45+ Best Valentine’s Day email subject Line examples

Ah, Valentine's Day – the ultimate celebration of love and affection! But it's not just about romantic dinners and flowers anymore. Nowadays, it's all about spreading love to friends, family, and even furry companions. This shift opens up endless possibilities for businesses to connect with their audience and spread some joy.

And what better way to do that than through heartfelt emails? So, if you're ready to embrace the love and boost your sales, we have a treasure trove of delightful subject lines just waiting for you!

Love email subject lines

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love, and what better way to express it than through heartfelt emails? Whether you’re connecting with customers, clients, or loved ones, these subject lines are designed to infuse your messages with warmth and affection, spreading love far and wide:

Love is in the air

Sweet wishes

Spread love today

Embrace love together

Heartfelt greetings

Share the love

Sending love your way

Warm hugs

Celebrate love

Love notes await

Cheers to love

Radiating love vibes

Together in love

Love-filled moments ahead

Heartwarming greetings

Best Valentine’s Day newsletter subject lines

Navigating Valentine's Day can be a bit daunting for many. The pressure to make it perfect can be overwhelming. As a business, you have the power to ease that burden by providing valuable content that enhances the celebration. Whether it's sharing romantic dinner recipes, suggesting weekend getaways, or offering thoughtful gift ideas, your newsletter can guide your customers. 

To kickstart your creative process, we've curated a collection of captivating subject lines that are sure to inspire and engage your audience:

Love across cultures

DIY love crafts

Romantic recipes galore

Self-love wellness tips

Heartfelt love letters

Virtual date night ideas

Love stories to inspire

Creative DIY love gifts

Romantic dinner recipes

Self-care for love

Love in different lands

Craft your love story

Sweetheart dessert recipes

Mindful love practices

Virtual love connections

Valentine’s Day sale email subject lines

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the hustle and bustle to find the perfect gift reaches a fever pitch. For businesses, this presents a golden opportunity to promote their offerings and sweeten the deal with irresistible discounts. Enter: the Valentine’s Day sale. Announcing your sale through email is a powerful way to catch the attention of eager shoppers, but the key to success is crafting a catchy subject line that entices them to open your email.

Get ready to boost your sales with our selection of captivating subject lines explicitly designed for Valentine’s Day promotions:

Love deals inside

Save big this V-Day!

Heartfelt discounts await

Sweet savings just for you

Love-filled offers inside

Limited time love deals

Romantic discounts unleashed

Love-filled savings: 30% off!

Valentine's Day special: 25% off sitewide

Save big: 40% off everything!

Sweetheart sale: 20% off!

XOXO sale: Enjoy 35% off!

Valentine's savings: 50% off today!

Cupid's discount: 15% off!

Sweetheart deal: 45% off!

Romantic Valentine’s Day greetings email subject lines

Get ready to spread love and joy this Valentine’s Day with heartfelt email greetings! Whether you’re reaching out to customers, clients, or loved ones, these subject lines will inspire your messages and help you convey your warmest wishes without any hint of promotion:

Sending love your way, [First Name]!

Warm wishes, [First Name], on Valentine's Day!

[First Name], cheers to love & happiness!

Embrace love today, [First Name]!

Spread kindness, [First Name], on Valentine's Day!

Joyous Valentine's Day, [First Name]!

Hugs & kisses, [First Name]—Happy Valentine's!

Celebrate love, [First Name]!

Love is in the air

Sending love your way

Share the love

Celebrate love!

Sending hugs & kisses

Heartfelt greetings

With love, from us

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Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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