40+ Best round up email subject lines

Roundup list emails are a fantastic and interactive way to share content with your audience. In these emails, you can highlight top blog posts and popular products, provide step-by-step guides, showcase timelines, share social media interactions, or curate various lists to engage your readers.

Using numbers in these emails helps grab readers' attention and keeps them scrolling, and you can play around with creative and dynamic layouts to make them even more appealing. Building roundup emails can be a lot of fun!

So, to get your creative juices flowing, look at these exciting roundup email subject lines for inspiration.

Best round up email subject lines for year-in-review

A year-in-review email is a friendly message sent by companies, organizations, or individuals at the end of the year to highlight significant events, achievements, and memorable moments from the past year. It's a way to share gratitude, connect with your audience, and look forward to the year ahead.

If you're planning to send a year-in-review email, there's a perfectly fitting subject line:

202X: A year to remember

Celebrate 202X with [Brand]

Cheers to [First Name]'s 202X journey

Our year in highlights

Reflecting on 202X

202X: A year of achievements

Unveiling 202X's best moments

Looking back at [Brand]'s 202X

202X: A year of surprises

Your 202X with [Brand]

Best of 202X with [Brand]

202X recap: Unforgettable moments

Rediscover 202X with [Brand]

202X's top stories

A year to cherish: 202X

Round up email subject lines for curated lists

A curated list email is a friendly message where you share a handpicked list of cool stuff, tips, or recommendations with your audience. It's all about making your subscribers' lives easier and more enjoyable by offering valuable suggestions and insights.

Grab a subject line to accompany your curated list email:

Find hidden gems with [Brand]!

Unearth [Brand]'s hidden treasures

Sneak peek: [Brand]'s top picks

Ready to shop [Brand]'s favorites?

Unlock your style with [Brand]

Discover [Brand]'s chic selections

Elevate your wardrobe with [Brand]

Get cozy with [Brand]'s essentials

[Brand] insider secrets revealed

Indulge in [Brand]'s latest finds

Your personal [Brand] guide

Explore [Brand]'s curated collection

[Brand] presents: Curated elegance

Shop [Brand]'s curated edit now!

[Brand]’s curated beauty picks

Good round up email subject lines for guides

An email with a step-by-step guide is like having a helpful friend in the inbox. It provides clear instructions in a friendly way to help subscribers complete specific tasks. These guides can cover all sorts of topics, from getting started to troubleshooting to making one's life easier! 

Are you planning on walking your audience through something? These subject lines go along your guide email:

Dive into the world of [Brand]

Turbocharge your skills with [Brand]

[Brand] insider tips

Ready for a [Brand] adventure?

[Brand] unveils its best-kept secrets

Master [Brand] like a pro

Elevate your game with [Brand]

Discover [Brand] brilliance today

Your passport to [Brand] excellence

Unlocking [Brand] success

[Brand] expertise at your fingertips

Explore the art of [Brand]

The [Brand] code deciphered

[Brand] mastery: your journey begins

Ignite your potential with [Brand]

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Open Sesame: Subject lines to get your emails read

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