40+ Best resending email subject lines

Picture this: you sent a captivating message to over 30,212 contacts yesterday. Inside was an incredible offer that you knew they'd adore. But here's the twist – when you checked your email stats, only a fraction of them opened it, and even fewer took the opportunity to click on that irresistible offer link.

Now, you're in a bit of a bind. You're convinced that if the rest of your contacts had a chance to see this fantastic deal, they'd be over the moon. But here's the catch – can you resend the same email to your entire contact list?

Here's the good news: resending an email can significantly boost your email marketing return on investment (ROI). To get you started, here are some resending email subject lines.

Best resending email subject lines for proposals

Did you send a fantastic business proposal via email but never heard back? Don’t let your hands down! A thousand things might be responsible for it, so take a second chance and resend your email. 

But ensure you use another subject line. Choose from this list:

Resending [Company] proposal

Take another look, [First Name]

Your [Company] proposal awaits

Revised [Company] proposal

New updates, [First Name]

Second chance: [Company] proposal

Fresh [Company] proposal

Review now, [First Name]

Improved [Company] proposal

Updated proposal from [Company]

Your [Company] proposal revisited

Ready for round two, [First Name]?

Enhanced [Company] proposal

Resent [Company] proposal

See our latest, [First Name]

Resending email subject lines for new product alert

Somehow, some of your subscribers missed fantastic news – a new product! What do you do now? Ensure most see it and resend your message. With a new subject line, of course.

Here are a few good ones:

New arrival alert!

Exciting update from [Brand]

Your exclusive preview

Here's what's new

Discover our latest

Big news from [Brand]

Available now!

New collection inside

A fresh look for you

Hot off the press

New product alert!

Your new favorites

Sneak peek inside

Top picks await

Back and better

Good resending email subject lines for sales

The sale is still going on but new customers don’t keep flooding in – what a dread! Luckily, an easily fixed one. Simply repeat your sales announcement and watch orders growing.

You’ll need a good subject line too:

Missed this: [Brand] sale today

Re: Exclusive [Brand] offer

Your [Brand] deal still awaits

Last chance: [Brand] savings

[First Name], your [Brand] discount

Limited time: [Brand] special

Hurry, [First Name]! [Brand] sale

Back by demand: [Brand] offer

Don't miss out, [First Name]!

Your second shot: [Brand] deal

Today only: [Brand] savings

Unlocked: [Brand] savings code

[First Name], grab [Brand] discount

Special [Brand] deal inside

[Brand] offer extended, [First Name]

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