50+ Vacation email subject lines

Here's a curated list of effective vacation email subject lines to communicate your leave of absence professionally and ensure minimal disruption to your business relationships, including with prospects and customers.

Best vacation email subject lines

While it is nice to feel important, it is more important to be nice. 

Share the reason for your absence transparently, indicate when you’re expected to be back and share any resources your customers could help themselves in the meantime.

Let’s check out some vacation email subject lines to inspire your campaign the right way:

We’re out of office, but deals are on

[Business Name]: Away, but your savings stay

Catch our deals before we hit the beach

[Brand Name]: We are on vacay mode for 2 days

Enjoy our pre-vacation discounts, [First Name]

[Business Name]: Gone adventuring, discounts remain

We’re on leave: Orders could be delayed

We’re soaking up some sun

Surprise office picnic: Be back on [Date]

[Business Name]: Entire office on holiday

[Brand Name] team’s taking a breather!

[Business Name] team’s sipping on cocktails

Order before our 2-day vacation!

Ta-ta bye-bye! We’re out

[Business Name]: We’re chillin’

In vacay mode: Here’s a treat meantime

[Business Name] team on a brief hiatus

[Brand Name]: Brief break alert!

Alert: We’re off this Friday!

Waves are calling, we’re out!

Inbox on holiday, deals are not!

Sun n sea for us, savings for ya!

Grab your deals before we’re gone

Leaving BIG bargains behind as we head off

You explore our deals we explore the world

[Business Name]: We're taking a break

Out of office email subject line

Are you planning to stay off for festive reasons or take a weekday off to enjoy the official picnic? Convey it to your prospects and customers using a short, sweet, out-of-office email subject line well in advance.

Here are some examples you can start using for your campaigns:

We’re off, but don't let these deals escape

We’re resting on occasion of [Occasion Name]

[Brand Name] in R&R mode

Out exploring, but deals continue pouring

[Business Name]: We’re out fishing

Off the grid, don't try looking for us

Off, but here are some amazing steals!

Before we fly, give these offers a try

We’re on pause. Returning on [Date]

On holidays! We come back on [Date]

Shop now, we'll ship post-holiday

[Brand Name] team: Off to the mountains

We’re on a 2-day break [First Name]

While we sunbathe, shop & save

[Brand Name]: Off to satisfy wanderlust

Off to wander. See these deals meantime

Out of office: We’ll be back by [Date]

Out of office: Miss us more

Out of office: Feet in the sand

On our yearly break!

Out of office: Riding the ocean waves

Out of office: Vacation vibes rule

On leave: Swapping desks for decks

[Business Name] team is holiday-bound

Special offer for you (while we’re OFF)

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