60+ Best photography email subject lines

Photography businesses can use email campaigns to share their latest work, highlight their expertise, and offer exclusive offers and deals. Most people don’t have an immediate need for this type of business, so the idea is to educate them on various photography-related topics, provide tips, and always stay top-of-mind for future picture-taking needs.

Here you’ll find examples of photography email subject lines to inspire and engage your audience transactionally and encourage them to transact with your business.

General photography email subject lines

Your email subject line must grab attention, spark interest, and convey the value of your services. This will encourage your prospects to open your emails and interact with them.

Here are some examples to get you started:

[Studio Name]: Event photography experts

[Studio Name]: For all your videography needs

Stunning images make a difference

Looking for [Photography Genre] photography?

[Studio Name]: Capturing moments that matter

Business photography experts in [Location]

Wedding photography with an iPhone

Framing memories, the elegant way

A simple way to capture memories

Quality event photography now at 25% OFF

Making those memories last a lifetime

You deserve a professional headshot [First Name]

Quality photoshoots for online brands

Family photography services in [Location]

A personal touch for your big day

Photography pitch email subject lines

By consistently sending emails, photography businesses can strengthen their relationships with their audiences, generate more leads, and secure more bookings.

Check out these photography email subject lines below for inspiration:

Wedding photography packages 20% OFF

Stunning portraits: Limited time offer

Wedding photography: 15% off packages

Celebrating motherhood with a photoshoot

Capture your precious pet with us

[First Name], bring your vision to life

Special portfolio shoot offers for Actors

Preserve graduation memories

Landscape photography now 35% OFF

[First Name], you are a brand too

Professional headshots: Exclusive offer

Fine art photography: Special offer inside

Photography for Interior design business

Get a Christmas photoshoot for less

Order a wedding photographer now

Photography confirmation email subject lines

Photography confirmation emails convey booking confirmations, schedule event reminders and conduct feedback surveys after engagements. These establish a professional relationship, maintain prompt communication, and ensure overall client satisfaction.

Here are some photography email subject lines that can help you out with such campaigns:

Confirmed: Product photography session

Get excited: Dream photoshoot confirmed

Your family photoshoot is scheduled

Save the date: Product photoshoot

Your Maternity photoshoot confirmation

Get ready for your photography session!

Your photo session starts on [Date] at [Time]

Reminder: Your upcoming photoshoot

[Studio Name]: Your payment receipt

Portrait session confirmed: [First Name]

[Studio Name]: Thank you for your payment

[Studio Name]: Your booking confirmation

Your headshot session on: [Date]

Sport event shoot confirmed for [Date]

Share your experience, win a Canon

Photography cold email subject lines

If you're using cold email campaigns to pitch your photography services, your approach must be more strategic than tactical. A compelling subject line is essential to this strategy and will entice readers to open and interact with your emails.

Here are some ways to get your cold emails opened:

One secret to higher website conversions

What if your visuals could speak?

Headshots: Why 70% of people get it wrong

[First Name], engage your audience with visuals

First impressions are everything

Are your visuals memorable?

Here’s the key to standing out visually

Jaw-dropping visuals, now made easy

Capture emotions, sell more [First Name]

Allow our lens to tell your story

What no one tells you about headshots

5 Product photography mistakes to avoid

Pixel-perfect visuals with just an iPhone

Inspire & engage with compelling visuals

Turn moments into masterpieces

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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