45+ Best travel email subject lines

In the realm of travel email marketing, the perfect subject line can transport your readers to a world of adventure. Crafting irresistible subject lines is the key to boosting open rates and enticing subscribers to explore exciting destinations and experiences.

Best travel email subject lines for travel agencies

Open rates can be significant for your travel agency. Even if the prospects don’t book a travel with you after they open your email, at least you can be sure that they saw you have exciting things to offer and consider you when the time comes.

Here’s how your travel email subject lines could look like:

[First Name], escape the cold!

[Travel Agency] presents new adventures

Introducing [Travel Agency]'s gems

Explore, relax, repeat with [Travel Agency]

Plan your escape, [First Name]

Escape the everyday with [Travel Agency]

Discover your happy place, [First Name]

The world is yours, [First Name]

New season, new destinations with [Travel Agency]

Travel like a local with [Travel Agency]

Your great escape with [Travel Agency]

New destinations to fall in love with

Seize the day, seize the deals

Your perfect getaway is one click away

Discover the beauty of [Destination]

Travel email subject lines for vacation packages

More often than not, your prospects will be looking for travel deals. Ensure you mention that’s exactly what they’ll find inside, but make it fun!

Check out these creative subject lines to get your subscribers hooked:

Unlock exclusive deals with [Travel Agency]

Discover savings: [Destination] awaits!

Get ready to save big, [Travel Agency] style

Open for incredible savings, [Travel Agency]

Your personalized savings inside, [First Name]

Uncover amazing offers, [Travel Agency] style

Discover the best deals, [Destination] bliss

Your gateway to savings, [Travel Agency]

Inside: unmissable savings with [Travel Agency]

Your secret deals inside, [First Name]!

Exclusive deals inside - [Travel Agency] special

Savings unleashed: [First Name]'s special offer

Limited-time offers inside, [Travel Agency]

Deals abound: [Destination] bliss awaits

Unlock your [First Name] discounts today!

Good travel newsletter subject lines for last chances emails

For some, spending money on vacations might look like a big deal. Gently encourage them to take advantage of your fantastic offer by creating a sense of urgency with last-chance emails. However, ensure that what you offer won't be available soon. Otherwise, you might irritate your customers.

These are some last-chance email subject line examples to inspire your own:

Final call: [Travel Agency] savings inside

Don't miss out on [Destination] magic

[Destination] escape - grab it now!

[Travel Agency] discounts end today

[Travel Agency] farewell to discounts

[Travel Agency] bon voyage savings

[Travel Agency] countdown begins

[Travel Agency] reminder

[Destination] temptations fade fast

[Travel Agency] farewell savings

[First Name], last [Travel Agency] call

[Destination] adventures, act now!

[Travel Agency] last chance deals

[First Name], [Travel Agency] flash sale

[Travel Agency] final offers inside

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

Your perfect email won't matter if it won't be opened. Want some inspiration? Check these robust subject lines, designed for maximum opens of your promotional emails.
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