45+ Best fundraising email subject lines

Whether you’re a nonprofit or a charitable healthcare organization, fundraising campaigns are crucial in helping support both your day-to-day operations and long-term mission.

Using email campaigns, your business can reach a wider audience almost instantly, deliver laser-targeted messages, and accept online donations from interested donors.

Let’s look at some examples of fundraising email subject lines that can help you maximize opens for your donation solicitation campaigns.

General fundraising email subject lines

Your fundraising email subject lines play a vital role in capturing the interest of and influencing opens from your target audience. Besides using personalization, these subject lines should also evoke an element of emotion that encourages your readers to enlist in your cause.

Here are some fundraising email subject lines you can use to drive more engagement and get better responses to your donation appeals:

Support our cause, donate today!

Help us make a difference, [First Name]

Donate now and change lives

[First Name], you can help a life-changing mission

Your Support = Their Happiness

[First Name], Help This Worthy Cause

Give hope to those in need, donate today

Your donation could change [Name] life

Donate to support [Cause]

Every penny counts, [First Name]!

Changing the world with a small donation?

Gift Joy: Your Donation for [Name]

Empower [Name] Life – Donate Today

Your generosity brings hope, [First Name]

Give hope wings with your donation

Fundraising newsletter subject lines

Your subject lines will help your fundraising newsletters stand out inside crowded inboxes. The best way to approach your subject lines is to keep them simple while piquing the reader’s curiosity and appealing to their sense of humanity.

Here’s what we do with your donations

Where to Donate: Upcoming Fundraisers

Donor spotlight: [Donor Name]

Fundraising Progress Update: Thank You!

We collected [Sum of Donations] for [Name/Cause]

The progress of [Fundraising Campaign Name]

How you can get involved in [Cause/Fundraising Campaign Name]?

Hope through giving: Latest news

Here's How You Helped [Name/Cause]

Turn your passion of helping to the action

Special Thanks: Biggest Donors in [Fundraising Campaign Name]

Turning donations into dreams: Here's how

Meet [Name]: Here's how your donations helped [him/her]

Inspiring Stories: All Because of You

A Day in Our Lives: [Fundraising Campaign Name] Edition

Donation email subject lines

Donation emails must capture the attention and interest of existing and potential donors in a way that they feel compelled to open the emails and strongly consider donating.

Here are some examples of donation email subject lines that inspire recipients to take action and contribute:

Making Dreams Reality: Donate for [Name/Cause]

Donate to light up the world

Help Us Help [Name/Cause]: Donate Today

Compassion in Action: Donate for [Name/Cause]

Your Donation Helps [Name] Live a Better Life

Skip your latte, donate for [Group of People] education

Brighter Future for [Group of People]: You Can Help

Be a lifesaver, donate to [Cause/Organization]

Your donation makes you a hero, [First Name]

Act Now, Save Lives: Donate for [Cause]

Your Support Means Everything: Donate to [Cause]

Let's create change together: Donate today

Let's make miracles happen, [First Name]!

Your One Click Can Save One Life

Stand up for [Cause]: Donate Now

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