75+ Best hotel email subject lines

Given the competitive nature of the hospitality industry, hotels can use email marketing to stay ahead of the pack.

In the short term, promote special or seasonal offers to your target audience and drive direct bookings. For a long-term revenue boost, nurture relationships and foster customer loyalty using personalization, compelling content, exclusive VIP offers, and more.

Here are some creative and engaging hotel email subject lines that will open your emails more frequently.

Hotel booking confirmation email subject lines

Besides confirming the booking, use your hotel booking confirmation emails to share stay details, hotel contact information, pre-arrival instructions, cancellation policies, and more. This email is your customer’s moment of truth with your establishment, hence make it a positive impression.

Here’s how to start off with a fitting subject line:

Your booking confirmation at [Hotel Name]

Your stay confirmed: [Hotel Name]

[Hotel Name] welcomes you!

Booking confirmed at [Hotel Name]

Thank you for choosing [Hotel Name]

Booking confirmation for [First Name]

Prepare for a memorable stay [First Name]

Booking confirmation: [Hotel Name]

Your upcoming stay at [Hotel Name]

Confirming your reservation at [Hotel Name]

Congrats on booking your stay with us

Welcome to [Hotel Name]: Booking details

Your booking details for [Hotel Name]

[Hotel Name]: Your reservation is confirmed

We look forward to hosting you [First Name]

Hotel sales email subject lines

Run periodic and seasonal marketing campaigns to promote your hotel's offers, attract potential customers, and drive bookings. These sales-oriented campaigns emphasize exclusive offers, special promotions, and your hotel's unique selling points.

Below are some examples of hotel email subject lines for such campaigns:

Limited time offer: [Hotel Name] SALE

Special deals at [Hotel Name]

Exclusive discounts at [Hotel Name]

Weekend (50% OFF) offer at [Hotel Name]

Save big on your next stay at [Hotel Name]

Book now and save at [Hotel Name]

Getaway deals at [Hotel Name]

Limited time offer: Book now and save

Early bird discounts at [Hotel Name]

Book ahead & save at [Hotel Name]

Last minute deals at [Hotel Name]

Summer specials at [Hotel Name]

Limited time offer: 50% OFF at [Hotel Name]

Save on your next stay at [Hotel Name]

Book your stay and save at [Hotel Name]

Your special offer from [Hotel Name]

Our deluxe suites now at 50% OFF [First Name]

Book direct & save up to 30%, [First Name]

Hotel cancelation email to guest subject lines

Whenever your guest cancels their booking, send them this automated email confirming the same. To maintain transparency with your customers, it's a great idea to include links to your cancelation and refund policies in this email and customer service contact info in case they have any queries.

Here are some subject line examples for such cancelation emails:

Cancelation of your booking: [Hotel Name]

Your reservation at [Hotel Name] is canceled

Booking canceled: [Hotel Name]

Reservation canceled: [Hotel Name]

You canceled. Anything we could do?

Cancelation: We’ll miss you, [First Name]

Cancelation notice for your reservation

Changes to your booking at [Hotel Name]

Your upcoming stay at [Hotel Name] is canceled

Cancelation update: [Hotel Name]

Your stay canceled [First Name]

Urgent: Your reservation is canceled

Reservation cancellation: [Hotel Name] update

Cancelation (25% OFF coupon if you return)

We hope you come back, [First Name]

Hotel reservation email subject lines

Hotel reservation subject lines must be concise yet compelling enough to persuade the reader of the incredible value of the reservation. In addition to personalization, you could also draw attention to special offers and limit them to inject urgency.

Here are some hotel email subject lines to get the job done for you:

Reserve your stay at [Hotel Name]

Plan your perfect stay with us [First Name]

Create lasting memories at [Hotel Name]

Exclusive 25% OFF coupon (today only)

Your upcoming stay at [Hotel Name]

A dream getaway awaits you, [First Name]

Book your dream vacation at [Hotel Name]

Hospitality at its finest at [Hotel Name]

Book your room at [Hotel Name] today

Exclusive offers at [Hotel Name]

Reserve your spot at [Hotel Name] now

Book your stay and enjoy [Hotel Name]

Book ahead and save at [Hotel Name]

Early bird special at [Hotel Name]

Welcome to [Hotel Name]: Reserve your stay

Hotel collaboration email subject lines

Hotel collaborations are when hotels partner with other customer experience businesses such as local tour operators, spas, eateries, car rentals, and more. Using email campaigns to reach out to the right company can add tremendous value to the guest experience, besides allowing you to come up with unique offers.

Looking for inspiration on hotel collaboration? These subject lines might be of help:

Collaboration opportunity with [Hotel Name]

Partner with [Hotel Name] for success

Join forces with [Hotel Name]

Boost your business with [Hotel Name]

Collaboration proposal from [Hotel Name]

[Hotel Name] is seeking partners

Build success: Partner with [Hotel Name]

[Hotel Name] invites you to collaborate

Partner with [Hotel Name] for more sales

Joint venture proposal with [Hotel Name]

Cross-promotion proposal with [Hotel Name]

Unlock new opportunities with [Hotel Name]

Collaboration invite from [Hotel Name]

Let's work together [First Name]

Collaboration proposal from [First Name]

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