lines for your correction emails. These subject lines ensure your message gets read and the error is swiftly addressed. Whether it's a technical glitch, a typo, or a wrong date, these subject lines will help you get back on track.

Best oops email subject lines

Ever sent an email with a technical glitch? You're not alone. Even the most seasoned professionals encounter the occasional error or wrong information that needs correcting. But how do you craft the perfect subject line for a correction email that effectively gets your recipients' attention and clearly explains the issue? You actually don't need to, as they're ready for copying here:

Whoops! We misspoke: truth revealed;

Oops-a-daisy: our bad, your gain;

Blunder alert: but we're fixing it!;

Oops! Wrong info, right rewards;

Our goof, your exclusive deals;

Typo trouble: but we've got treats;

Oops! We forgot a discount: enjoy;

Whoopsie: our slip-up, your sale;

Blunder bus: hop on for fun;

Oops! False alarm, true offers;

Our bad, your lucky break;

Typo? we mean extra perks!;

Oops! we goofed, you benefit;

Whoops-a-roo: jump into rewards;

Our silly mistake, your big save

Mistake oops email subject lines

To err is human. So is sharing help to fix those errors. One way are effective subject lines to say “oops, we made a mistake!”:

Blunder-ful: a fun apology;

Oops! But we're still trustworthy;

Goof-proof: we own our mistakes;

Our error, your exclusive invite;

Typo? A second chance to win;

Oops! We messed up, you celebrate;

Whoopsie: but we've got heart;

Blunder-ous: yet we persevere;

Oops! a little mistake, huge sale;

Our bad: Free gift for your troubles;

Typo treasure: unlocking secrets;

Oops! We forgot, you reminded us;

Whoops-a-daisy: springing back with sales;

Our slip-up, your treat: enjoy;

Blunder bus: next stop, rewards!

Oops moment email subject lines

You probably vividly remember the moment you realized your mistake. When deciding on the way out, drops in your hands. If you choose that it’s going to be an apology email, we’ve got you covered with the subject lines:

Oops! False info, true surprises;

Our goof, your lucky day;

Typo? We've got an upgrade for you;

Oops! But we're still the experts;

Whoopsie: we goofed, you gain;

Blunder-ful: a fun fix for all;

Oops! We missed a step, you leap;

Our bad, your benefit: explore;

Typo trouble: But we've got your back;

Oops! A second chance to save;

Whoops-a-roo: Jump for joyful deals;

Our silly mistake, your huge reward;

Blunder bus: we're back on track;

Oops! But we're still the heroes;

Goof-proof: We admit our mistakes;

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