45+ Best July email subject line examples

Summer is in full swing in July, and people are soaking up the sun and enjoying outdoor activities. But amidst all the fun, how do you ensure your emails stand out in their relaxed schedules? Well, it all starts with great July email content!

Crafting catchy and compelling subject lines is the first step to grabbing their attention and enticing them to open your emails. Let's dive into some creative subject lines to help you make waves in their inboxes this July.

Best July newsletter subject lines

Imagine this... Your subscriber is lounging in the sun, scrolling through their mobile, when suddenly they stumble upon a newsletter that truly captures their attention. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that newsletter was yours? Well, guess what? It absolutely can be! All it takes is crafting interesting and useful content around themes like summer activities, holiday celebrations, and exclusive July offers. 

And to seal the deal, you'll need a catchy subject line that grabs their attention from the get-go. Lucky for you, we've got a bunch of them lined up right here:

Summer fun inside: check it out!

July joy: what's inside?

Stay cool with our July picks

Hello, July: your newsletter awaits!

July delights: dive in!

Discover July's best kept secrets

Beat the heat with our July tips

Get ready for July surprises!

July vibes: don't miss out

Your July must-haves await!

Summer lovin': July edition

July excitement inside!

Hello, July: your guide is here!

July newsflash: check it out!

Your July essentials inside

July sale email subject line examples

Who doesn't love feeling and looking great, regardless of the season? And it's even better when you can achieve it without breaking the bank! This is your sign if you're still on the fence about hosting a July sale.

Especially when you have captivating July sale email subject lines right at your fingertips:

Summer sizzlers: July sale!

Beat the heat: July sale!

Sizzling July discounts

July fever: Big discounts

Summer lovin' sale

July steals & deals

July delights: Shop & save

Summer sale splash

July savings spree

July blowout: Save now!

July jammin' sale

July steals: Shop now

Summer sale fiesta

25% off July madness

Big savings alert: 40% off July sale!

Good July holidays email subject lines

July has many great holidays, among which Parent's Day, Bastille Day, and Canada Day stand out as some of the most popular. However, one stands out better than others – Independence Day. This month is filled with celebrations, from honoring America's freedom to commemorating historical events worldwide. Whether planning a barbecue, hitting the beach, or simply soaking up the sun, there's something for everyone. 

And what better way to get your subscribers involved than to celebrate with them? Let's make your July sales email stand out with catchy subject lines that will ignite excitement and drive engagement:

Parents' Day delight: enjoy special moments!

Independence Day extravaganza: celebrate freedom!

Oh, Canada! Let's unite in joy!

Spread the love: Parents' Day treats inside!

Independence Day fun: explore outdoor adventures!

Canada Day cheers: toast to national pride!

Parents' Day gratitude: share heartfelt thanks!

Celebrate with fireworks: Independence Day blast!

O Canada! Make memories together!

Thanks a million: Parents' Day appreciation!

Let's party: Independence Day festivities!

Canada Day joy: embrace cultural heritage!

Hugs and kisses: Parents' Day love!

Fireworks of joy: Celebrate Independence Day!

Maple leaf magic: experience nature's wonders!

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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