40+ Best birthday email subject lines

Birthdays are always a blast, even if they mean we're getting a little older, right? Well, that part can be debated! But one thing's sure: it feels fantastic when someone wishes us a happy birthday.

Now, if you're running a business, especially in the world of e-commerce, sending your customers a heartfelt birthday email is a nice gesture and a fantastic way to boost their loyalty and, of course, make some serious sales.

Here's the scoop: people tend to treat themselves a little extra on their birthdays, and that's where you can step in. Offer them a birthday discount, free shipping, or other excellent incentive to make their day even more special.

If this sounds like a strategy you'd like to try, then you're in luck! We've got a bunch of excellent birthday email subject lines to help you get started.

Happy birthday email subject lines

You know THE birthday song… But how do you express the same feeling with your email subject lines? These examples might hold the answer:

Cheers to you, [First Name]!

Happy Birthday, [First Name]!

Celebrate with [Brand] today

Special day, [First Name]?

It's [First Name]'s big day!

Wishing [First Name] a fabulous birthday!

Birthday joy for [First Name]

Join us in celebrating [First Name]'s birthday!

Make a wish, [First Name]!

Happy Birthday, [First Name]! Let's party!

[First Name]'s day of fun!

Sending birthday smiles to [First Name]!

Birthday cheers to [First Name]!

Today, we celebrate [First Name]!

It's [First Name]'s birthday bash!

Funny birthday email subject lines

You can never have too much laughter, especially on one's birthday! So why not use a subject line to add a touch of fun and humor to the mix? Here are some great options to choose from:

Another wrinkle in time, [First Name]!

[Brand]'s epic party - RSVP ASAP!

Age is just a number, [First Name]!

Cake emergency: [First Name]'s birthday!

Prepare for cake-induced laughter!

Time to celebrate [First Name]'s wisdom!

Party hats and cake, oh my!

Confetti, cake, and [First Name]!

Emergency: [First Name]'s cake needs you!

Cake cravings, [First Name]?

Birthday cheers, [First Name]!

It's cake o'clock for [First Name]!

Time to celebrate, [First Name]!

[Brand]'s big birthday hootenanny!

Hip hip hooray, [First Name]!

More good birthday email subject line examples

Didn’t find a subject line that fits your birthday email like a glove? We’ve got you! Here are more great birthday email subject lines:

Birthday hugs for [First Name]!

Join [Brand] in wishing [First Name] a happy birthday!

Warmest birthday wishes, [First Name]!

A [Brand] birthday surprise for [First Name]!

Happy Birthday, [First Name]! Party time!

Blow out the candles, [First Name]!

Special day for [First Name]!

Cake and confetti for [First Name]'s birthday!

Celebrating [First Name]'s year of awesomeness!

Birthday cheers and smiles for [First Name]!

A [Brand] birthday bash for [First Name]!

Wishing [First Name] a fantastic birthday!

Celebrate with [First Name] today!

Happy Birthday, [First Name]! Shine bright!

A [Brand] birthday surprise for [First Name]!

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