40+ Best giveaway email subject line examples

Giveaways are like a treasure trove for e-commerce marketers, and for good reason! When done right, they can do wonders by growing your email list with fantastic subscribers and boosting your sales.

Now, when it comes to spreading the word about your giveaway in the best possible way, email marketing is a total no-brainer. But here's the thing – it all starts with a simple subject line that grabs your subscribers' attention and makes them want to open that email.

We've got many excellent giveaway email subject line examples right here to explore!

Giveaway email subject line for launch

Here, you've got the perfect canvas to showcase all the essential stuff, accompanied by captivating visuals and persuasive words. Remember to mention how folks can join in, when they should jump in, and the awesome goodies waiting for them on the other side.

And these subject lines? Well, they're here to kickstart the excitement for your giveaway right from the get-go:

Get ready for [Brand]'s big giveaway!

[Brand] treats: win big today!

Epic [Brand] giveaway starts now!

Win with [Brand] today!

Your chance to shine with [Brand]!

[Brand]'s fab giveaway: join in!

Exclusive [Brand] goodies await!

[First Name], win big with [Brand]!

Score big in [Brand]'s giveaway!

[Brand]'s gift: unwrap the magic!

[First Name], get ready to win!

Play and win with [Brand] today!

Join the [Brand] giveaway fun!

Winners wanted: [Brand] awaits!

Get lucky with [Brand] today!

Giveaway email subject line for last call

Consider this email your friendly nudge, urging those on the fence to dive into this fantastic opportunity. Once again, walk them through the giveaway, who, how, and when, and to keep things exciting, remind them that time is flying by – so don't miss out!

Here's a peek at what your subject line could say:

Final hours to enter our giveaway

Last chance to win big!

Hurry, [First Name]! Giveaway ends soon

Don't miss out on [Brand] prizes

Last call: Win now!

Grab your chance to win

Time's running out, [First Name]

[Brand] giveaway: Last call!

Get lucky today!

Claim your prize, [First Name]

Last chance: Win it all!

Winners announced tomorrow

Seconds to enter!

Last shot to win big

Final reminder: Win big!

Giveaway email subject line for winner announcement

This email is the real star of the giveaway campaign – the one everyone's been eagerly waiting for! It's time to spread all the positivity you've got. Begin by giving the lucky winner a massive thank-you for joining in and an even bigger congratulations for their well-earned victory. Then, we'll walk them through how and where they can claim their fantastic prize. And let's not forget to encourage them to share their excitement on social media, giving a special shoutout to your awesome brand.

Here's a lineup of subject lines that would bring a big grin to anyone's face:

[Brand] giveaway winners revealed

Congrats, [First Name]! You won!

And the winners are...

Winning alert from [Brand]

[Brand] giveaway: Meet the winners

Our lucky winners

Announcing [Brand] giveaway champions

[First Name], you're a winner!

Winner, winner, [First Name]!

It's your time to shine, [First Name]

Victory alert: [Brand] winners

You're a [Brand] giveaway winner!

Meet the lucky winners, [First Name]

Big news: [Brand] giveaway winners

Cheers to our winners!

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