40+ Best contest email subject lines

Who doesn't love the thrill of winning, whether it's a $100 gift card or a weekend getaway? Contests have always been a fantastic way to boost sales and get everyone excited.

When you bring contests into your emails, it's not just about the prizes. It's also a great way to grow your list of subscribers and turn more potential customers into loyal ones.

Ready to kickstart an email contest? You're in the right place! Check out these contest email subject lines to get you started on your exciting journey.

Best contest email subject lines for UGC contests

User-generated Content (UGC) is all about content created by a brand's fantastic users and customers, not the brand itself. Think product reviews, ratings, heartfelt testimonials, social media posts, incredible photos, and remarkable videos – all made by the people who love the brand. This kind of content is like a secret weapon when you want to help potential customers make up their minds.

So, if you're getting ready for a UGC contest and want to spread the word through email, these subject lines are just what you're looking for:

Show your [Brand] love, win big!

[First Name], create, win, shine!

Share your [Brand] story & win!

Unleash your creativity, [First Name]!

Be the star: [Brand] contest

[Brand] challenge: your chance to shine

Share & win: [Brand] contest

[First Name], enter to win big!

Join [Brand] challenge today

Create magic, win prizes, [Brand]

[Brand] wants your talent, [First Name]!

Fun with [Brand]: win now!

[First Name], dare to share & win!

Ready, set, win: [Brand] contest

Show off your skills, [First Name]!

Contest email subject lines for like & share contests

Running a 'like and share' contest can be a blast, but the trickiest part is getting new people to check out your contest page. Your social media posts can excite your loyal customers and leads, but what about those shiny new prospects who have yet to discover your page?

Well, guess what? You've got a secret weapon: email marketing! Sending out an email campaign can do wonders for spreading the word about your contest. Especially when you've got some catchy subject lines up your sleeve:

Win big: like & share for a chance!

Boost your luck: like & share to win!

Double the fun: like, share & win!

Get ready to win: like & share contest!

Your shot to win: like & share now!

Share the love: join our contest today!

Like & share for a chance to win big!

Ready, set, share: win exciting prizes!

Like, share, and you could be a winner!

Join the contest: like & share to win!

Don't miss out: like & share to win!

Unlock prizes: it's a like-and-share contest!

Spread the word: enter our contest now!

Share the joy: like & share to win big!

Like & share for your chance to win!

Good competition email subject lines

Running contests through email is a fantastic way to get people excited, connect with more folks, and spread the word about your brand. But how can you come up with a subject line that guarantees your contest email gets noticed and read? Let's find out:

Enter the [Brand] contest

[First Name], it's contest time!

Delight: win with [Brand]

Join [Brand] challenge

[First Name], share & shine!

Get creative, win big, [Brand]

[Brand] opportunity: your time to shine!

Magic happens: win with [Brand]!

Create, share, win: [Brand]

[First Name], competition alert!

Share the joy, win with [Brand]!

[Brand] talent showcase!

Win exciting prizes with [Brand]!

[Brand] challenge awaits you!

Share your spark, win [Brand]!

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