45+ Best car sales email subject lines

Car dealerships are one of the most competitive markets out there. And the fact that people take a long time to decide doesn’t make it easier either. However, one thing to ease your work is to accompany your prospects on each stage of the buyer’s journey with email marketing.

Here you’ll find ideas and car sales email subject lines to help you create successful email campaigns. Let’s shift into first gear!

Best car sales email subject lines for dealerships

Selling cars is a tricky business. Attracting new prospects to seal the deal takes much work. At least you know that email marketing can help you inform your customers about your great deals.

Here are examples of subject lines enticing your subscribers to open your emails and see those deals:

Find your perfect ride today

Ready to upgrade your ride?

Exclusive dealership deals

Cruise into savings

New [Car Model]: Take a test drive today

[First Name], your new car awaits

Uncover [Brand Name] exclusives

[First Name], your car search ends here

[First Name], your dream car is here

[First Name], find your perfect ride

Step into your dream car

Luxury meets affordability

Your car upgrade is just a click away

[First Name], explore our latest arrivals

New cars for great prices

Car sales subject lines for congratulating on purchase

Suppose you sold a car, congratulations! It’s no small feat, neither for you nor for your customer. Why not use this opportunity to strengthen your bond for future interactions or encourage talk about your friendly service? Send your customer an email greeting on purchasing a vehicle.

Here’s what your brand-new customer could see first in the subject line:

Congratulations on your new ride!

Your new wheels await

Happy motoring ahead

Cheers to your new car

Get ready to cruise

Ready to roll, [First Name]?

Wishing you miles of smiles

Time to hit the road

Congrats on your new wheels

New wheels, new thrills

Wishing you safe travels

Welcome to the driver's club

Ready for your car tale?

Wishing you smooth rides ahead

Congrats on your car joyride

Good car sales newsletter subject lines for salesmen

It takes time to warm your prospects to make a sale with you. So, how do you ensure their eyes don’t move to your competition during this period? Stay on top of their minds with a helpful newsletter where you share insight into the car market, maintenance tips, reviews of models, and anything else relevant to drivers. Finally, when the time comes, you’ll be the first to pop up in their heads.

These newsletter subject line examples might give you an idea of what content to send:

[Brand Name]'s favorite road trip tips

[First Name]'s top car picks

Rev up your week with car news

[First Name]'s car maintenance tips

The art of car customization

Get behind the wheel with style

[Brand Name]'s classics revisited

[First Name]'s favorite car movies

[Brand Name]'s eco-friendly options

[First Name]'s ultimate car playlist

Discover the future of driving

[First Name]'s car buying guide

[First Name]'s car tech insights

[Brand Name]'s car culture trends

[First Name]'s car trivia challenge

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

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