60+ Best healthcare email subject lines

As a healthcare institution, you can use email marketing as a powerful engagement mechanism to interact with and educate patients cost-effectively.

Emails can do a lot for your patient experience, from sharing healthy living hacks and preventive care tips to reminding patients of appointments and delivering after-care surveys.

Here are some ideas for healthcare email subject lines you can use to foster stronger patient-provider relationships in your next campaign.

Healthcare email newsletter subject lines

Use your newsletter to engage with your email list by sharing relevant and informative content related to health, healthcare, wellness, medical advancements, and more.

Additionally, you can highlight your institution’s expertise and capabilities, promote preventive healthcare services, and enhance social branding.

Doing all of this using your newsletter will help you build trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience, helping take your relationship to the next level. 

Discover [Number] Healthcare Insight

[Number] Tips to Strengthen Immune System

Stay healthy this [Season], here's how

[Number] Practical [Subject] Health Tips

[Number] reasons why [Problem]

Ever thought about [Topic]? Doctor explains

Quick solution for [Problem]

[Number] Natural Remedies for [Problem]

Key takeaways of latest research on [Topic]

[Number] Benefits of Exercise for Your Health

[Number] of diseases smokers develop more often

What does alcohol do to you?

[Number] Vital Vitamins and What They Help With

Flu season is here... Tips to avoid it!

Diet & Health: [Number] Products that Actually Help

Medical newsletter subject lines

With medical email newsletter campaigns, healthcare professionals can educate their subscribers on health topics through simple and high-quality content.

Here are a few examples of healthcare email subject lines that you can use in your targeted medical newsletter campaigns:

Medical Breakthroughs: [Number] Exciting Discoveries

Interview with [Scientist/Doctor Name]: Read Now

[Number] Medical Studies You Should Read

Everything about your [Subject]

Stay Healthy: [Number] Science-Backed Tips

[Subject] Health: Important Insights

In-Depth Look at [Number] Medical Studies

Your daily dose of medical insights

Doctor Recommends: [Number] Tips for [Subject]

Living healthy – mission impossible?

[Number] Health Tips for Better Life

Mind-Body Connection: Discover [Number] Facts

Healthier you – inside & out: Here's how

Learn the science of wellbeing, [First Name]

[Number] myths about your health

Weight loss email subject lines

Weight loss campaigns promote programs and products that promise to help individuals on their weight loss journey. Your email campaigns can be a mix of educational content, inspirational stories, expert tips, and promotional offers.

Here are some weight loss email subject lines to inspire your subscribers to open your email:

[Number] Ways to Lose Weight Without Restrictions

Slimmer & Fitter in [Timeline]: Learn How!

[First Name], want to lose fat? [Number] steps

[First Name], join our supportive fat loss community!

Lose Weight, But Not Happiness

[Number] 500-Calorie Recipes: Delish & Nourishing

Here's how to make junk food calorie-friendly

[Number] Mindful Steps to Weight Loss

[Number] tips on how to achieve healthy fat loss

Interested in calorie-smart recipes, [First Name]?

[First Name], learn the way to sustainable weight loss

[Number] Healthy Eating Tricks for Easier Life

Weight Loss Can Be Delicious: Learn How

Feel no hunger while losing weight. Here's how

Healthy Weight Loss in [Timeline]: Start Now!

Email subject lines for health issues

If you'd like to bring attention to serious health matters, email is one of the ways to do so. Your email subject lines can directly refer to health-related issues, but make sure they're informative and not fearmongering.

Understanding [Health Issue]: [Number] Reasons & Ways to Prevent It

Let's talk about [Health Issue]

[Health Issue]: [Number] Essential Tips

Ultimate guide for managing [Health Issue]

How to live a quality life with [Health Issue}?

Support and Solutions for Dealing with [Health Issue]

[Number] of people live happily with [Health Issue]

Beating [Health Issue]: [Number] Effective Ways

[Number] Secrets to Heal [Health Issue]

Food: How it can help manage [Health Issue]?

[Health Issue]: Let's talk solutions

Common [Health Issue] Symptoms & How to Deal with Them

How to get rid of [Health Issue] naturally?

[Health Issue]: [Number] Immunity Boosters That Help

Living with [Health Issue]: [Number] Tips to Cope

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