45+ School email subject lines

Schools and educational institutions can use email campaigns to facilitate effective communication and ongoing relationship building with the parents of their students.

Send emails to share key announcements, valuable information & deliver academic resources while also providing regular updates and communication on present and upcoming events, initiatives, and more.

Using school email subject lines correctly ensures that you get these important emails opened.

Back to school email subject lines

Back-to-school campaigns are a great way for educational supply businesses to get in touch with students and their parents as they start purchasing school supplies.

Your goal is to share helpful information while also promoting your latest products and offers that’re relevant to this phase of students’ lives.

The following are some examples of school email subject lines that’ll get students and their parents opening your back to school emails and buying from you all the way:

Ready, Set, Learn: Back to School Sale

9 must-haves for students

Get ahead this school year, [First Name]

Back-to-School Shopping List: We Have Everything

A+ Deals for Your School Checklist

It's time to prepare your kids for the classroom!

Gear Up for School Success, [First Name]

Shop Now for Back-to-School Deals

Your school essentials inside, [First Name]

School Top Picks: Let's Ace This Year!

Rock your classroom in style, [First Name]

School days are near, prepare now

Get Organized and Stress-Free for School!

Start the Semester Right: Shop Now

Special for Students: Secret School Sale

Email subject lines for teachers

Educational and school supplies companies can run both educational as well as promotional campaigns targeting teachers. Whether you're offering tips for organizing a classroom or your latest promotional offer on professional development tools, you can influence teachers to see you as a valued business.

Here are some email subject lines to get the job done like a professional:

How to run the most engaging classes?

Your special Teacher’s discount, [First Name]

[Number] secret classroom engagement tips

Back to School - Teachers Take 50% OFF

Here's your chance to transform education

5 proven hacks to boost learning

Free Webinar: Class Management

Upgrade your teaching toolkit, [First Name]

Exclusive Teacher-Only Deals (limited stock)

Using technology to teach better, [First name]?

[Numer] Ways to Increase Students' Engagement

How to take learning outdoors: [Number] Tips

Lesson planning 101: Tip & Tricks

Thank you, teachers! Exclusive discount inside, [First Name]

Educate, Inspire, Repeat: New Curriculum Ideas

School newsletter subject lines

School newsletter campaigns are the perfect way for educational institutions to engage with both parents and students. Share important deadlines regarding upcoming events and highlight any new academic programs, extracurricular activities, or support services available.

Here are some email subject line examples to inspire you to run better newsletter campaigns that both communicate information and foster school-parent partnerships:

Welcome Back! Your School Year Starts Now

Meet Your Teachers, [First Name]

Stay Sharp: Academic Tips for Students

Ready for some back-to-school fun?

Student Spotlight – Meet [Name]

[First Name], join the fun! Upcoming school events

Welcome Back to School: What's New?

Grab a seat, [First Name]: School news

Share your biggest win at school, win [Prize]

Let's share, laugh & learn at [School Name]

[School Name] Principal's [Name] Favorite Book

Let's catch up, [First Name]?

Long time no see, [First Name]! Ready for school?

A list of [School Name] activities, dive into yours!

[Number] Ways to Learn Faster & Easier

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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