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Did you know that follow-up emails are by far the most effective type of email, but they’re also the least sent?

According to an article written by Susie Wilson, the leading business etiquette expert, 95% of all converted leads are typically reached by the sixth attempt. This means, if you don’t do follow-ups, you’re missing out on a lot of possible sales! 

However, for your follow-up emails to be truly effective, your recipients should open them. Unfortunately, not all emails are getting clicked-some are ignored, while others are marked as spam.

So, how can you get more users to open your reminder emails? According to Invesp, 47% of users open emails based on their subject lines.

And using personalized email subject lines can increase open rates to as much as 50%.

This means you need to curate personalized reminder email subject lines to convince your recipients to click on your reminder emails!

In this article, we will share with you the SEO best practices for creating reminder email subject lines and examples you can use to start creating effective subject lines that will help you close more deals, develop relationships, and grow your business.

How to Write a Reminder Email for an event

Here are five primary practices for writing reminder email subject lines to get better open rates.

Create a Sense of Urgency

According to Invesp, subject lines that express a sense of urgency and exclusivity tend to generate a 22% more open rate.

Communicating urgency and exclusivity in your reminder email subject lines can urge your subscribers to click on your email. However, you must phrase them strategically and creatively.

You want to get your message across that you want them to act now without sounding bossy or pushy.

You can use phrases like the following:

  • 24 hours only.
  • Last chance.
  • Take advantage of our free shipping promo.
  • Few rooms left at this super low rate.

You can also make use of exclusivity to create a sense of urgency. People naturally have a desire for rare things. The more unattainable something is, the more valuable it is.

So, writing things like, “Special Discount for our VVIPs only” can get your subscribers’ hearts racing and create a sense of prestige and urgency that makes them convert or click through.

Fear of missing out on offers can also get people to click on your email but you want to use them sparingly. Limit to only using them for situations that genuinely call for immediate action.

Spark Curiosity

The phrase “For your eyes only” tells your subscribers that something is going on but they don’t know what it specifically is. Because people are naturally curious and curiosity drives people to take action, they can’t resist clicking on your email to know what it’s about.

Just don’t be too cryptic. Otherwise, people will think it’s spam.

Give Free Offers

People love getting free stuff! So, sending out a reminder email with a subject line that tells them they’re getting something for free, they’ll most likely click on it!


According to Campaign Monitor, personalized email subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than general subject lines. And personalized email messages tend to generate 6x higher transaction rates.

This proves how important personalization is in getting your subscribers to click on your reminder email and convert. Putting your subscribers’ names on your subject lines will surely call their attention!

Use Timely Headlines or Trending Topics

Crafting highly relevant and timely email subject lines, coupled with SEO best practices, can grab your subscribers’ attention and get them to click on your email.

So, you might want to incorporate trending topics or timely headlines that are relevant to your business into your subject lines to get your subscribers to click through.

Now that you know what your reminder email subject lines should possess, let’s show you examples.

Shortlist of subject lines you will find:

  • Event and webinar reminder email subject lines
    • For event
    • For invitation
    • For webinar
  • For business situations
    • For meetings
    • For surveys
    • For report submission
    • For training
    • For billing and renewal
    • For deadline reminder
    • For birthday special deal reminder
  • Reminder email subject lines according to email style
    • Gentle
    • Friendly
    • Professional and formal
    • Polite and official
    • Humble
  • For holiday and vacation

Event and Webinar Reminder Email Subject Lines Examples

Here are 15 reminder email subject lines for events and webinars:

For Event Reminder

If some people can forget their wedding anniversary or their kid’s birthday, what makes you think they’ll remember your event?

To make sure your subscribers will never miss your event, you must send them a reminder email with a catchy reminder email subject line.

Here are some examples:

  1. Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  2. {Product Name} is selling out!
  3. Are You Ready for {Event Name}
  4. Last chance to see {Event Name} live at {Event Name}
  5. Bring a friend to {Event Name}

For Event Invitation Reminder

Invitation emails are a great way to remind your subscribers of an upcoming event that you want them to join and participate in. Sending out invitation emails can also make them feel special, knowing that not everyone is invited to go. Here’s how can prompt customers to join:

  1. We’re expecting to see you at {Event Name}
  2. Get ready for {Event Name}!
  3. Don’t miss out {Event Name}
  4. Are you excited for {Event Name}?
  5. 3 Things you need to bring to {Event Name}

For Webinar Reminder

Whether you’re sending out emails to notify people about an upcoming webinar you want them to register for or remind participants about the upcoming event so they won’t forget to attend, it’s important to create compelling reminder email subject lines that will make them want to click!

Here are some examples of effective and compelling subject lines you should use:

  1. Are You Joining us Tomorrow at {Webinar Event Name}
  2. Are You Excited About {Webinar Event Name}?
  3. Largest webinar in {Location}: {Event Name}, Register Now!
  4. Meet the Speakers at {Webinar Event Name}!
  5. Last chance to see {Speaker} live at {Webinar Event Name}

Reminder Email Subject Lines for Business

Here are 26 reminder email subject lines for business situations.

For Survey Reminder

Not everyone is willing to fill out surveys, so you need to make your reminder email subject lines extra catchy to entice them to do it.

Here’s how:

  1. We want to hear what you think, {Name} (and give you 30% off)!
  2. Be honest – what do you think of our new {Product Name}?
  3. How can we make {Product Name} better for you?
  4. Hi, {Name}! Take our survey and earn 50% off on your next purchase!
  5. How was your recent experience with us, {Name}?

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For Meeting Reminder

Sending out meeting reminder emails is necessary to remind people that they should attend, to check what time and date they’re available, and to identify if it should be rescheduled or not. Here are some compelling reminder email subject lines:

  1. Meeting Today: {Date} {Location}
  2. Please confirm your presence for an emergency meeting later at 3 PM
  3. Don’t forget to attend a meeting on Tuesday, at 2 PM!
  4. Meeting tomorrow! Provide your confirmation right away
  5. I want to meet you. I would like to negotiate prices

For Report Submission

It’s good to reach out to your subordinates or colleagues and remind them about the due date of their reports.

Here’s how to tell them to complete their assigned task:

  1. Please don’t forget to submit your report about {Topic} on Friday
  2. Hi! Any Update On Your Report due this Friday?
  3. {Name}, don’t forget about your report due on Friday
  4. How’s the report due on Friday Going?
  5. Are you ready to present your reports this Friday?

Training Reminder

If your business offers online courses for individuals or development training for employees, you can use the following subject lines to inform your clients or colleagues about available courses or upcoming training.

Reminders are necessary because people can get very busy trying to complete multiple tasks and things like training courses can easily be overlooked.

  1. Reminder: Complete Required Annual Training
  2. Training Reminder: Hi {Name}! Sales Training tomorrow at 9. See you!
  3. Hi {Name}! We have new courses for you!

Billing and Renewal Reminder

People tend to get busy and forget about many things, including their bills and membership renewal. So, to ensure your clients don’t forget to pay or renew their membership, a gentle reminder will go a long way.

  1. Payment reminder: {Business Name} {Invoice no.}
  2. Payment reminder: Past due invoice {Invoice no.} for {Business Name}
  3. Urgent: Past due invoice {Invoice no.} for {Business Name}

After receiving payment, make sure to send a thank-you email!

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Follow-up Reminder Email Subject Lines

Did you know that 95% of all converted leads are typically reached by the sixth attempt? This means, if you don’t do follow-ups, you’re missing out on a lot of possible sales! 

Here’s what your reminder email subject lines should look like:

  1. Hey {Name}, are you joining us on Wednesday at {Event Name}?
  2. {Name}’s Reminder for {Event Name}
  3. Invoice no. 987 is two weeks overdue
  4. Reminder, don’t forget to join us and bring a friend to {Event Name}
  5. The countdown to {Event Name} is on!

For Deadline Reminder

Sometimes, you need to remind your clients or colleagues about a deadline to urge them to complete the task they were tasked to do. With the right phrasing, you can prompt faster responses.

Here’s an example:

  1. Hey {Name}, please send your final reports to Betsy Greene by April 1.
  2. {Name}, your discount coupons are about to expire! Use them NOW
  3. Response Required: Invoice no. 5436 from 2/15 is overdue- please send payment ASAP

For Birthday Special Deal Reminder

Birthday reminder emails are a great way to make subscribers feel special on their birthday. Plus, they also tend to get more clicks and conversions. According to CampaignMonitor, Birthday emails generate a 481% higher transaction rate and receive 342% higher revenue per email compared to other types of promotional emails.

  1. A Gift For You: Happy Birthday, {Name}!
  2. Don’t let Your 10% off and FREE shipping birthday offer expire!
  3. Happy Birthday {Name}! Here’s 15% off

Reminder Email Subject Lines According to Emotion

Here are more than 25 subject lines according to the emotion you want to evoke in your reminder email.

For Gentle Reminder

A polite and gentle reminder email is a great way to remind your recipients to do a certain task, like pay their overdue bill, review a forgotten proposal, remind them of their next appointment or membership renewal, etc.

Here are some examples of gentle reminder email subject lines:

  1. Hi! {Name}, We haven’t received your payment for the overdue amount of
  2. Hi! {Name}, You may have overlooked paying your bill
  3. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Register now for an online course
  4. Renew your membership today to get a sweet treat from us and {your subscribers’ favorite treat or donut shop}
  5. {Name}, today is the day for {important milestone or meeting}

For Friendly Reminder

Using friendly reminder subject lines is a great way to get your message across and urge recipients to do the task you’re reminding them about without sounding pushy or unfriendly.

Here are some examples of friendly reminder subject lines:

  1. Hi {Name}, Just a friendly reminder about your remaining balance
  2. {Name} not sure if you saw this?
  3. A quick heads up!
  4. We’re starting in 3 hours!
  5. Hi {Name}, you still have $300 worth of unused credit

Professional and Formal Reminder

Professional reminder email subject lines typically demand action. So, you want to create reminder email subject lines that beg to be opened.

However, you do want to phrase it formally because something like “ Please read this email… NOW” isn’t very professional or effective at convincing people to open your email.

  1. Follow Up RE: Overlooked Proposal
  2. Response Required: Overdue Invoice
  3. {Event Name}, {Date}
  4. Your order is being processed
  5. Do This Right Now to Get an Exclusive Gift

For Polite, Official Reminder

Emails inherently don’t possess any tone or character, so it’s important to use words that convey your attitude. It’s also a great way to create a good first impression, especially for first-time customers or prospects.

A polite and firm reminder email subject lines can deliver results.

  1. Hi, {Name}! You haven’t confirmed your booking yet
  2. Hey {Name}! Please don’t forget to confirm your orders
  3. Reminder: 50% Off Sale- Last Day Tomorrow
  4. You are Invited to {Event Name} – Register Now, Limited Slots Only!
  5. Reminder to Register for the Annual {Event Name}

Humble Reminder

Humble reminders are a great way to prompt your recipients for their overdue payment, missed deadlines, etc.

  1. From one business to another, here’s an advice
  2. Do you Need Any Help Finishing Your Report that was Due Last Friday?
  3. Hey {Name}, Invoice no. 15237 is due today. Your payment will be very much appreciated

Holiday and Vacation Reminder Email Subject Lines

The right holiday, vacation reminder email subject lines can get shoppers rushing to your store, finally, check out their cart on your website, and drive your online sales to the roof!

Here’s how you can get your subscriber to shop from you and buy more!

  1. BIG BIG Christmas discounts are our holiday gift to you!
  2. Gift Yourself with the Christmas Vacation You Truly Deserve
  3. Here’s a Holiday Gift Guide with Exclusive Coupons Just For You

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Are You Ready To Create Compelling Reminder Email Subject Lines Your Subscribers Can’t Resist?

Now you know, which practices are the keys to creating compelling reminder email subject lines to get your subscribers to click on your emails!

Use these best practices and examples to help you craft creative and strategic subject lines and an email message that can drive people to convert. At Sender, you don’t have to worry about manually segmenting your email list and personalizing emails for every individual.

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