10+ Follow Up Email Template Examples

Jan 29, 2021 - By Daniel Martin

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Many companies fail to realize that their inability to convert is because they do not do follow ups.

The typical customer has so much choice. Only persistent companies will win the day. Communication is an ongoing process, and it pays to do it well.

A polite follow-up shows the customers that they are top of mind. Job candidates can outrank competitors with a simple email follow-up. A salesperson can convert leads with the same. 

Our article will look at 8 follow-up email template examples. We will cover a wide range, including event, post-event, and sales follow-up.

1. Job Interview Follow Up Email Templates

One of the biggest challenges that job applicants face is not to follow up after an interview. Yet, a simple email can make the interviewee more noticeable. Talk to any recruiter service, and they will tell you that it shows a candidate is truly interested in the position.

Follow Up Email Template After An Interview

Subject line for follow up email after an interview: Follow-Up Regarding Sales Position Interview


Thank you for the sales position interview opportunity. It was a pleasure meeting the team. I am very confident that Link Doctor Inc. is a company that would provide me the opportunity to excel in my sales career.

It was an honor for you to share your company’s vision with me. I am especially interested in your upcoming project on offering outreach services to SaaS clients. I have a keen interest in software development and would love the opportunity to engage with such minds.

I am a go-getter and never back down from a challenge. Talking to the team and listening to your requirements shows that my skills and background make me a perfect fit. I am available if you have other questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Jane John

Recruiter services and potential employers receive tons of applications. You must remember you are sending an email to a busy person. Still, it doesn’t hurt to remind them of yours.

Application Follow up Email Template

Subject line for application follow up email: Follow up to Sales Manager Position

Hello Jane,

How are you? I hope you are faring well.

I recently applied for the sales manager position and wanted to know when you are likely to communicate your decision. It would be an honor to join your company and bring your sales projections to fruition.

I would be happy to submit additional information if you need it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Jane John

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2. Sales Or Meeting Follow Up Email Template

After a sales meeting, do not wait for the potential to get back to you. A simple email will keep you top of mind.  Be authoritative but respectful and grateful for the time they gave you. Then gently nudge them to take the next step.

Subject line for sales/meeting follow up email: Can We Schedule the Next Steps?

Hi Paul,

It was a pleasure meeting with you, and I am grateful for the time you set aside for the meeting. It was great hearing your feedback, and as promised, I have more information regarding some of the questions you asked.

I would like to schedule a follow-up meeting next week for further discussion. We can then, with your go-ahead, chart the next way forward.

I am looking forward to your response.

Grace Jones
Sales Executive
Company information and contacts.

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3. Business Follow Up Email Template

Subject line for business follow up email: Have You Given Thought To What We Discussed

Hi Paul,

It was a pleasure meeting with you, and I am grateful for the time you set aside for the meeting. It was great hearing your feedback.

You had asked for a week to wrap your head around what we shared. Have you had an opportunity to give our discussion further thought? If you need more information you can reach me on phone or email. I am also available for a follow-up meeting if you would prefer that.

I am looking forward to your response.

Grace Jones
Sales Executive
Company info

4. Follow Up Email Template to Client

Follow up emails continue to keep clients in the loop.

Subject line for follow up email to client: Product X has Reached the Warehouse

Hi Paul,

I am excited to let you know product 2021 is finally here. Are you still interested in purchasing one?

We will have a product demo on Tuesday next week at 9.30 am. Are you available so that I can include you on the guest list?

If not, kindly advise on when you will be available so that we can schedule you in.

I am looking forward to your response.

Best regards,
Grace Jones
Sales Executive
Your company information

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5. Trade Show Follow Up Email Template

Trades shows are fantastic for collecting leads. But that is the first step; the next is to convert. A post-event trade show follow-up email template will help reach people who showed an interest.

Subject line for trade show follow up email: Follow Up On Your Interest In the Linx Coding Machine

Hi Grace,

It was a pleasure talking to you at the coding machine trade show. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about our product range. You expressed a keen interest in the 2020 version of the Linx coding machine.

I would love the opportunity to have a further discussion of the same. I have put together some excellent material we can explore further.

Alternative, if you sent a quote. (As per our discussion, I sent you a quote, which you acknowledged receiving. Did you have a chance to look at it? Do you have any questions or areas you would like me to clarify?)

Kindly confirm whether you would be agreeable to a phone conversation at your earliest convenience. If you can spare some time for a face-to-face meeting, that would be great.

Looking forward to talking machines and so much more.

Grace Jones
Company information

6. Cold Email Follow up Template

A warm lead can quickly turn cold if you do not take the appropriate action. Some people need a little nudge to sway them in the right direction. You must show how you can add value. Remind them why they were on your site in the first place to rekindle interest.

The email receiver will know what the agency offers if they provide valuable information such as actual statistics or strategies on how they can help. Blogger outreach is a great addition to any marketing strategy that should be clearly stated in the follow-up email.

It also works as a follow-up email template after no response.

Subject line for cold follow up email: Are You Still There?

Hi Elizabeth,

You expressed an interest in blogger outreach services. However, we haven’t talked in a while, and I wonder if you are still interested in our services.

I understand that you are a very busy person, but I would like the opportunity to pick up the conversation again. Do you know with the right blogger outreach company, you can increase your online visibility by 80%

Please don’t take my word for it; see what experts have to say here.

Don’t let this fantastic opportunity slip away. Let me know when you can spare some time for a quick chat.

Jane John
Your signature.

According to a link building report by LinkDoctor, a lot of participants mentioned that it’s difficult to get a reply from one email nowadays. Compared to 15-20 guest posts opportunities that you can get for every 100 emails before, you can only expect about 3-4 responses now. That’s why effective follow-ups are important.

7. Car Sales Follow Up Email Template

Subject line for car sales follow up email: Followup on Your Interest in the Toyota NZE

Hello Mary,

Thank you for visiting Auto Car Dealership yesterday. You expressed particular interest in the Toyota NZE. It is a very popular car model amongst those who are looking for fuel efficiency and reliability.

Do you have any other questions that you did not perhaps get a chance to ask? If yes, I am available to answer them. You can respond to this email with the questions. Alternatively, if you can spare some time, we could have a phone chat. Even better, come in for a test drive so that you can experience the car.

I would love to hear from you.

Elizabeth Tom
Company signature

8. Apartment Follow Up Email Template

Closing a rental or buying deal is exciting. You do not want to wait too long after a tour or discussion to follow up with the prospect. You must continue to engage with them when their interest is still high. A polite follow up with an apartment follow up email template for real estate lead follow up email template can help move the process.

Follow up email after apartment tour

Subject line for apartment folow up email: Still Interested in the Rosewood Apartment?

Hello Natali,

Thank you for taking the tour of the Rosewood apartments. I’m glad that you loved everything about the place. However, it has been a while since we last spoke. Are you still interested in the property? Is there any other information you need to help you make a decision?

We can have a quick phone chat to iron out any details. What would be the best time to call you?

George Dan
Your hotel information

Finding an Apartment or Real Estate Property

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for choosing George Dunn realtors to find you the perfect real estate property. I would just like a little bit more information to help me with the search.

  • You talked about a beachfront property. Would you be willing to take the second or third row, if I find one that is suitable?
  • Would you be looking to sub- rent the home? It would determine the type of building that can accommodate strangers without intruding on your personal space.
  • You talked about four bedrooms, would you settle for 3?

Kindly send me your feedback as soon as you possibly can. I have some properties lined up and would like to narrow down on those that suit your needs.

George Dan
Company information

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Don’t Forget That Follow-Up email is a Powerful Marketing Weapon

Do not struggle with follow-ups. Use our 8 follow-up email template examples above. On some occasions that people don’t respond to your emails, the problem could be the email addresses you sent them to. There’s a very big chance that you’re sending the email to the wrong people. Consider acceleration on finding the correct leads and finding email addresses that are actually owned by the people you’re trying to contact.

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