65+ Best sellers subject lines

"Best seller emails" are like friendly business notes to let the audience in on something exciting – their most-loved products or services! These emails are all about sharing items that have made many people happy. The aim? To surprise by showing your top-notch stuff that's been tried and loved, hoping it might interest others too!

If you have a best seller in your brand and want others to know just how good it is via email, grab best seller subject lines that get people curious.

Best sellers email subject lines for products

Every brand has a product that some customers can’t get enough of. However, it also means some customers are still in for a pleasant surprise. Solution? Invite them to try out your best-selling product here and now. After all, there’s a reason why it keeps flying off the shelves!

Here are catchy subject lines to accompany your best-seller emails:

Discover [Product] – your new favorite!

[First Name]'s pick: [Product] delight

Get ready to love [Product]

New arrivals: [Brand] must-haves

[Brand]'s best-selling [Product]

[First Name], meet your [Product]

[Product] obsession starts here

[Brand] excellence: [Product] edition

[First Name]'s go-to [Product]

[Brand] spotlight: [Product] love

[Product] happiness, guaranteed

[Brand]'s iconic [Product] revealed

[Product] wonders in store

[Brand]'s [Product] spotlight

Uncover [Product] brilliance

Best sellers email subject lines for services

Whatever you’re selling, there must be one service that’s more popular than any other. Why not recommend it to others? If people are flocking your venue to get it, it must be good for everyone!

Take a subject line to go along with your best selling service email:

Elevate your experience with [Service]

[First Name], discover our top-notch [Service]

Revamp your routine with [Service]

Explore [Brand]'s bestsellers

[Service] excellence awaits you

[First Name], your guide to [Service]

[Service] secrets you'll love

Unveil the power of [Service]

[First Name], experience our best [Service]

[Brand]'s top-rated [Service]

[First Name], get started with [Service]

Unlock the potential of [Service]

[Service] that exceeds expectations

[Brand]'s top-performing [Service]

Good best sellers email subject lines with testimonials and reviews

Your brand may say that something is a best seller. However, nothing holds as much weight as other customers' testimonials, a.k.a. people just like others' reviews. So, use their opinion to promote your best sellers and see the difference.

Don't believe in us? Just grab one of the subject lines, craft a testimonial email, and you'll see the difference immediately:

Discover the buzz about [Brand]

[First Name]'s rave review inside

Must-have products at [Brand]

Real customers love [Product]

See what [First Name] has to say

Top picks that wow at [Brand]

[Service] favorites revealed

Get the scoop on [Brand] hits

[First Name]'s top-rated choices

Don't miss [Product] best sellers

Why [Brand] rocks: hear it from [First Name]

Best-in-class products at [Brand]

Uncover [First Name]'s favorites

[Brand]'s stars: customer faves

Join [Brand]'s happy customers

Best sellers email subject lines for flash sales

Flash sales are exciting events that encourage customers to make quick purchasing decisions. Use catchy subject lines to entice your audience and make them eager to take advantage of your limited-time offers:

Flash Sale: Don’t Miss Our Best Sellers!

Act Fast: Limited-Time Deals!

Today Only: Grab Your Favorites!

Quick! Exclusive Deals on Top Sellers!

Last Chance: Save on Best Sellers!

Blink and You’ll Miss It: Best Deals!

Hurry, Limited Stock on Top Picks!

Flash Sale: Unbeatable Prices!

Time is Running Out: Shop Now!

Final Hours: Big Savings on Best Sellers!

Best sellers email subject lines for seasonal promotions

Seasonal promotions offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your best-selling products in the context of the current season or holiday. Craft engaging subject lines that capture the essence of the season and highlight the value of your offerings:

‘Tis the Season: Shop Best Sellers!

Seasonal Specials: Top Picks for [Season]!

Holiday Favorites: Festive Best Sellers!

Spring Savings: Shop Seasonal Best Sellers!

Summer Essentials: Top Picks!

Fall Favorites: Cozy Best Sellers!

Winter Wonderland: Shop Now!

Holiday Cheer: Best-Selling Gifts!

Season’s Greetings: Top Sellers!

‘Tis the Season: Don’t Miss Our Deals!

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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