How to Write a Business Email? Examples, Template

Nov 2, 2022 - By Camilla Mackeviciute

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Emailing work partners requires specific guidelines. This is especially important since maintaining a professional look at a job is required for most companies, and breaking the rules of business correspondence can make it hard. For example, sending a poorly planned communication strategy to a coworker or a partner in the first email can cause them to respond back and forth with you for hours. Thus, emails should look professional and show off your communication skills.

They must also illustrate how well you write by highlighting the time you saved your recipient with every letter. People who don’t receive back-and-forth communication between messages will see you as competent.

So today, we are looking at the best tips for professional emails.

The Basics of a Business Email

We will start our journey on how to write a proper business message with basics. Easy does it. A business message is a vital tool for any modern company. It allows businesses to communicate easily with stakeholders, customers, and employees. Without business email, many day-to-day business operations would cease.

Business messages need to be clear, easy to read, and professional sounding. They can be formal or informal based on the subject, company, and audience. Other considerations when creating a business message include tone and subject matter.

And how to send a business email? It’s the easiest part. Your message will be sent once you press the Send button; just be sure to re-read it prior to sending so you could be 100% sure that it is professionally written.

How to Write a Business Email

Becoming an emailing pro requires specific goals and functional visuals.

  • You must focus your main idea on the top portion of your email.
  • Remember to remember your audience: you may want to use a more formal tone with your boss or a future business partner than a colleague.
  • Make sure that you keep your email concise and purposeful; take out any irrelevant topic and proofread it when you’re done. 

Message designers follow several techniques like a mental pattern of an inverted triangle when crafting messages. This shapes their ideas into three sections: the middle part includes the subject line and header images. Email readers start by visually scanning the page. From that point onward, they follow a concentrated line from their focal point to the CTA button on the page.

Business Email Elements

Email clients allow businesses to send messages with specific guidelines. These include an email subject line, one or more recipients, and a file attachment if necessary. It’s possible to add multiple recipients to a message via the CC (carbon copy) field without requiring them to respond. So if you are wondering how to structure an email, the answer is below:

  • Subject Line. A few words that catch attention yet inform the receiver about the content.
  • Formal greeting. “Dear” or “Hello” would work the best.
  • Make message copy concise. No one has time to read an essay, especially if they have dozens of them every day.
  • Use bullet points if necessary. It’s the best way to minimize words and get to the point.
  • Explicit action you want your reader to take. I am A, and I want you to do B because C.
  • Do not use slang. Formal or business writing is preferred. Exceptions can be made if you are familiar with the recipient.
  • Closing phrase. Remind the recipient of your inquiry and wish them well.
  • Signature. Your name, position, and contact information work well.

Don’t forget to add an apology if you are writing during the weekend or not during business hours. 

How to Begin a Business Email

When you already know someone, you should use their first name. Otherwise, use their last name to show formality. If you already know the person better, use their last name but don’t hesitate to use their first name.

Subject line: Math for Zombie quest

Dear Matthew Gaiman, 
I hope you’re doing well. My name is Kirby Collins, and I am contacting you to discuss our future collaboration on the Zombie quest. 

Make sure your greeting is short and friendly so that people know you’re approachable.

How to End a Business Email

Including a personal phone number or email address at the end of an email is polite. It’s also considerate to end business messages on a high note by considering how friendly your relationship is with the recipient. When sending an email that ends in a formal tone, consider the relationship you have with your recipient.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have. 
Otherwise, have a good day!

Kirby Collins
WhatGame Entertainment

People don’t have to search for answers when their arguments are short. 

How to Wrap up a Business Email

Add an action verb and optional file attachment if someone needs to respond to your work. When crafting your message, consider the concerns of your readers. 

I offer to schedule a quick Zoom call next Tuesday to maximize our productive collaboration. Please, let me know if you have free spots in your schedule.

It’s OK to be informal in business correspondence. For example, instead of “Thank you” or “Hello,” people can use more informal phrases like “Howdy” or “Hey.” This is acceptable because there’s a preexisting relationship between the sender and recipient. Get it right, and the first impression will be immaculate!

5 Business Email Writing Examples

Briefly, we wanted to give you all the necessary means to craft the best emails. Below you have five stellar examples of doing that.

How to Send a Business Proposal Email

Emails that signal the beginning of a sales funnel are called proposal drafts. They typically appear in the middle or early stages of a sales process. These official letters provide potential clients and customers with all the information they need to choose. When beginning a sales process with someone you don’t know, sending solicitous messages is crucial. 

Greetings [Title and Last Name],

[Introducing oneself]
[Main body (Purpose of the letter)]

Thank you for your time,

Your [First and Last Name]
[Current Position]
[Phone Number]

Sending a message is the same as proposing; both are very important when negotiating a business deal and should be done correctly. You can use this same method to connect with someone you don’t know well personally.

How to Write an Email to a Company

Emails with formal names must follow specific writing standards. A proper header and two distinct parts appear in every message with a legal title. The first part is an introduction that includes formal salutations and signatures. Email messages need to be professional and follow a specific format. They need to start with a proper greeting and have clear subject lines. 

Good afternoon, [Company Name or Sir/Madam],

I am emailing you regarding [topic].

Main body

[Current Position]
[Phone number]

Emails must include only brief statements with explicit wording, and slang or grammatical errors are prohibited. We recommend checking out our blog for more tips on avoiding miscommunication and embarrassing mistakes. People should avoid using comma splices, sentence fragments, or extra commas.

Sample Email to Client for New Business

People only read a few emails each day. Therefore, your long, verbose emails won’t stand out. Instead, consider crafting short, honest, relevant messages connecting with people. This will increase the likelihood of recipients opening your message first. Here is a quick sample:

Hi [Prospect],

My name is [Name], and I’m reaching out because…
Address a pain you can fix

You can learn more about us at [site] if you have a minute.

[Current Position]
[Phone number]

When communicating with a prospect, they need to understand who you are and why they should listen to your advice. People need to understand who you are as a person and your expertise in a personal way. When creating your message, focus on them to connect with them.

P.S. Asking all your questions in one draft is also advised. You don’t want to send 10 separate messages. 

How to Write a Cold Email for Business

Cold emails target new prospective clients and entice them into the sales funnel. They aren’t old colleagues or Twitter followers— instead, they’re people you met at a conference for an industry. One of the most effective ways to sell is through Cold Emailing. Emails need to be customized to the recipient’s company and needs.

Subject Line: [Name], can you help?

Hi [first name],

My name is [name] and…

[Reason for reaching out.]
[Ask about scheduling a meeting or referring you to someone else]

I appreciate the help!

[your name]

Only one rule must be followed when creating an email: choosing a template and nameplate for the email. This is because sending messages takes time and effort— choosing a nameplate appropriate for the company and recipient before sending the message is necessary.

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How to Write a Business Introduction Email

To properly introduce yourself, a company, or a third party to someone else, you need to write an introduction email. This cannot be easy because there are specific guidelines for writing this email. One must write short and concise messages using one of many available templates. Effective message introductions assist in creating a relationship with an audience that’s critical to business success.

Hello [name],

I’m [your name], and I work at [company]. I’m reaching out to let you know that [ ].
[Purpose of the email]

Please, let me know if this is something you would want to talk about.

[your name and contact information]

People should know that any correspondence or business-related messages should be considered private and confidential. Prospects need to relate to the sender when establishing a trusting relationship. This is necessitated by the need for a personalized and successful follow-up plan.

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