45+ Best social proof email subject lines

Social proof is like seeing a crowded restaurant and thinking, "This place must be good if so many people are eating here." It's all about people looking to others for guidance and reassurance when making decisions, especially when unsure. So, in simple terms, it's the idea that if lots of folks are doing or liking something, it's worth checking out!

Social proof emails can be a real game-changer for getting more people to open your emails and get engaged with what you're sharing. They work like a friendly nudge, helping to show your subscribers just how awesome your products are and why they should be excited about them!

That's why we've gathered captivating subject lines to kickstart your social proof email campaign:

Best social proof email subject lines with reviews

Testimonials are a game-changer in the customer journey! People trust products with reviews from real customers more than those without. Why? Because we're all a bit skeptical of what companies say – we know they want to sell us stuff.

But when it comes to customer testimonials, they're like advice from a friend. They're honest and unbiased, making them super trustworthy.

So, if you use testimonials wisely in your email marketing, they can boost your conversions. Here are some subject lines to help you get started:

Customers rave about [Product]!

Join [Brand]'s satisfied customers

[First Name] loves [Product] – here's why

Real [Brand] users share their thoughts

[Product] receives glowing reviews

Hear what customers say about [Brand]

[First Name] recommends [Product]

[Brand]'s success stories

Discover why people choose [Product]

5-star ratings for [Brand]

[Product] gets top marks!

Real users, real stories: [Brand]

[Product] wins hearts and reviews

[First Name]'s take on [Brand]

The buzz about [Product]

Social proof email subject lines asking for reviews

When it comes to getting online reviews, it's like having various tools in your toolbox. You want to ensure you can reach as many people as possible because not everyone responds the same way to review requests. But guess what? We've found that sending review request emails is the best way to go!

If you're thinking about crafting your email request, here are some friendly subject lines to make your emails even more effective:

Hey [First Name], your opinion matters to us

Be a [Brand] superstar: share your experience!

Calling all [Product] fans - let's talk!

Write your [Product] story, [First Name]!

Help us shine brighter, [Product] lovers!

Your voice, our inspiration: share your [Brand] love

Hey [First Name], time to show your [Product] love!

Join the [Brand] reviewer squad

Be our star reviewer, [First Name]!

[Brand] enthusiasts, it's review time!

[First Name], your feedback is our fuel

Share your [Product] magic with us!

[Product] users, let's create a buzz!

Your [Product] experience = our success

[First Name], be a reviewer extraordinaire!

Good social proof email subject lines for promoting best sellers

While your brand may proudly label a product as a best-seller, there's something extraordinary about hearing it from customers just like you. We're talking about those genuine reviews and testimonials straight from the hearts of fellow shoppers. These authentic voices hold immense power in showcasing our best-selling products.

Don't take our word for it—try it out for yourself! Just pick one of our subject lines, put together a testimonial email, and you'll see the remarkable impact firsthand:

Discover the buzz about [Brand]

[First Name]'s rave review inside

Must-have products at [Brand]

Real customers love [Product]

See what [First Name] has to say

Top picks that wow at [Brand]

[Service] favorites revealed

Get the scoop on [Brand] hits

[First Name]'s top-rated choices

Don't miss [Product] best sellers

Why [Brand] rocks: hear it from [First Name]

Best-in-class products at [Brand]

Uncover [First Name]'s favorites

[Brand]'s stars: customer faves

Join [Brand]'s happy customers

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