13 Triggered SMS Message Strategies + Examples

Aug 2, 2021 - By Adomas Sulcas

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Triggered messages, regardless of channel, are the bread and butter of marketing automation.

In fact, in email marketing, triggered messages generate 75% of ROI. After all, it’s essentially the quickest possible reaction to an event.

If someone abandons their cart or does something of the like, sending that person a nudge through a message can get them back into the website. However, with emails, there’s an issue – they’re slow, and many people miss or ignore them entirely.

That’s part of the reason why triggered SMS messages are so powerful. Their open and read rates are incredible (reaching up to 99%), making triggered SMS messages a nearly surefire success.

Why Triggered SMS Messages

Marketing relies on getting to the right person at the right time in the right context. That’s why pay-per-click (PPC) ads have so many settings for demographics, locations, interests, etc. They’re trying to deliver the proper advertisement to the proper person.

However, PPC and many other marketing channels cannot control the context. They’re delivered automatically whenever a person is browsing the internet. Ads may arrive at the right or wrong time.

That’s where trigger messages come in – they can take care of the context. Since they are always event-based, the context has been taken care of. Additionally, as the process of sending out marketing messages is regulated, customers have to opt-in first.

Opting-in has an unseen benefit – it means the demographics, location, and many other regular marketing aspects don’t really matter. The person has already decided they want to be marketed to by your business. All it takes is not to ruin their interest.

Triggered SMS Strategy in Basics

While trigger messages on events are hard to screw up, there still exists a basic strategy to get the most out of SMS marketing. Primarily, the idea is to minimize the use of marketing messages to avoid getting unsubscribes.

Therefore, each trigger should be carefully chosen. Before setting up a triggered SMS message, the marketer should take a considerable amount of time to think through whether it’s truly necessary. There’s no easier way to lose a potential customer than spamming them with SMS.

Second, according to research, certain industries do better with specific triggered messages. The only really general application of triggered SMS are abandoned carts. They seem to work well regardless of industry.

Outside of abandoned cart messages, the effectiveness of other triggered SMS will vary based on industry. However, there are some that are more important than others.

Triggered SMS Strategies with Use Cases & Examples

Abandoned Cart SMS Strategy and Templates

As mentioned above, abandoned cart SMS messages work in nearly any industry and are a powerful way to get the customer back on the website. Basically, any ecommerce business should set these up to increase ROI.

  1. Still deciding on your purchase? At [business name], we want to give you the best service possible! Enter [discount code] to get 10% off for order [#]!
  2. [Business name]: Have you forgotten something? Your order [#] is still waiting! We promise to get the items ordered to you as fast as possible!
  3. Hey, it’s [business name]. Looks like you’re still deciding for order [#]. Once you’re done, click this link [URL] to finish the order!

Welcome Series For New Customers

A slow-burn welcome series is an incredible way to boost engagement with your business’ SMS strategy. However, it has to be carefully tailored to avoid spam. Luckily, a properly implemented welcome series through triggered SMS messages can bring tremendous results.

Yet, a welcome series shouldn’t end with one text message. Sending out a couple is recommended. Usually, the first one is a confirmation about opting in. The second one is a small offer for a discount. A third one can be a reminder to use the promo code provided. However, these may sometimes be combined to reduce the overall load of SMS messages.

Additionally, all of these messages should be separated in time. At least 1 day between each message is highly recommended. As a rule of thumb, if there’s a long chain of messages, the time frame should slightly increase to avoid annoying the customer.

  1. [Business name]: Hey, thanks for joining us! We’d like to give you a small bonus – use promo code [code] to get 10% off your first order! To unsubscribe text STOP.
  2. [Business name]: Have you used the promo code we’ve sent you recently? We’ve got a lot of fun gear you might enjoy!
  3. Thanks for joining the [business name]’s community! We look out for each other. Thus, we give you a special promo code [code]. To unsubscribe text STOP.
  4. We’ve recently restocked at [business name]! Check out all the new stuff we brought – maybe you’ll find something you like. P.S. Remember to use the promo code!

Order Confirmation SMS Practice + Template Samples

While these have no direct benefit, they’re considered courtesy and are expected by customers. Order confirmation messages perform the simple function of reducing customer service questions from frustrated clients. Additionally, they improve overall brand perception.

  1. Hello, [name]. Your order [#] at [business name] has been confirmed. We’ll send you updates about the status of your order periodically. Thank you!
  2. [Business name]: Order [#] has been confirmed on [date, time]! Once the products are packed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number.
  3. [Business name]: Your order [#] is on its way! Your tracking number is [#]. Thank you for your patronage.

Win-back SMS messages

Win-back trigger SMS messages seem very enticing. After all, what’s better than to get a client back to your business after losing him or her. Yet, according to research, these aren’t as effective as one would expect. Therefore, win-back trigger SMS should be one of the last event-based messages a company sets up. They’ll bring that small last improvement in ROI, however, the previously mentioned ones bring greater benefits.

  1. [Business name]: A lot has happened since we last caught up. Take a look at our inventory with a special [%] discount with promo code [code]. [URL]
  2. Long time, no see! It’s [business name] here, we’d like to get back into the action. Here’s a special promo code [code] for a [%] discount. [URL].
  3. Have we said something wrong? We haven’t seen you at [business name] in a while. Check out our newest additions and get [%] off! Click here: [URL]

Triggered SMS Marketing Takes You to The Next Level

Triggered SMS messages can become a way to supercharge marketing and sales ROI. They’re very simple to set up and write, especially if templates are used. Yet, the simplicity doesn’t take away from their effectiveness. Simply put, there’s no good reason to avoid triggered SMS messages.

Want a great way to set up the other most effective triggered message channel – emails? Check out the Sender.net platform for free to get the most out of your triggered emails and campaigns!

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